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Charging Technology Improves! Better Genset Starting Reliability
Bill Kaewert
Stored Energy Systems LLC (SENS)

Lights Out, Pressure's On!
Keith Page
Selkirk Corp. - Pressure Stacks
The ABCs of IBC
Steve Stoyanac
Chillicothe Metal Co., Inc.
Robert Simmons
Seismic Source Intl.
Navigating Data Center Evolution
Doug Head, ASCO Power Technologies


On behalf of the EGSA Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for being a part of the 2017 EGSA Fall Conference last month in Minneapolis. With a recorded 328 conference attendees (including 96 First Timers and New Members), we sincerely appreciate that you were a part of this annual event. We'd also like to recognize our 19 spouses/guests that attended the conference in our 52nd year. Thanks for being a part of the EGSA community that we brought together in Minneapolis.
According to you, our Executive Leadership Summit was the right move! Thank you for the positive feedback. As our industry continues to evolve, it is such an honor to host senior executive level professionals in this relaxed panel format. To Aaron, Alex, Charles, Matthias, and Terri...as I said in closing the Summit, we were all winners, thanks to your participation.
In addition to our impressive speaker slate, we hosted some of the most active members in our industry and enjoyed several EGSA special moments, including awarding the 2017 EGSA Technician of the Year Award (TOYA), the President's Award and this year, we honored long-standing member Warner Bauer with the Gordon Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award. All of these moments were very special and well-deserved.
We also enjoy capturing our member presentations for the EGSA YouTube® Channel, so you also have several videos to recap what you heard! This email will direct you with links to all of our Monday presentations. We have a few more videos to complete, so stay tuned for the Executive Leadership Summit and TOYA videos. There will be a special email coming soon!

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Charging Technology Improves!
Better Genset Starting Reliability 
Bill Kaewert, President & Chief Technology Officer,
Stored Energy Systems LLC (SENS)

Despite significant investments made by end users in preventive maintenance, starting battery failure remains the number one cause of emergency generator (genset) problems. This presentation delved into the apparent root cause of why reliability, longevity and suddenness of failure of the exact same battery differ between genset and vehicle applications. It also presented solutions that improve the reliability, life and gradual nature of failure in genset starting applications to levels enjoyed in vehicle applications.
Lights Out, Pressures On!
Keith Page, Applications Engineer
Selkirk Corp. - Pressure Stacks

This brief session discussed the many benefits of UL tested/listed factory-built stainless exhaust duct for gen-sets & turbines. It highlighted how designers and specifiers can use these fully code compliant systems to improve safety, performance, aesthetics, and reliability as compared to conventional methods involving field welded schedule 40 utility steel pipe. With UL clearances to combustibles up to 1400°F and more than adequate pressure ratings for gen-set exhaust, these exhaust systems should always be considered as part of the 'power package.'

The ABCs of IBC
Steve Stoyanac, Chillicothe Metal Co., Inc.
and Robert Simmons of Seismic Source Intl.

The International Building Code (IBC) was introduced more than 17 years ago. In this EGSA presentation Steve Stoyanac and Robert Simmons presented on the misunderstanding and confusion regarding what this code means to the On-Site Power Generation Industry.
Doug Head, ASCO Power Technologies

Doug's presentation discussed the evolution of the data center and how to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. 

There is an abundance of power generation opportunities that exist in the data center market. In order to participate, one needs to understand how to navigate its evolution. The days of simply supplying equipment, based on a set of specifications or detailed request are gone.

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Please share these links with your colleagues who were not able to attend!

We also sincerely appreciate the sponsors who helped elevate this event for our 52nd fall conference. With great speakers, accommodations, food, entertainment and networking, Minneapolis was the perfect location to reflect and network. We hope you came back with some new tools you can utilize.
Lastly, a few housekeeping items! Our final speaker slides are available on the website for download until the end of October. Make sure to check out the September/October issue of Powerline for additional coverage and photos from the event. We are holding the Summit recap until our November/December issue, so that we have plenty of page room to share the story!
From the photos to the Committee meeting minutes, you won't want to miss any of our post-coverage. If you were a "First Timer" in Minneapolis, we want you to support us in New Mexico by attending the First Timer/New Member Reception as a "Second Timer." We also want you to take our survey (if you haven't already done so) so that we can consistently improve our program and offerings.
Finally, I encourage you to join us at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya from March 18 through 21, 2018 for our 53rd Annual EGSA Spring Conference. We want you there. Let us know how we can help make that happen.
Warm regards,

Charlie Habic
2017 EGSA President

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