Ready to Celebrate? The boating season at Pikes Bay has begun!
Welcome Back
Pancake Breakfast
May 27  8am - 10am
This is the best! Stop up at the clubhouse and have a mimosa with your pancakes, sausage & fruit. Yum & Welcome Back!

We will be giving away door prizes, need to be at the breakfast to put your name in the bucket.
Parking Permits in the
Ship Store 
Parking Permits are ready for pick up in the Ship Store.

We have a welcome back bag for you as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry or Krishna.

See you soon!    
  New Carbon Monoxide law will  save lives of Boaters

Minnesota's Sophia's Law is named for seven-year-old Sophia Baechler, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning while boating on Lake Minnetonka. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that can be toxic even in very small quantities since its effects are cumulative over time. Whether inside, outside, underway or anchored, passengers of many types of boats with a motor can quickly become victims of CO poisoning. A quick inspection every time you operate your boat can save a life, carbon monoxide poisonings are preventable.

Battery powered CO Sentinel Carbon Monoxide Detector available at the Ship Store
Typical symptoms of CO exposure can be mistaken for the flu or seasickness, making accurate onboard CO detection a necessity. The CO Sentinel Carbon Monoxide Detector is a good choice for smaller craft with an open design or for when generator shutdown and remote location detection is not required. The CO Sentinel uses a microprocessor to measure CO levels. The time-weighted average CO measurement process constantly monitors all CO levels, eliminating most false alarms. Call Sherry at the Ship Store for more options 715-779-3900
  Preventing Electric Shock Drowning
  • NEVER swim in or near marinas, docks or boatyards.
  • Tell others about the danger of Electric Shock Drowning. Most people have never heard of ESD and are unaware of the danger.
  • If you are a boat owner, have your boat inspected by ABYC Certified Technician. (Pikes Bay Marina Service is current ABYC Certified). Boats with alternating current (AC) systems should have isolation transformers or equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) protection, comply with American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, and should be serviced by an ABYC Certified® Technician.
Ship Store Sale!
Sunglasses  25% off
Pikes Bay Service Department also offers Boat Cleaning. Interior and exterior detailing.
We can even put your boat cleaning on a weekly schedule.
We have been having a busy cleaning spring.
If you have a deadline for a cleaning request please get it in early.  

Use the above link to set up your request. Melissa will follow up with you.

2001 28′ Sea Ray 280  $43,000  

This sweet boat has everything you need to get out and enjoy the Big Lake.

She has 3 berths, 2 cabins and 1 head. Mercruiser  420 HP Engine.

Call and talk to Larry about taking a look. 

   Pet Reminders

Pikes Bay Marina is pet friendly. That being said, we do need pet owners to follow some pet etiquette:  
  • Please clean up after your pet. There are dog baggies in the pet exercise area
  • Pets must be on a leash that is controlled at all times.(There is a new Dog Trail at Mt Ashwabay).
  • Pets are not allowed, at all, in the kitchen, bathrooms or on the furniture.
  • Please do not allow your pet to use kitchen dishes (lick plates or water bowls). We have pet water bowls outside the boaters entrance for water.
  • Please keep your pet safe. Life jackets when pets are on board is a good idea

Please remember some people are allergic to pets And others are not a comfortable with pets. Please follow these rules and set a good example for all. Thank you!!

  New: In Season Service Form

New this year is the optional In Season Service Form. You can select from a variety services. Take a peek with the link.
Parking during Launch
It's a busy time of year. In order to have launch go smoothly, please check in with the service guys on where to park for the day. Everyday will be different. Thank you for your cooperation!

Work permits for the do it yourself (DIY) boater
Completed work permits are needed if you are doing work on your boat that could have environmental concerns, like sanding and bottom painting. Please complete a work permit form, and submit to Steve for approval, prior to doing the work. Paper work permits forms are available at our marina office. You can also find the form on our website.