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Healthcare Legislative Update
March 27, 2017-In a late breaking decision, House Republican leaders chose to pull H.R. 1628, the  American Health Care Act (AHCA) , just before a scheduled floor vote...

No changes have been made that directly impact our clients at this time.

Rest assured, we are following the legislative process closely. 

If any implemented changes affect your plan or your options, we will alert you as soon as we are aware.  

Any Questions? Please call us
3 Grocery Shopping Habits That Are Costing Everyone Time and Money
Break these costly grocery shopping habits and you'll gain more time in your schedule and  more money in your wallet.

Avoid Cancellation of Coverage - Manage Your Payments Online

A missed payment can result in cancellation of your policy - and most carriers do not allow reinstatement if this happens, which could leave you without coverage for the remainder of the year. 

Paying your premium online is easy and fast, and automatic payments ensure that you won't have a lapse in coverage.

With online access you can also view plan details, verify network providers*, and view claims and benefits.

To create an account with your insurance carrier:

*We strongly encourage verifying provider network with your plan prior to obtaining care. Provider networks can change throughout the year and an out of network bill can be costly.  If you have any questions about your account or your provider network, please contact your Trusted Advisor at CFI. 

Spring Blessings

Spring is a time of newness, growth and fresh perspective.  We hope that you experience joy this season as you plant, grow, clean, and play. 


Jim Roesch,  CEO and Chief Visionary Director