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Stewardship 2017
I hope you are excited about your Journey to Generosity and that you are planning to be with us for worship on Sunday to make your Covenant Commitment to our shared ministry in 2018. 

Our theme for this year, has reminded us that we have been called by God to journey through life sharing the blessings of Jesus Christ with the world. 

What we believe matters. 
What we do about what we believe matters even more.  

Slash Christian Church is committed to putting our faith into action and this is one of many opportunities for us to act in accordance with what we believe. Are we willing to allow our stewardship to reflect our discipleship? Can we take the journey to generosity?

Our Leadership Community encourages you to prayerfully consider how you will share what God has provided for you. Bring your Covenant card or fill out one in a pew pocket. Place your covenant in the offering tray this Sunday.  As always, these cards represent our best intentions based on what we know at the present time. They can, at any time, be adjusted should your circumstances change.

These last few weeks have been enriching and our worship together has been inspiring. Now the decision to act on how we will allow God to use us and our resources for the good of the world is up to us.  

See you Sunday!
En Agape',

Rev. Michael

Reaching Up
November Serving Schedul e
Elder of the Month: Sandra Loving
Communion Prep: Julie Moore

Genesis Elder/Greeter Elders Diaconate Acolytes
5 Ed Hellermann Ted Jones Julie Moore*
Lauren Markley
  Ed Baugher Gen Bohannon Don Moore
Carrie Peterman
      Lois Haines  
      Logan Markley  
12 Sandra Loving Ted Jones Keith Davis*
Avery Pierce
  Brooken Loving Reggie Martin Barbara Davis
Hailey Pierce
      Christine Harrison  
      Elana Gant  
19 David Bremner Catherine Young Angie Dalton* Lauren Markley
  Cathy Tillman Nancy Farrell Jean Smith
Tristan Goodman
      Alex Smith  
      Meredith Farrell  
26 Judy Pierce Mark Highfield Sherri Beth Smith*
Owen Highfield
  Carlton Shelton Gen Bohannon Pat Penley
Cassidy Penley
      Jared Pierce  
      Olivia Gant  

Board Meeting
Splinters from the Board
Next Board Meeting; Sunday, November 19 at 7 p.m.
By Reggie Martin, Moderator

A Congregational Meeting will be held immediately following a One Worship Service 0n December 3, 2017.  Please plan to attend this important meeting to allow the Church to move forward with our 2018 Ministry. Please lift the 2018 plan up in your prayers.
A copy of the 2018 Ministry plan will be mailed to the membership the week of November 20 and copies available in the back of the church on November 26. Please review  and bring any questions you may have. 
Copies of the 2018 Slash Leadership and the Facility Use Guideline will be available in the back of the church. We will vote on the Leadership and Facility Use Guideline again to meet the quorum requirements for a congregational meeting as Don Richardson correctly pointed out at the October 22 Congregational Meeting.
Congregational Meeting Agenda Items:
2018 Ministry Plan review and approval
2018 Slash Leadership 
Facility Use Guidelines

2018 Slash Leadership 
Reggie Martin, Moderator
David Bremner, Vice-Moderator
Leslie West, Secretary
Gen Bohannon, Financial Secretary
Steve Harrison, Treasurer
Sandra Loving, Assistant Financial Secretary
Shanna Penley, Assistant Treasurer
Helen Kersey, Membership Clerk
Dianne Jones, Historian
Diana Harrison, Trustee (Board)
Harold Manahan, Jr., Elder (Board)
Nancy Farrell, Elder (Board)
Chad Baugher, (Diaconate Board)
Julie Moore, Diaconate (Board)
Jean Smith, Diaconate (Board)
Meredith Farrell, Jr. Diaconate (Board)
Trustees :  John Haines (2020), Lloyd West, (2019), Diana Harrison (2018)

2020:  Harold Manahan, Jr. (Board), David Bremner, Patsy Fowler
2019:  Mark Highfield, Ted Jones, Madelyn Logan
2018:  Reggie Martin, Nancy Farrell (Board), Judy Pierce
2020: Chad Baugher, Elana Gant, Deborah Sadler, Norma Miller, Keith Dalton, Carlton Shelton
2019: Barbara Davis, Keith Davis, Heather Ostrander, Jim Ostrander, Pat Penley, Jared Pierce, Jean Smith (Board)
2018: Angie Dalton, Amanda Matassa, Don Moore, Julie Moore (Board), Alex Smith, Sherri Beth Smith
Jr. Diaconate:
2018: Chris Benson, Wendy Benson, Kendall Dalton, Olivia Gant, Meredith Farrell, Logan Markley, Brenna Peterman, Ruthie Weeks


The annual Slash Fall Festival will be on Sunday, October 29th RAIN OR SHINE at 4:30 pm. There will be a meal at 5:00 pm where every family is asked to bring either two side dishes or a side dish and a dessert. There will be a Scavenger Hunt, Costume Contest, Bonfire, Face Painting, Cake Walk and Trunk or Treat! 




All Saints 2017

Poinsettias for Advent

We will be decorating the sanctuary with poinsettias for Advent.
Watch your bulletins and Slash Flash for pricing and order deadline s.

Outreach Opportunities

ACES Food Drive and CROP Hunger Walk and Luncheon -
How can I say thank you enough for your donations, delicious muffins, and participation in the ACES Food Drive and Ashland CROP Hunger Walk.  Saturday, October 7th turned out to be a truly beautiful day with walkers and rockers on site from area churches.  Total numbers have not been tabulated to date.  If you have not yet made a donation to the CROP Walk and would like to still do so to help feed the hungry and to benefit ACES, we will still accept donations through November 12th to reach our goal.  And that soup luncheon - YUM-YUM.  Thank you all so much for walking, for cooking, for filling grocery bags with food - for donations.  One step at a time, we will end hunger!

Donations to Help Build the Alexander Brothers Home
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    God puts us in the right place at the right time!  Our Slash congregation made love offerings totaling   over $1200 to help in the building of the Alexander Brothers home.  Those dollars will help in keeping these brothers safe and warm throughout the winter.  The community came together to make their home a reality.  Your Outreach Committee thanks you for your part!                               
Thanksgiving Offering 2017

Thanksgiving Offering - This offering received on November 11th and 18th
The offering the colleges, universities, and graduate theological institutions affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The fourteen colleges and universities and the seven theological institutions in covenant with the Christian Church encourage students in their intellectual pursuits and nurture them as leaders to transform church, society and world. Gifts received are an investment in our students and the work of our schools. Thank you for your participation and support.  

Reconciliation Offering -   Thank you for the contributions made to our Reconciliation Offering totaling $157.00.  We can start small in trying to change the world!  It takes US working together - united to make a difference!

Christmas FamilySlash Christian Church will be sponsoring a family (or families) in need for Christmas this year as we have in many years past. Information concerning the families will be coming in the near future.  The Outreach Committee hopes that you will continue to make Christmas a little brighter for others in need - bringing smiles and sharing your gifts with others.

And GLOVES AND HATS for the Christmas Mother! 
Start rounding up those gloves to pair up with hats for a donation to the Christmas Mother!  Help keep little hands warm! Collection boxes are in the Educational and Loving buildings until November 12th.

Community Logo
Youth Purple
The Latest Youth News from Slash
Just a reminder that Youth Group at Slash includes 6th-12th graders. Everyone is always welcome to bring friends. We have several activities coming up that we want to make sure everyone has on their calendars. There will be more events in November and December and we will pass those along soon. I will pass along a 2018 Mission Trip idea soon.
  • October 28th, 10 am, Youth Cake Decorating and Fall Festival Set Up we will decorate cupcakes and cakes as well as decorate for the Fall Festival.
  • October 29th, 4:30-6:30 pm, Fall Festival, wear your costume and help organize and present games for the kids of Slash.
  • November 5th, Bible Bread Breakers at Panera in Virginia Center Commons. We will meet from 5-6:30 to eat and study the Bible. 
  • November 26th, 12 noon- 3 pm, Blessing Bag Meals for the Homeless. We will share a meal together at noon after church and then pack blessing bags to deliver to the homeless in Richmond.
  • December 17th, 6:00-9:00 pm, Youth Christmas Party at the West home. Leslie and Lloyd West, 9016 Peaks Road, Ashland. Bring snacks to share and a $10 gift card. 
  • January date TBD, Winter Lock-In, Details will be planned soon by our youth.
craig springs
Craig Springs Summer 2018 
The theme next summer: 
Beyond Belief -The Universe of God

May 25 - 28  Spring Work Weekend
June 25 - 29  Nature Camp
1-6  Special Camp
8-13  First Triple
16-21  AMPDD   
22-27  Second Triple
July 29-August 3  New Covenant Camp
August 3-6  Family Camp
October 5-7  Fall Work Weekend

If you have any questions please contact me.

En Agape',
Rev. Michael


W e have a group of dedicated folks who make the coffee and get café set up each Sunday morning ---- but we rely on volunteers to bring the snacks.
If you can contribute donuts, fruit, or pastries for a Sunday, please sign up by the kitchen or contact Kathleen in the church office or Carolyn Putnam.
Coffee is so much better, with a donut to dunk into it - while we fellowship with each other.
Thank you

Flower Ministry
sanctuary flowers
The 2017 flower chart is posted by the church office. If you would like to purchase flowers in memory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (798-4520) to order sanctuary flowers.  The sanctuary flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid. 
November 12 and 26 are the next available dates
FYI: ACES will be closed November 10th and November 24th.

Current Needs:
Men's jeans,  Men's winter coats,  Men's athletic shoes
Men's and women's new underwear
Women's athletic socks
Boy's winter shirts, pants and pajamas - sizes 14-20
Boy's new socks (larger sizes/for shoe sizes 4 - 8),  Boy's new boxer shorts
Teenager's new underwear
Small gently used kitchen appliances (toaster, electric skillet, crock pot or slow cooker, etc)
We are so grateful for your gift of 42 bags of food and toiletries to our ACES food pantry. Because of the generosity of friends like you, we can continue to serve those in need in our community. Thank you so much for caring and sharing.
Sincerely, Pat Moore

Prayer Requests

Church Family
H.T. Loving, Carolyn Putnam, Jo Richardson, Dianne Jones, Gail Hellermann, Jakob Hellermann, Norma Jennings,  Carolyn Nash,  MaryLee Jones  
Polly Vaughan who is caregiving for her mother, Beverly Vaughan 

For Healing
All those affected by the hurricanes, earthquakes and fires
Greg Rapp (bike ride across Israel for the Arava Institute for Peace)
Charles and Anne Goodman (brother-in-law and wife of Barbara Jean Goodman) 
Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey)
Barbara Cunningham (sister of Jo Richardson)
The Berrocal Family in Puerto Rico (family of Don and Julie Moore)
Bob Raiford (father of Michelle Weeks) 
Bob Henderson (husband of Barbara Henderson)
Sheryl Snellings (friend of Dianne Jones)
Robert Cook (brother of Julie Moore)
Jackie Smith (sister of Don Kersey)
Roger Miller (neighbor of Don and Julie Moore)
Leroy Horn (friend of Madelyn Logan)
Darlene Webb (friend of Gail Hellermann)
Luella Markley (grandmother of Logan and Lauren)
Cara Wehman Bradshaw (friend of Matthew Harrison)
Kathy Goodman (aunt of Carolyn Putnam)
Duff Green (neighbor of Steve Harrison)
Walter Loving (brother of Brooken Loving)
John Doty (friend of Becky Baugher)
Whitney Bush and Gene Harmon (friends of Patsy Fowler)
Donald West (brother of Lloyd West)
C onner Bartz (nephew of Carol Kurz)
Beth Harris (niece of Don and Helen Kersey)
Iris Epps(friend of Gail Hellermann)
Pam and Craig Brown (friends of Gail Hellermann)
Vaughn Schmitt (family friend of the Weeks')
Nancy Hooper (sister of Brooken Loving)
Dickie Tomlin (brother-in-law of Buddy Fowler)
Charlie Hunt (friend of Judy Pierce)
Shot Mangum (brother of Judy Pierce) 
Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey)
Jack McGuire (uncle of Michelle Weeks)
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

Love and sympathy are extended to...
Torrie Goodman and family upon the death of her uncle, Tracy Epps 
Helen and Don Kersey upon the death of Helen's sister, Faye Galaspie 
David and Ann Bremner and family upon the death of their brother-in-law, Craig Cobb
Catherine Young upon the death of her neighbor, Ginnie Brazier

The Elders respectfully request that prayer concerns be updated every two weeks by notifying the office by phone (798-4520) or email (

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