Here we are, approaching a season to celebrate as we anticipate the close of another year.  We hope it was a great  year on the trails for every one of you!

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County has accomplished quite a lot this year and we are excited about the many good projects ahead of us.

Don't hesitate to send us your biking, walking, and equestrian news and photos as during the winter season!  We love to know how you use the trails in all seasons.

A Year's Worth of Rides on the County Line Trail

Winter is just around the corner, but we may get lucky and be able to enjoy the trails on some nice days.  Last year many people were out on the trail on December 25. 

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE
to enjoy a special reminiscent photo review of riding the
County Line Trail in  2015.

This video was created by Gary Miller, one of the CLT's biggest fans, who is also a photography bug.

Gary, who rode 2,313 miles on the trail in 2015, in spite of needing a cane for walking due to hip pain since the previous year, had hip replacement surgery on June 29 th of this year. After "slouching" for 20 days, on day 21 he went for a bike ride, and hasn't looked back since.
The after-surgery therapy, ironically, started with 10 minutes on a stationary bike. "They said 'do it as long as you can,'" said Gary, "but I didn't tell them I was used to 2+ hour rides."

Gary rides 5-6 days per week, weather permitting, but never on Sundays because he photographs race cars for a race track south of Canton. "It's a fun break from the rides."
Last week Gary's mile total for the year was 2,412.5, but more importantly, he reached the 1,100 miles mark with the new hip joint! He hopes to make the grand total of 2,500 before January 1.
His advice? "Never stop moving!"

From the Ohio Senate: 
Honoring RTWC on the
Heartland Trail Ribbon Cutting

Bike  & Boat in the Netherlands  

This is not a function of RTWC, but several local individuals are planning to participate in a Bike & Boat tour of Holland and Belgium in September 2017.

There are 16 rooms, 2 people per, on the boat.

If you would like more information, send an email request HERE.

Let's Talk Trails 
More Good News from The Sippo Trail

On Monday, November 28, a crew from Northstar Asphalt repaired the approaches on each end of the three Sippo Trail bridges in Wayne County.  First, they removed damaged pavement and cleaned the repair area.  Then hot asphalt was carried in a wheel barrow from the truck, which was too heavy for our 10-ton-limited bridges.  The three workers spread the hot mix, tamped it into a solid base, and rolled it until smooth.  Finally, they dripped hot tar along the edge of the patch to seal it.
After they finished repairing the bridges, one worker walked the entire trail and used a blower to clean out all of the cracks in the pavement.  He was followed by a truck pulling a tank of heated tar and each crack was filled.
This was a small project for Northstar Paving, and they wanted to fit it in before their asphalt plant shuts down for the season.  RTWC appreciates the good work of the crew and the contributions of Howard Wenger, the owner of Northstar Asphalt. 
We are sure you will enjoy a safer and smoother ride on the Sippo Trail. 
Give it a try before the snow flies!


2017 C&O / GAP RIDE - Register Early!
This will be the 5th year that Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County has offered this 9-day (8 days of biking) fundraising bike tour on the C&O Canal Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA.

Average 40-50 miles a day of bicycling
Degree of difficulty - "moderate"
Lodging -  5 hotels and 3 Bed & Breakfasts
Departure Saturday morning, Return Sunday evening.

Cost: Includes transportation from Orrville, Ohio and back again, luggage transport, 8 nights of indoor lodging and 8 breakfasts:  $880 each for two people in a room. Other meals are your expense.

You will need to arrange for a bicyling roommate.   
The longest day will be 60 miles but the hardest day, likely will be the "uphill" from Cumberland, 22 miles to the Big Savage Tunnel. If you feel you cannot do that, there is an option to take the scenic railroad (your bike in the baggage car) for 16 of the 22 miles. Cost is about $45 extra and you make your own reservations for the train. After that, it is 6 miles to the tunnel and 10 miles down the other side to the night's lodging. Really, the grade is only 1.2% (about like the climb from Alabama Ave, going west on the Sippo Trail) but for 22 miles.

The trip is limited to 12 people and the bikes need to be "normal" two wheeled bicycles (our trailer will not accommodate 3 wheeled bicycles-sorry and recumbent bicycles would be subject to "try out" on the trailer).

The amenities at the B&B's vary, so those booking early will receive the better accommodations. Not all B&B's offer two beds in a room. Most hotels offer either a king or two queens beds.

For questions or more information, call Keith Workman at (330) 466-5149 or email    To book the trip, CLICK HERE   to make the online non-refundable deposit of $200 per person  BEFORE January 2, 2017.

The second payment of $340 (per person) is due Feb 28 and the third payment of $340 (per person) by April 30. Lodging is very limited, so we need to book early to be sure of accommodations.

The trip has become quite popular and is expected to fill rapidly!
Refund policy: $200 of the $880 fee is nonrefundable. 90% of $680 is refundable up to 90 days prior to departure. 60% of $680 is refundable between days 90-60 prior to departure. 30% of $680 is refundable between 60-30 days prior to departure. After 30 days prior to departure, no refund. Should you find a replacement rider, repayment is between the two of you, but you need to inform us who the replacement is.


This month we feature the Orrville Rotary Club 
Several years ago Orrville Rotary adopted the Heartland Trail as its community project and set a goal to raise $50,000 for the project. They sponsored the local match for the trailhead restroom and information kiosk which are located near the Orrville Railroad Historical Depot and the Orrville Historical Museum in downtown Orrville on W. Market Street.

Rotary Club President Amy Mast watches from the left side (black jacket and khaki pants) as Rotary member Becky Jewell (RTWC Board Member and Heartland Trail Manager) holds the ribbon. To her right is Wooster Rotary member and RTWC Board President Don Noble.  To her left is Orrville Mayor Dave Handwerk.  

Orrville Rotary has three primary projects which focus on raising money to support the trail project.

~~Pancake Breakfasts 
~~Annual Firecracker 5K Run & Walk 
~~The Parade of Flags

Each of these concerted efforts require full and active participation by the Rotary Club members.  With the clear goal in sight of impacting the community in partnership with Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County, impressive results have given everyone a reason to celebrate.

Orrville Rotary is excited to be involved in this important community endeavor. We thank them for their hard work and enthusiastic (and quite amazing) support!

Rotary Club President John Tucker hands a check for $35,000  
to Don Noble and Becky Jewell.  
Hard working and happy Orrville Rotary Club members at one of their many pancake breakfasts.


The July 2, 2016 Rotary Firecracker 5K in Orrville
Rotary Club Members install American flags all over town at sponsored locations for all patriotic holidays.   

We want to hear YOUR story!   Why do you ride?  Where do you ride? Do you walk?  Are you an equestrian? Does your family use the trails?  To be featured in this Walk & Roll Wall of Fame column, please contact us at    

RTWC Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Orrville 
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve           Susan Baker, Creston    Pat Glessner, Sterling                        
Phil Grimm,  Kidron        Becky Jewell, Orrville     Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Keith Winkler, Sterling    Keith Workman, Orrville