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2017 General Election Guide
Welcome to the 2017 General Election Guide from the
Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce. 
We want you to be informed and use your voice
on November 7. 
Fostoria sits in three counties and is therefore split into several different districts. To determine which districts you reside in and who your specific candidates and issues are, we recommend clicking here and entering your address. In addition, you can click the links below to your county's board of elections for more information prior to voting on November 7.   

The Review Times will be publishing a comprehensive election guide for our area, including township trustees, on October 19 .
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Fostoria City Schools Board of Education
3 available seats

Patrick Grine*
Heidi Kaufman
Sharon K. Stannard*
Anthony Thompson*

*current School Board member

The  Fostoria Board of Education  is comprised of five members elected for four-year terms. Their role is to provide guidance on district policy and planning for the district as representatives of the community. Board sub-committees include negotiations/personnel/grievances, buildings/grounds & transportation, audit/finance, policy development, records, and community involvement.
City Council

Council President
(unexpired term ending 12/31/19)

Steve Kaufman
First Ward
(vote for 1 )

 Paula Dillon*
Jonathon Puffenberger

Second Ward
(vote for 1 )

 Greg Flores*

Third Ward

 No Valid Petition Filed
Fourth Ward
(vote for 1 )

Thomas E. Lake*
Michael Spencer

City of Fostoria Proposed Tax Levy
A new 5 year, 0.6 mill property tax levy for current operating expenses. The levy will commence in 2017, first due January of 2018 and would generate approximately $891,776 annually. It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $210 per year.

The proposed 0.6 mill property tax levy was placed on the ballot through a resolution passed by City Council. The levy is part of the City of Fostoria's Fiscal Recovery Plan (crafted by the City Administration with the assistance of the State Auditor's Office and approved by City Council and the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission) as mandated by the State Auditor's Office as the City of Fostoria was placed under Fiscal Emergency on May 26, 2016. The City of Fostoria was placed in a Fiscal Emergency by the State of Ohio Auditor due to the deficit in the City's General Fund.

The current Fiscal Recovery Plan also includes the total elimination of reciprocity by the end of 2017, which will allow the city to collect about $500,000 in income tax collection annually beginning in 2018. Other elements of the Fiscal Recovery Plan are the outsourcing of dispatch unit, joining Regional Income Tax Authority (RITA), eliminating the operation of the City Pool, adjusting water and sewer rates, and the increase and continuation of debt financing for various projects and expenditures. However, not all of these components of the plan have been enacted - adjustments of water and sewer rates to offset a projected $1.3 million deficit in the Enterprise Fund and the outsourcing of dispatch (estimated annual savings of $200,000-225,000).

The ballot language, as required by law, states that the funds will be used for current expenses, which means the levied monies will be placed into the City's General Fund. However, the intent of City Council and the Administration is for the funds to be used to fund the City's Safety Forces salary and benefits costs. Currently the Safety Forces account for about 85% of the City's total operating budget ultimately leading to the deficit in the General Fund. If the levy does not pass, the State will force the City to operate at 85% of its current budget, most likely requiring the layoffs of up to 15 employees.

A Majority Vote is Needed for Passage
The Chamber has been watching the City's Fiscal Recovery process closely and as you may recall on December 15, 2016 we issued a letter to our members regarding the issue. We provided our members with information on the proposed fiscal recovery plan being considered by City Council and specifically asked for member input. We then issued a public statement at the March 16 Special City Council meeting and provided council members and administration a compilation of questions and suggestions . from our members. The initial plan called for a property tax levy as well as a 0.25% income tax levy. The current fiscal recovery plan is identical to the original plan with the exception of the 0.25% income tax levy which has been removed from the plan.
Issue 3: Proposed Sales and Use Tax
Will appear on Hancock County Ballots but has been officially "pulled" from the ballot by the Hancock County Commissioners. The funds from this 1/4%,10 year sales and use tax renewal levy were to be earmarked for flood mitigation efforts. The levy generates about $3.5 million annually for flood reduction efforts. The Commissioners voted on October 6 to rescind resolutions placing Hancock County Issue 3 on the ballot and earmarking the funds for continuation of flood reduction funding. The tax has been in effect since 2008 and will expire at year-end 2018 unless renewed . Votes casts for or against Issue 3 on November 7 will not be counted.

Issue 4: Proposed Sales and Use Tax
This proposed 1/4% percent, 20-year sales and use tax levy will appear on the November 7 ballot. The ballot language, as required by law, states that the funds will be used for general revenues. However, by a resolution passed by the Hancock County Commissioners the funds will used to construct an expansion for the county jail, existing jail repairs, jail staffing, and construction of a county administration building to house probate/juvenile court and other offices displaced by the 2007 flood.

Hancock County Educational Service Center
Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center
3 available seats

James A. Farmer*
Nancy N. George*
John D. Oman*

*current School Board member
Seneca County Commission on Aging
0.3 mill Renewal Levy
This is a five-year, 0.3-mill renewal levy commencing in 2018 with funding starting in 2019.
The levy generates about $248,000 a year and costs the owner of a $100,000 about $7.30 a year. This levy has been in place for the past 17 years and funds from the levy go mainly for services such as meal programs and transportation.

Ballot language:
A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Seneca County for the purpose of providing or maintaining senior citizens services or facilities of the Seneca County Commission on Aging at a rate not exceeding three-tenths (0.3) mill for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to three cents ($0.03) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a period of five (5) years, commencing in 2018, first due in calendar year 2019.

Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties
0.7 mill New Levy to Replace an Expiring 0.8 mill Levy

This is a new 10 year, 0.7 mill levy which will replace an existing, non-renewable 8 mil levy which expires at the end of 2017. This levy will be used to support the continuation of mental health services for youth, adults, elderly, veterans and first responders. The 0.7 mill levy is for Seneca County residents only. A separate millage and levy will appear on the ballot for Wyandot County voters.

A 0.7 mill levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $2.04 per month or about $24.48 per year.

Ballot Language:
An additional tax for the benefit of Seneca County for the purpose of providing for the operation of community addiction services providers and community mental health services providers and the acquisition, construction, renovation, financing, maintenance, and operation of alcohol and drug addiction facilities and mental health facilities in Seneca County at a rate not exceeding seven-tenths (0.7) mill for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to seven cents ($0.07) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a period of ten (10) years, commencing in 2017, first due in calendar year 2018.

North Central Ohio Educational Service Center
Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center
(District 2)
Vote for one

Steven Snavely
Wood County Job & Family Services
1.3 mill Renewal Levy

The existing 1.3 mill property tax levy has been in place since 1987. This proposed 10 year, 1.3 mill property tax renewal levy would continue funding for Wood County Job and Family Services protective services for children and adults. It generates about $3.7 million annually. It would commence in 2018, first due in 2019.

Wood County Educational Service Center
Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center
3 available seats

Judith A. Hines
Judith Ann Paredes*
TImothy F. Smith

*current School Board member
Issue 1:
Rights for Crime Victims
proposed constitutional amendment

also known as Marsy's Law

Proposed by Initiative Petition and, if passed, would repeal and replace the existing language in Section 10a of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio. A Majority "yes" vote is needed for passage.

Video Explaining Issue 1
  • Supporters of this amendment include Attorney General Mike DeWine, State Representative Larry Householder (R-72) and Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson also organizations such as Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc., Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association and Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.
  • Opposition to issue one rests mainly in the hands of Tim Young, Ohio Public Defender. His argument against the constitutional amendment may be viewed by clicking the link above, "Argument Against Issue 1".
Issue 2:
To Require State Agencies to NOT PAY more for prescription drugs than the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs and require state payment of
attorney feed and expenses to specific individuals for defense of the law

proposed law

also known as "Ohio Drug Price Relief Act"

Proposed by Initiative Petition which proposes a new law which would be added to Title 1, Chapter 194, Section 194.01 of the Ohio Revised Code. A majority "yes" vote is required for passage.

Video Explaining Issue 2
Organizations supporting the proposed law:

Organizations listed as coalition partners opposing the proposed law:
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Chapter
  • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Ohio
  • Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati
  • The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio
  • Butler County Medical Society
  • Caracole, Inc.
  • Equitas Health
  • Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association
  • Healing Hearts of Central Ohio
  • Mended Hearts
  • Mental Health America of Franklin County
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio
  • National Community Pharmacists Association
  • Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness
  • Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities
  • Ohio Children’s Hospital Association
  • The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers
  • Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association
  • Ohio Hematology Oncology Society
  • Ohio Hospital Association
  • Ohio Nurses Association
  • Ohio Ophthalmological Society
  • Ohio Osteopathic Association
  • Ohio Pharmacists Association
  • Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association
  • Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association
  • Ohio Society for Health System Pharmacists
  • Ohio State Medical Association
  • Prevention Action Alliance
  • AMVETS Department of Ohio
  • The American Legion, Department of Ohio
  • Catholic War Veterans, Department of Ohio
  • Concerned Veterans of America
  • Department of Ohio Marine Corps League
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
  • Italian American War Veterans, Ohio Post 34
  • Jewish War Veterans, Department of Ohio
  • Korean War Veterans Association, Department of Ohio
  • Military Officers Association of America, Ohio Council of Chapters
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Ohio
  • Ohio National Guard Enlisted Association
  • Ohio National Guard Association
  • Ohio State Association of County Veterans Service Commissioners
  • Ohio State Association of County Veterans Service Officers
  • The Retired Enlisted Association
  • VFW, Department of Ohio
  • NAACP – Columbus Branch
  • ACT Ohio – Ohio’s Affiliated Construction Trades
  • Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
  • Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Darke County Chamber of Commerce
  • Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Employers Health Purchasing Corporation
  • Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce
  • Lima Allen County Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Chemistry Technology Council
  • The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
  • Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
  • Ohio Grocers Association
  • Ohio Manufacturers’ Association
  • Ohio State Grange
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)
  • The Presidents’ Council – Business Chamber
  • Toledo Area Small Business Association
  • Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Westerville Chamber of Commerce
  • Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • BioOhio
  • Biotechnology Innovation Organization
  • Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association
  • The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Columbus and Vicinity
  • PERI, Public Employee Retirees, Inc.
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