Charles Hunsucker
Vice President of Sales - Kohler Power Systems

Aaron Jagdfeld
President/CEO -
Generac Power Systems

Terri Lewis
Digital & Technology Director -  Caterpillar Inc.

Alex Savelli
Executive Director - Cummins Power  Generation

Matthias Vogel
Executive Vice President, Sales, Service & Network, MTU Onsite Energy


We are continuing our coverage of the Executive Leadership Summit (ELS) from the 2017 EGSA Fall Conference this month with an article in Powerline Magazine and the release of these 3 EGSA videos.

Below, please find links that recap both parts of the ELS, the individual presentations as well as the round table discussions.

We have also included a recap video of the entire event below.

Executive Leadership Summit Part One:

Executive Leadership Summit Part Two:

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Thanks for your views!

Warm Regards,

Jalane Kellough

Executive Director
Electrical Generating Systems Association

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