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Horoscope Consultations

I am available for phone consultations  and in-person consultations in New York City at the prices below. Please add $25 per extra chart.

I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 file, which you can easily download onto your computer and listen to it. You can pay below and then email me for an appointment.

My fees are as follows:  
  • In-Person Initial Consultation in NYC. $225undefined  (Around 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after the reading)
  • Phone or Skype Initial Consultation. $200
  • undefined 
  • Update for the year ahead. $175 for 60 minutes. (This only applies to those who have already had a reading with me.) undefined
 Additional people you want to look at in the context of your reading: $25 for each additional chart.undefined  
  • Compatibility reading: $150; undefined 
  • Choosing an Auspicious Date for an event. $200 undefined 
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy or locality readings or "Where in the World?" $150
  • undefined
  • Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area. This is NOT a horary chart but an examination of a specific area or question. $150. undefined  
Gift certificates are available for all the above but please make sure before giving one that the recipient really would like to have an astrological reading. 

Remember that you can use paypal, credit cards, or checking with the above pay pal buttons. I accept payment upon booking. For in-person consultations, I also take cash payment.  You can reach me at 212-799-9187, Ronniegaledreyer@gmail.com (also paypal address).

For complete schedule listing of all my upcoming appearances, visit my website. It 
gets updated as news and events materialize so bookmark the website and come back.  Over the next few months it will be revamped with additional articles, links, etc.

Celestial Events 
January 2017
  Jan 12 2017. Full Moon. 11:33 am. 22 Cancer 27'. Sidereal. 28 Gemini 27. Punarvasu. 
  Jan 28 2017. New Moon. 00:06 am 8 Aquarius 15. Sidereal. 14 Capricorn 15. Shravana.

Planetary Stations  
  Jan 8 2017. Mercury stations direct. 9:42 am. 28 Sagittarius 50. Sidereal. 4 Sagittarius 51. Mula.
         Tropical Ingresses 
   Jan 3 2017. Venus enters Pisces. 7:46 am
 J an 4 2017.    Mercury enters Sagittarius. 2:16 pm.
  Jan 12 2017. Mercury enters Capricorn. 2:03 pm
  Jan 19 2017. Sun enters Aquarius. 9:23 pm.
  Jan 28 2017. Mars enters Aries. 5:38 am. 
Sidereal Ingresses
  Jan 13 2017. Sun enters Capricorn. 11:54 pm.
  Jan 20 2017. Mars enters Pisces. 5:16 am
  Jan 25 2017. Saturn enters Sagittarius. 2:38 pm.
  Jan 27 2017. Venus enters Pisces. 12:12 pm         

All times are listed according to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Krishnamurti ayanamsha is used for sidereal positions.

Quick Links 

NCGR 2017 Conference
in Baltimore MD. Feb. 16-20
Astrological Society of Princeton (ASP)
2017 Sensitive Degrees Webinar
Sunday January 22. 12-2:30 PM EST (approx. end time). Fee: $45

(If you register after midnight January 21 you cannot be guaranteed that you can attend "live" but you will receive handouts and recordings.)

Scroll down to register. 

This year's webinar 2017 Sensitive Degrees: Stations, Eclipses, Ingresses, and Aspects will be packed with information about 2017.
As usual, this Webinar will cover many of the degree areas of the chart that will affect you and the world including eclipses, retrograde and direct stations and cycles, ingress dates, and aspects. We will go through all of these providing you with charts that you can use the entire year. We will also focus on future repercussions from the events of this month. For those of you who attended some of my webinars and classes this past year, as well as this one, you will remember that we said it would be a very unpredictable year, with violence occurring during the Mars retrograde and Saturn-Mars conjunction, and that the US election would be out of the ordinary, not exactly like 2000 but something similar, and in fact, once again the popular vote went to one candidate and the electoral college to another.

This year is another whirlwind but with different planetary significations. Some of which are as follows:
    Eclipses.  February 11. February 26. August 7. August 21 (this one is total solar going right through U.S. and on Donald Trump's ascendant.

    Mars will continue to conjoin the eclipse point of September 1, 2016 and Feb. 26, 2017 since they are on the same degree. Neptune conjoined that point on the day that FBI director Comey revealed a second investigation into Clinton's emails, which was unsubstantiated, and there was a second earthquake in Italy. Mars was on that point on Dec. 30-31, which gave us the attack in Turkey,  The Metonic cycle of these and the solar eclipse of August 2017 mirrors the scandalous year of 1998 when Bill Clinton faced impeachment. Will something like that reappear for this administration? How is it affecting the world? The August 21 eclipse will start to be felt in May and it will be followed with Mars conjoining Rahu (North Node). How does that affect your chart as well? 

  • Stations. Venus retrograde from March 4-April 15. (In addition to annual retrograde cycles of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).
  • As is always the case with Venus Retrograde, which moves retrograde every 18 months Venus stays in one or two signs over an extended period, rather than its usual one month or so stay. Venus will be in tropical Pisces and Aries from January 4- June 7. Venus will exclusively be in sidereal Pisces from January 28-May 31.
  • Tropical Ingresses.
    Nodes enter Leo-Aquarius on May 9. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10. Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20 for a long stretch.
  •  Sidereal (Tropical) Ingresses. Uranus enters Aries on April 6. Nodes enter Cancer-Capricorn on September 10. Jupiter enters Libra on September 11. Saturn enters Sagittarius from January 25 through June 22 when it retrogrades back into Scorpio. Then it moves back into Sagittarius on October 26 for a long stretch.
  • Aspects. Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which will be strong regardless of system that you use. Nodes and Mars will be quite active again especially with the Nodes changing signs this year in both system for its 18 month stay in a sign.
And so much more.  
  • Please register below.

Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy Sale through February 1.

You can purchase The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, by Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving, which is back in print with a new edition including added notes, revisions, and an extensive afterword about Jim Lewis and his charitable legacy. Sale price of $20.95 inclusive  postage. The book, which was first released in 1997 but has been long out of print, was taken from Jim's notes, and was compiled by Kenneth Irving after Jim's death in 1995. It is now published by Words and Things, a publishing venture by Kenneth Irving and myself. Allow for 7-10 days for delivery.

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To get certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy please go to Continuum