Phoenix Beakin'                              May 2017
May 7: Cary, NC
No Place Like Home

May 13: Springfield, VA 
Preparing Parrots for Life in Multiple Homes, and Common Internet Myths
May 2o: Fairfax, VA
No Place Like Home

May 20: Alexander, NC
Preparing Parrots for Life in Multiple Homes, and Common Internet Myths
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African Grey 12
Amazon 8
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Cockatiel 45
Cockatoo 20
Conure 16
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Macaw 17
Parakeet 6
Poicephalus 1
Quaker 6

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Phoenix Landing is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization.  It was established to protect the welfare of parrots through adoption, education and conservation. Almost every bird, from the smallest to the largest, from the most loved to the most neglected, will need a new home someday --possibly a succession of homes.  Our lives change, often unexpectedly.  One day your bird may need a good new home too!
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds

Cockatiels, Cockatiels, Cockatiels!!
A Pennsylvania home started with a handful of cockatiels, which in short order became 167 birds in pretty horrid conditions. So they ended up at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania. Debbie Russell (our amazing Maryland Coordinator) and volunteer Anne Hawthorne made the trip to Pittsburgh and took custody of 36 cockatiels. These cuties now deserve an opportunity for healthy food, lots of space to move and even fly, and all the time they need to develop potential future trust with humans.  We highly recommend that cockatiels live with at least one other cockatiel because they really appreciate each other's company. However, they need to be the  same gender, to avoid any  more breeding.   A super big thanks to the Parrot Posse for their continued help with supplies and some cages, and an incredible thanks to Anne Hawthorne, who has now fostered 247 birds over the last 12 years!!

Zebra Finches
Do you enjoy the sound of little chirps and watching beautiful finches fly and interact with each other?  These cuties would appreciate a nicely outfitted larger cage (32" wide+) so they can spend their days full of fun and exercise!

Frannie, Umbrella Cockatoo
This sweet and boisterous 19 year old girl is back after her first adopting home of 7 years, and is looking for her next good home through Phoenix Landing.  She likes to say "hi, Frannie!" and wave. Frannie is at The Landing in NC and enjoying some time in an outdoor aviary. This weekend she will participate in our "Step-Up" workshop, so perhaps she will learn some new tricks!  

Houdini, Goffins Cockatoo
As you know, we rarely use the word "rescue" because it really doesn't apply to the majority of birds that just need their next good home.  In this case, Houdini was also part of a group of birds that ended up at a shelter after a major hoarding situation. He is a confirmed male, and he has an open band similar to wild caught bands used prior to 1993; however, we are not certain about his age or origination. We've given him lots of space, good food and things to do. This weekend he will also participate in our "Step-Up" training workshop. After Houdini is on a positive path, we won't even remember where he last came from, birds are super resilient!
2017 National Volunteer Week
In concert with Volunteer Week (April 23-29), our adoption coordinators were spotlighted on the Phoenix Landing blog. Click on their photos to learn more about who they are and why they like to help parrots. Thanks to Michelle Underhill for creating these blog posts and for managing our Facebook page so expertly!  There are so many wonderful people to thank, for it takes many actions - large and small - to do the work of helping parrots!  We hope that everyone that participates in this work feels satisfaction and accomplishment, and please know that your amazing efforts are appreciated GREATLY, especially by the parrots!

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