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Houston, Texas Welcomes You To The 141st Imperial Session
July 5-9, 2015

Arabia Temple and Texas Shriners are excited to be hosting the 2015 Imperial Session, and we look forward to meeting Shriners from all over the world. The session will be at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Touted as one of the best cities in the country to live, work and play, Houston is a thriving urban metropolis that supports some of the most vivid cultural art and culinary scenes in the country. Activities abound in and around Houston. You will want to plan a few extra days to travel around the area. You can use the Attractions tab to find out what's going on in this part of Texas. Bring the family and make a memorable vacation out of Imperial 2015!

We have a lot of exciting news and information for you about Houston, the Convention Center, the host hotels and logistics for the event As we get closer and closer to July 5, 2015, we will be updating lmperial2015.com with more and more information.
June 19, 2015

Following are activities for the
2017 Imperial Session
taking place in Houston at the 2015 Imperial Session.
2017 Daytona Beach Housing OPENS
In Houston, for the first time you will be able to begin selecting your hotel for the Imperial Session in 2017 at Daytona Beach.  You will be required to pay your $20.00 per room binder fee for the rooms needed to reserve your room.  Many appointments by various Temples have already been made with the 2017 Housing office. If you have not made an appointment yet, call Housing Chairman Art Horton at  386-562-8721 or e-mail at  ahorton1@cfl.rr.com to make one.  You can also review the hotels available by clicking HERE

Important Note - If you will be needing 15 rooms or less in 2017 you will not need to go to the 2017 Housing office.  The appointments in Houston are for Temples, Units, Associations, Etc., that are requesting rooms in excess of 15.  If you are requesting 16 or more rooms, they will be at  the overflow hotels, you need to make an appointment in Houston.


If you are requesting 15  or less rooms at the Host Hotel/s you do not need an appointment in Houston, your Host Hotel rooms will be handled by Imperial at a later date. 

The location of the 2017 Housing Office is the George R. Brown Convention Center - Meeting Room 330B.

The office hours are- 8AM to 5PMSundayMonday, and Tuesday (July 5-7)

With over 30 different hotels available to chose from, most of them ocean front, the earlier you make your appointment the better the selection.  If you don't have an appointment stop by to see us and make one. The beach is waiting for you...

2017 CVB Sponsored Reception
OPEN to all Assistant Rabbans and their Ladies (by invitation)

When:   Sunday, July 5th From 4:30 to 6PM  
Where:  Hilton Americas Ballroom B
What:  Beer, Wine, Finger Foods & a special 2017-Fireball Drink

  • Meet Imperial Sirs and Ladies
  • Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Staff
  • Daytona Beach Ocean Center Staff
  • Daytona Beach Welcome Video
  • Fun- Fun- and more Fun

If you are an Assistant Rabban don't miss this exciting fun time. You will have the opportunity to meet many people who will help you when you bring your Nobility to Daytona Beach in 2017. Come enjoy a good time and get to know your counterparts.

Daytona Beach in the Marketplace
Visit the Marketplace in Houston during the Imperial Session and look for the Daytona Beach booths. There will be information on the 2017 Imperial Session. Get to meet people from Daytona Beach who can answer your questions. 

2017 shirts, hats, visors and more will be for sale at this booth in the Marketplace. Plus some special surprises will be taking place here as well. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the 2017 Imperial Session coming up in two years in Daytona Beach, Florida. We are here to help get your Nobility excited about coming to the beach. The beach awaits you!

Presented by:
The Daytona Beach CVB
The Daytona Beach Ocean Center
The 2017 Imperial Committee

The 2017 TEAM looks forward to seeing you in Houston!
Shriners Imperial Session 2017-18 | 352-205-0114 | bobwagner@embarqmail.com | http://www.imperial2017.com/
2300 Pembrook Dr.
Orlando, FL 32810