Dear Friends and Fellow Gardeners,

The time has come for the 2017 Hot Summer Sale! All trees are at least 10% off with discounts up to 70% with multiple tree discounts. Every year we offer deep discounts on the biggest and best trees to manage our inventory. Trees that will be too big to ship next year need to find a home in your garden. Space must be made for the new inventory coming in the fall. With our wet winter and mild spring the trees are glorious with beautiful color and structure.


Special Offerings

For hotter climates we have A.p. 'Hino tori nishiki' the ‘Firebird’, 40% off, with its variegated pink first emergence and incredible vigor or A.p. 'Johnnie’s Pink Dwarf', 50% off, a delightful small tree with petite little leaves, pink in spring and beautiful bronze in the summer.

Both trees have excellent heat tolerance. 

Consider A.p. 'Hubb's Red Willow' for a great red tree with fine thread like leaves for the softest textural interest at 50% off.

Also  A.p. 'Beni hoshi' / 'Ruby Stars' is an excellent ruby red spring color and green bark on this small upright tree. An incredible value at 50% off.  
For colder climates we have several excellent choices.  A.s. 'Jordan' , a vigorous upright tree, is the best of the yellow trees emerging pale green and changing to golden yellow for the summer, 40% off.

Or enjoy the beautiful orange tones of  A.s. 'Autumn Moon'  through the summer, 40% off.
List of Discounted Trees

All trees listed on the website and catalog
start off at 10% off

Please see below for further discounts:

   50% off
     40% off
A.s 'Jordan(size 3)
A.p. 'Sister Ghost'   (size 4)
  30% off
20% off
A.c. 'Del's Dwarf' (size 3)
A.p. 'Filigree' (size 3)
A.p. 'Red Dragon(size 3)
A.p. 'Tsukushi gata' (size 3)
A.c. 'Sunglow' (size 4)
A.p. 'Chuguji' (size 4)
A.p. A.p. 'Radiant' (size 4)
A.p. 'Ryu gu' (size 4)
Multiple Tree Discounts!
Please remember the multiple tree discounts are
in ADDITION to the sale discounts, 

which means you purchase: 
3 - 4 trees you get an additional 10% off, 
5 - 6 trees an additional 15% off, 
7 or more trees an additional 20%.

Up to 70% off! We are happy to hold the trees for shipment at the best time for your climate so plan your spring garden now!

Please call us 888-489-1886 or email us with any questions you might have about the trees. Whether about selection or care we are happy to help.

Enjoy your trees,


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