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June 10, Hampstead, NC
Things I Wish I'd Known

June 17, Alexander NC: 
A Parrot's Point of View

June 25th, Fairfax, VA:
Things I Wish I'd Known
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Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Rockie, a female blue & gold macaw, is an easy parrot to care for and be around. She is about 29 years old. She likes to sit on her play stand and be with the family, and really enjoys it when her person(s) take her for daily walks throughout the house. She loves looking out windows or at herself in mirrors. She likes you to read to her or watch TV with you.  She talks (sometime to herself,) knows and says her name and will tell you bye-bye when you leave. She really likes when people whisper to her anytime of the day and especially when saying goodnight. Her preference for bathing is to be misted. She seems to prefer plastic toys over wooden toys, but also likes destroying phone books, shredders woven through the bars of her cage, hanging woven mats and pinatas.
Jake Patrick, a 14 year old male lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, is quite the entertainer. He knows how to wave, while saying “hi Jake” and will bob up and down when you say peek-a-boo. He has an extensive vocabulary like "I love you", "night-night", and  "come here" as he taps on the bars of his cage. He also tries to sing Happy Birthday should you decide to sing it to him. He learns new words and phrases fairly quickly and if you have the right sounding laugh, will laugh along with you. His favorite snack is Baked Birdie biscuits and he’ll say “thank you” when you say “cookie” but will be very disappointed if you say it and no cookie was included with his meal. He eats Harrison’s pellets, likes vegetables (sugar snap peas are his favorite,) some nuts and appreciates a warm cup of Chamomile tea. Jake has a slight scissor beak which needs regular maintenance.
Daisy and Fergus are a bonded pair who do everything together! Daisy is a 5 year old sun conure with a very sweet demeanor. She relies on Fergus, a spunky 4 year old green cheeked conure to set the pace! Fergus is a small bird with a big personality.Daisy and Fergus are transitioning to a more pelleted diet, and they also appreciate and need their healthy whole foods as well. When they're not hanging out on top of their cage, they are busy playing with all sorts of toys that keep their beaks busy. They have a nice wide cage (64") which is really best for 2 small birds. It's lovely when birds have a good friend to spend most of their time with, and it doesn't detract from our opportunity to watch, appreciate and enjoy having them in our family.
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Skills To Empower People to Understand Parrots (Last 2017 "Step-Up" Workshop)
Are you interested in hands-on training and more intense parrot care discussions? Our popular Step-Up workshops in Asheville, NC are designed to give you an abundance of information about behavior, health, nutrition and enrichment. In addition to extensive training sessions with the birds, we'll also cook, talk about how to keep your birds busy, and spend time with a veterinarian.  There are only 2 spaces left for our last 2017 workshop, from September 22-24.  For more information about this workshop, click here.
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