Early Spring Schedule, Winter Recap (ouch) & Advice 
 Happy Earth Day and a day for appreciation of science. My other degree (besides horticulture / ag.) is in cellular-molecular biology and I am happy to consider myself a scientist. The scientific method gives me a framework to observe, question, understand and organize all there is to learn in my mountain gardens, in this world and in this life. I am ever grateful for the amazing science, English and philosophy teachers I was privileged to study with. I am so fortunate to be in a position to keep experimenting and gathering data of my own and through all of you who share your methods and results with us on a daily basis. You teach us.
 Growing up in the age of the Clean Air Act and the eventual Clean Water Act, I was ever hopeful that humans would or could "do the right thing". We have aimed, through the nursery, to "leave the world a better place". We promote, grow and offer native plants, bulbs and seeds that require a minimum of care. We use and encourage use of natural and organic fertilizers and composts to improve the soil biology, help clean the water and produce healthy, strong plants that will survive long after we've gone.  We think we have an amazing, intelligent, and curious clientele who largely share our intentions and we sincerely appreciate you all.
 P.S. With that in mind, we do have a couple of positions available in the nursery this summer. As always we appreciate people who love helping others, who have a passion for plants (though not necessarily a deep knowledge of them as you can't help but learn while you are with us). If you or someone you know might be interested check here.
Every spring here is different.
We gradually open the nursery as it is appropriate to bring in hardy plants, to uncover and display the ones we have and to encourage planting as the snows melt and the snow storms abate.  We've been open 4 days a week since early April and will go to 6 or 7 in the next week if warming continues. We will have more snow, of course.  We usually offer classes early and then again in July through October. These are some early offerings.
  • April 24 - Garden Resurrection and Repair (Spring Cleaning) - 4:00PM @ Lake of the Sky Garden Club, Art Center in Tahoe City. Eric (a long-time certified arborist) was invited to speak after this particularly destructive winter. (visit our webpage). 
  • April 29 - Spring Gardening (w/ focus on basic pruning and damage repair) -  11AM-12PM @ Villager Nursery - Rob & Eric are offering this very basic class.
  • May 4 - Container Vegetables and Productive Tomatoes - 5:30-6:30PM @ Villager Nursery - Villager staff have been instructing mountain gardeners on successful varieties and techniques for over 40 years. (May the Forth be with You!).
  • June 2-3 - Villager / Kellogg / G&B Free Planting Days - Friday & Saturday - You buy the plants and pots and We (Eileen, Gisele, Mike & Duncan) plant them for you using premium Master Nursery Gold Medal potting soil and authentic, organic G&B Fertilizers. Organic gardening specialist and educator with G&B Organics, Gisele Schoniger, will be here Friday and Saturday to answer ANY and ALL compost, mulch, organic landscaping or soil biology questions you can conceive of.
  • NEWS - the late July 2017 Lake of the Sky Garden Tour has been cancelled "due to the unusually harsh winter". It would have been in Incline Village this summer. For information about joining this very active garden club check the website here.
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Specials & Promotions
Biosol Forte Bag_small
BIOSOL (still our favorite fertilizer)
Biosol is part fertilizer (a very good one) and part soil amendment. It's humic acid content improves moisture holding capacity in soils while encouraging essential soil microorganisms that actually provide food and water to plants from beyond where roots are able to reach. It works even better when used with bio-active G&B organic fertilizers. Apply Biosol on emerging plants and when preparing beds for this season's planting.
Geum in #1g
Geum 'Banana Daiquiri' 
Geum (Avens) is a member of the rose family related to potentilla, strawberry and lady's mantle. We use this variety as a longer blooming more lush substitute for wild potentillas which tend toward weediness. It is a tough long-blooming mound with lemon flowers. We have quite a few #1g pots that we overwintered and that are emerging green. This month they are only $6.99 ea (reg 10.99) IF you show this post.
Sedum in rocks
4" Sedum (Stonecrop) 
a succulent,  (Reg. 5.99) 3.99 ea through April.
all HARDY outdoor species and varieties
offer Expires 05/01/2017. Limited to stock on hand... limit 10 pots per person
Aspen leaves in Villager
Deciduous Tree Special
Our most cold-hardy "hardwood" trees: Quaking Aspen, Larch, Oak, Apple, Crabapple, Pear and Chokecherry are 20% Off now  through 05/01/17
Topper for web
Kellogg's Composts
Buy any 4 Amend, Topper (lawns & seed), Gromulch (planting trees) or BumperCrop (veggie beds) &
get a 5th bag for FREE through May 2017
Fall Color
Winter Damage Sale  
Many trees and shrubs suffered this winter ( see the blog) and there was NOTHING any of us could do to prevent it. Fortunately plants have a powerful will to live and will soon thrive. Perfect for hedges and shelterbelts. Ask us.
12lb tub on counter
lawn fert bag
10% OFF
One Bag G&B Lawn and/or
One Bag of BIOSOL and/or 
the NEW 12 lb BIOSOL tub 
Dynamic-Duo Fertilizers.  BIOSOL is an all-organic, soil-improving fertilizer made of cottonseed and soybean meals that have been predigested by fungi (>25% humic acids). Plants and their microorganism associates love it. We use it any season. It will provide rapid yet healthy and sturdy growth. The full tubs are reg. $27.99 each  and can be refilled for $19.99   BIOSOL  (50lb bags are still $59.99 ). The living microorganisms in G&B fertilizers thrive on BIOSOL and include organic nutrients making the two fertilizers perfect long-lasting companions in the soil. 
Expires 05/7/17, Coupon must be shown, ONE bag each / coupon and ONE coupon / household.  Please share.  
Thank you so much for your time, for looking this over, for viewing the additional information on the website and for following / liking us on facebook. As always, we appreciate you sharing your techniques, your successes and your frustrations with us. Thank you for helping create healthy soils, thriving gardens and extensive roots systems that each sequester carbon dioxide by the tons!  You are doing your part while creating beauty and improved habitat.
With appreciation - Rob, Eric and Our Most Excellent Nursery Staff
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Early Spring Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-5:00 (if the gate is wide-open on Sunday, come-on-in!)