Region 3 Men's Gymnastics Community,

The Region 3 Board has been working for the past several months to determine the qualification procedures for the 2017 Region 3 Championships.  Our region has had tremendous growth from last season to this one, and with the addition of the JD and Division 2 athletes the number of eligible athletes for the meet is over 900.  The board has decided the most manageable way to qualify athletes to the meet is through an allotment system similar to what is done for JO Nationals.

Below are links to several documents.  The first is a link to the document that explains the Qualification Procedures and Allotment number for each Level, Age Group, and Division in each State.   The second document is the 2017 Region 3 Championships Entry Form that will need to be filled out and turned in at your state championships for the athletes that qualify to Regionals.  The final document is the Tentative Schedule for the weekend.

If you have athletes that you plan to Petition to the Regional Championships the procedure is outlined in the first document.  All materials must be submitted for the petition to be considered.

Thank you,

Jerit Pogue
Region 3 Chairman