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July 2017
Tom Wenzel
ALA President:
Kim Lefler
George Chaplain
Legion Riders:
Tom Whilden

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The Legion Family have many exciting events coming up in the next few months be sure to mark your calender's and get into the fun and giving for this upcoming season.

Hello Legion Members,
September was quite the memorable month.  Patriot game, Legion garage sale, Honor flight, Gold Star Mother Monument, Veteran nursing home ride, etc. Maybe it will begin to slow down.
We have a big event coming November 4th which I hope many of you take a part in. Post 35 will be providing an early Thanksgiving dinner for our brothers and sisters of the 182 Army Reserve Units during their November Drill. Please come and enjoy this Holiday meal with these soldiers and let them know we believe in what they stand for and just let them know they are family. I want to ask our member if they have a magic touch in baking deserts that they donate one to two of their specialty deserts for this occasion. Pies, Cobblers, Cakes Cookies, salads; we will accept them all. Let's make this another memorable event.
Our October meeting please bring in your nominees for the Grand Traverse Area Veteran and Veteran Supporter of the Year. This must be in a written essay so we can hand this into the Veterans Coalition.
One other note; officer nominations for Grand Traverse Veterans Coalition leaders are being taken as well. If you have it in you to fill one of the many roles, now is your time.
I wasn't to give a "Well Done" to Tom Wilden on how he reenergized the Legion Riders and to all the riders on what you have accomplished this summer.
See you at our next meeting.

Thank You,
Your Commander,
Tom Wentzel

Our next meeting is set for Tuesday Oct. 24, 2017.  We will have pulled pork for dinner.  Please only bring deserts or a salad as the rest of the meal has been donated.
 District 9 President Madam Marsha Moore from Unit 300, Lake City will be present. Where your pins. Please welcome her to our meeting.
Things I learned at the 2017 Fall Conference in Muskegon.
There are multiple committees that need chairs from our Unit:
  1. 1.       Americanism: promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship help us fulfill our brand promise (Goal 5) by giving U.S. citizens a chance to participate in our mission by feeling patriotic and  demonstrating their support in an active, visible way. Examples: Education on Flag history, etiquette for the flag, , proper salute whether veteran or civilian, proper disposal of all Flags etc. 
a)       Participation in the Promotion of Americanism programs:
b)       Oratorical Contest and all the monetary incentives that are available to help get junior members to participate. 
c)       Support American Legion Baseball
d)       Support Junior Shooting Sports, which promotes gun safety and marksmanship training for youth.
e)       Americanism Essay Contest for Grades 3-12.
2. Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) helping Auxiliary sisters in need.  A time of financial crisis when no other source of aid are available to pay for shelter, food and utilities
3. Junior Activities Guide
  1. 4.       Legislative Committee: attend meeting and debates in your area and learn what the elected officials on the local, state and national levels stand for on Veterans issues.
  1. 5.       Past Presidents Parley, (PPP): utilize the experience and knowledge of past Auxiliary Leaders for the training and encouragement of future Auxiliary leaders.  Through the group, the women who have served as unit, department and national presidents can continue in active service to the Auxiliary to help ensure a strong leadership future for the organization.  The PPP also recognizes and honors female veterans and presents the Salute to Service woman Award, Unit Member of Year, Nursing Scholarships etc.
  2. 6.       Leadership: this program raises awareness of ALA leadership development opportunities.  The Leadership program and the 2014-2019 ALS Centennial Strategic Plan: In support of Goal 3 (Develop Leadership at Al Levels), the leadership committee raises awareness of leadership development opportunities through how to sheets and online resources.
  3. 7.       Membership Guide: As the worlds largest patriotic service organization, the strength and influence of the ALA is derived from its members.  The Membership Committee works to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization by partnering with units, departments and divisions to develop strategies to retain current members, recruit new ones, and engage all in mission-related activities.  Current members renew their memberships when they believe the Auxiliary continues to offer them something of value for their lives. is an excellent resource for all your membership needs.
  4. 8.       Constitution and Bylaws: Each Unit and District throughout the state should have copies of the National Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules, Department Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules, District Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules and the uniform Unit Constitution and bylaws.  Dept. available:  National:  member resource.
  5. 9.       National Security: Maintaining and promoting a strong national defense by supporting service members and their families helps us build brand loyalty (Goal 5) among a target membership population (Goal 1) while keeping us focused on our mission
  6. 10.    Public Relations: promotes who we are, what we do, and why we matter.  Promoting who we are strengthens our brand and allows our communities to know how we make a difference.  It also make us appealing to potential members who will recognize our goal of helping veterans, service members and their families.
  7. 11.    Poppy program: Using the story of the Flanders Field Poppy to educate people about the sacrifice of our military service members helps us raise awareness of The Legion Family and link us to our mission in the eyes of the public.
  8. 12.    Parliamentarian Guide: a consultant who advises the President, other officers, committees and members on procedure.  She, as a rule, should be seen and not heard.  Her role during a meeting is advisory since parliamentary law gives the chair alone the power to rule on questions of order and discussion.  She should be seated next to the President in order to quietly call her attention to any errors or violations affecting the rights of members.  She should assist with keeping the presiding officer on track with motions and discussions.
  9. 13.    ALA Girl State: the 78th session of Michigan's American Legion Auxiliary Girls State 2018 will begin on Sunday morning June 17, 2018 and ends Saturday afternoon, June 23, 2018 on the campus of MSU, E. Lansing.
  10. 14.    Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, VA&R: program promotes our mission to enhance the lives of U.S. veterans, military and their families. Assist in activities that help homeless veterans. Support rehab and healing of veterans through arts, crafts and hobbies. Help promote jobs fairs for veterans and their families.  Service of veterans in your area count toward your Service to Veterans pins and hour bars.
 District 9 meeting completed at Lake City Unit 300 9-30-17:
Past President Final Report Madam Barbara Hoaglund
Unit 35 received Membership Award 2017 Ribbon for 100% Membership Goal Reached

Respectfully yours
Kim Lefler
Unit 35 Auxiliary President

American Legion Sons
SAL Dues are due for 2018 @ $15.00 a membership.   Until next time:
George Champlin


Hello Legion Riders!
The Legion Riders and Supporters are all taking a deep breath after what was very busy with summer events.  A big thank you to all who participated when they could.  The escort of the Gold Star Mothers Statue was the highlight of my summer, what a beautiful day to bring such a tribute back to our home town. May she offer some solace for those who suffer with the loss of a Son or Daughter, many different biker groups were a part of the escort as well along with several support vehicles. 
We continue to pick up new members, which is excellent news for our Legion Post as well. 
We presented the first Legion Rider Flag to the post last meeting, it is a great addition.  Still some events coming up, as we get into fall, stay tuned.   
Thank you for your Support

Tom Whilden


No Report
Calender of Events
October 24th   Pot luck and members meeting
Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Rolls Men bring fresh salad Women bring desert
Annual Amish Cheese Sale still available call to what flavors are left
November 18th Holiday Cookie Sale  time to start baking
Know a crafter?  We need crafters too!  Call the office for more details:  231-922-2119
Legion Auxiliary
December 3rd Annual Legion "Christmas Reunion Dinner"
Fun for everyone.... If you have never experience this great  FREE event you are missing out on some great food, presents, and lots of good friendly conversation...

To all members:

Thank-you for all of your volunteer work at Legion events this year. With all of your help and participation we have made great strides in improving our American Legion image in both the physical and public views. 
At the start of last year we hosted a Four Chaplain ceremony, helped with 139 Honor Guard ceremonies,
Enrolled over 500 children in our Jr. Baseball Program, participated in the Cherry Festival, Garage Sale, Red Cross Golfing, Boys & Girls State, Poppy Distribution, Cheese Sales, Harvest Breakfast, Holiday Cookie Sale, "Operation Christmas Stocking" (which has us giving away 93 stockings this year), Potlucks, Dinners the Christmas Reunion Celebration honoring our Gold & Blue Star Families.  And our first Old Guards Tea honoring New Jr. Members and starting the first ever "Auxiliary Hall of Fame".  And hosted the 2nd Wreaths across America. 
All of these events were successful with the volunteers like you of the American Legion Family of Bowen - Holliday #35.
 The American Legion Riders have found new life and has increased their membership.
The SAL's are continuing to grow stronger and has distributed 800 flags for donation on Flag day.
We cannot forget all the sponsors and Legion friends that has helped us be successful; there are too many to be named in this letter.
If you are a new member or missed out on any of these events in helping or participating don't be shy.  We have next year to see all of you.  Or give us a call for more information. 231-922-2119
Moving forward in the upcoming year the Legion family will continue with the above programs and hopefully add a few more successful events to bring to the community.  Our goal for the auxiliary is to improve our Jr. Members membership and activity in the community.
See us on Facebook Michigan/206374490236


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Proud to be an American
And I'm proud to be an American,

where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me. 

~Lee Greenwood


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