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Read about the new fall sermon series, the District 9 Assembly at Slash, multiple fall outreach opportunities and our new women's prayer group.
Fall Schedule Begins on September 3rd, 2017
See you at church!

Michael's Memo

I love the Fall. It is a great season not because we all end up raking leaves, but because that is when things settle back down from summer vacations and activities and we all get back to church and our regular schedules. The other thing I love about Fall is football, so I wondered what would happen if I mixed my football with my Bible. The good news is the combination yielded God's Game Plan, a new sermon series. 
Won't you come back to church and join us as we all find our place in God's Game Plan for the Fall of 2017. The sermon series will be five weeks beginning the Sunday after Labor Day and will feature the Bible, football, good coaching for life, and maybe even some tailgate stories.

God's Game Plan Series
The Bible is filled with stories of God calling out "Playmakers" and
"Game-Changers"  to make a difference in the world. Nowhere in the Gospels do we see Jesus calling his disciples to sit on the bench or to half-hearted devotion. Jesus is asking for his followers to give 110%. That sounds like what a football coach is asking from the team.

It is time for all of us to suit up and get in the game. Join us on Sundays for Genesis Worship at 8:45 am or the 11 o'clock service.

En Agape',

Rev. Michael

Reaching Up
September Serving Schedul e
Elder of the Month: Sherri Beth Smith
Communion Prep: Nancy Farrell

Genesis Elder/Greeter
3 Sandra Loving Nancy Farrell Angie Dalton* Lauren Markley
  Brooken Loving Reggie Martin Heather Ostrander John Weeks
    Jim Ostrander  
      Wendy Benson  
10 Harold Manahan Catherine Young Patsy Fowler* Owen Highfield
  Lloyd West Mark Highfield Alex Smith Avery Pierce
      Sherri Beth Smith  
      Elana Gant  
17 Leslie West Ted Jones Pat Penley* Cassidy Penley
  Ed Baugher Tom Putnam Jared Pierce Hailey Pierce
Ginnie Caudell
      Olivia Gant  
Judy Pierce Gen Bohannon Becky Baugher* Daniel Peterman
  Carlton Shelton Reggie Martin Julie Moore Elena Highfield
Don Moore
      Brenna Peterman  

2017 World Communion
Board Meeting
Splinters from the Board
By Reggie Martin, Moderator

Our next Board Meeting is September 17, 2017.
A Congregational Meeting will be held on October 22, 2017 immediately following worship. We encourage all to attend this important meeting in preparation for 2018.
Items to be discussed are nomination of 2018 officers and updates to Facility Use Guidelines that cover the new pavilion.
Nominating Committee
Looking Ahead to 2018 Leadership

It is that time of year again when our nominating committee will be asking people like you to be a part of Slash's leadership for 2018. If you are contacted by a member of our nominating committee, we hope that you will be willing to be a part of our leadership in continuing the growth of Slash Christian Church in serving our Lord! The members of the Nominating Committee include: Cathy Tillman, Lloyd West, Deborah Sadler, Olivia Gant, and Chad Baugher.

Outreach Opportunities

CROP HUNGER WALK - October 7th at 9:00 AM - Carter Park in Ashland.
crop graphic
Feeding the hungry - that is what the CROP Hunger Walk is about.   The goal this year for Slash is $2,000.00.   Sign up now for the CROP WALK. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the walk begins at 9:00 a.m.   There will be several churches participating in this year's walk.   Our on-line link for the Crop Walk where you can sign up and collect donations is  
Let's make a difference and stop starvation.   Walk, rock, stroll and collect funds in our effort to make our community more aware of the extreme hunger that occurs around the world.   Your donations do not just go to provide food to the hungry and provide clean water to drink, but also to provide the knowledge and tools in order to help prevent hunger by growing foods in harsh environments. Remember that 25% of the monies that we collect go straight to ACES right here in Hanover County. This is a time of awareness and fellowship, and it provides for a healthy walk in the process. Collection envelopes are available from Cathy Tillman. Please participate in whatever way you wish:with donations, manning a water station, walking with our teams, or rocking in a rocker.Checks can be made payable to CWS/CROP.Let's get out there and make a difference!   STOP Hunger and provide clean water.  
ACES Food Drive - In conjunction with the CROP WALK this year, we are holding a major
drive for donations of non-perishable food and hygiene items for ACES. As always the following items are in constant need:   beef stew, rice, cereals, canned soups with meat, powdered milk, boxes of macaroni and cheese, pastas, peanut butter and jelly, toilet tissue, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes.   So return your grocery bag to church on October 8th and help support ACES.   
There will be a simple soup and salad luncheon following worship on October 8th for all to attend.

Calling all Chefs for the Soup Luncheon:   We will be looking for some great chefs to bring in their favorite pot of soup on October 8th.   If you would be willing to provide a pot of your delicious soup, please contact Cathy Tillman or Nancy Farrell.   We are planning on soup, salad and crackers with beverage.  
Reconciliation Offering - September 24th and October 1st

Our efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering providing for programs of leadership development, curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities. Your generous giving to Reconciliation Ministry is transforming lives and strengthening Christ's witness in the world that we love one another, even as Christ continues to love us!  Give to the Reconciliation Offering collected on September 24th and October 1st.
Want To Make a Real Difference in Our Community?   If you knew of someone who had worked so hard throughout their life but who had no indoor toilet, a leaking roof, holes in the floor and had no funds to make the necessary repairs, wouldn't you want to part of the solution to provide a safe, secure home?
Over the next few weeks you will hear about how you can be a part of that mission to provide shelter to a couple of brothers in need.   God sometimes puts us in the right place at the right time!   So, listen up for the details!
Slash Church is hosting the 2017 District IX Assembly Meeting; September 23rd.  
The focus this year is on Craig Springs Summer Camps. Individuals from our congregation will share their testimonials, stories and memories, and encourage those in attendance to find ways to participate at Craig Springs. 
Our youth and adults have so much to share and teach about the faith mission surrounding Craig Springs. 
Our congregation will have several opportunities to participate in this event as we will be providing a meal for those in attendance - Spaghetti!   Salad!   A sign-up sheet is in the sanctuary. I hope that you will share in this special event. 
Cathy Tillman,
Slash District IX representative
New Women's Prayer Group and Bible Study
New Women's Prayer Group and Bible Study will meet in the Conference Room every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.  In September, the ladies will meet on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. Join us for prayer, devotionals, Bible study, visiting the homebound and even going out to lunch. Contact Barbara Dykema or Madelyn Logan for more information.

Nursery Ministry
Slash Childcare

We welcome Renee Bynum back to the nursery on September 3rd. Remember childcare is available for babies and children through age 4 during Genesis Worship at 8:45 am through Noon when the 11 o'clock service concludes.

 also welcome all 4 year-olds to 4th graders in Children Worship & Wonder during all services. For more information ask your greeter on Sunday.
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If you have not already heard, Anna West has resigned as our Youth Director. She has too many things on her plate right now with her upcoming wedding, new school where she will be teaching, and she is moving into a new home. One of the first things we will do this Fall is plan our own Anna celebration for her wedding and to say thank you to her for serving as Youth Director. We look forward to her joining us as a volunteer when she can.

As we begin the search for another youth director, I will take the lead in organizing our program and look forward to help from parents and other volunteers in the church. We want to continue to offer a vital youth program for our 6th to 12th graders.

I would like to schedule a  Parent and Youth Meeting to follow church on September 10th . I will meet with all parents, youth, and volunteers in the conference room of the Education Building around  12:15 . This will be a 30 minute meeting to talk about our Fall Schedule (to include Bible Studies and one Sunday event each month), a Shower for Anna's Wedding and celebration of her ministry, Youth Sunday, and potential Fall Lock-In (perhaps inviting other churches to join us). Please bring your Fall calendars along with you so that we can plan together quickly and efficiently.

For now please plan to participate in the two  Wednesday night group gatherings in September from 5:30-7 on September 13 and 27 in the Education Building.

En Agape',
Rev. Michael

Sunday School Promotion

W e have a group of dedicated folks who make the coffee and get café set up each Sunday morning ---- but we rely on volunteers to bring the snacks.
If you can contribute donuts, fruit, or pastries for a Sunday, please sign up by the kitchen or contact Kathleen in the church office or Carolyn Putnam.
Coffee is so much better, with a donut to dunk into it - while we fellowship with each other.
Thank you

  • Thank you to my church family for all your support with obtaining my Master's degree in Nursing Education. I am truly blessed. Love, April Pierce
  • Thank you so much for my scholarship! I will be using it for my books. Because of y'all I have money for next semester's books as well. Again, thank you so much.     Always, Lauren Wolfgang
  • Thank you so much for your donation of $497 to the Clean Water for Peru Effort and international mission efforts of Group Cares. During 2017 we will host over 130 home repair and community service mission trips across the United States and will serve in over a dozen countries around the world. Over 18,000 people will serve and repair over 1500 homes and bring hope to communities though service to the elderly, poor and homeless. We are honored that you would trust us with these funds and commit to using them wisely as we share the love of Jesus.                                                        In His Service, Tim Gilmour, President 
meals on wheels
Drivers are needed for September and November.

Meals on Wheels volunteer appreciation picnic is on Thursday, September 21 from 4:30 to 630 p.m. at Rhoadmiller St. in Richmond. Please rsvp by September 9th (804) 521-3277. Call Jo Richardson for more information (804) 730-7682. 
Craig Springs Fall Work Weekend;  Please register by October 1st  

Work Weekend is a free event open to anyone. We provide food, indoor lodging, and friendly fellowship in exchange for your labor. We have tasks suitable for persons of all ages and abilities. Come alone, or with a group. We want YOU there!

The help we receive from work weekend volunteers is the lifeblood of our outdoor ministry program.
Thank you in advance for your hard work and support of the ministry of Craig Springs in New Castle, VA

Flower Ministry
sanctuary flowers
The 2017 flower chart is posted by the church office. If you would like to purchase flowers in memory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (798-4520) to order sanctuary flowers.  The sanctuary flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid. 
September 3 & 24, October 8, 15 & 22 are the next available dates

Current Needs:
Men's jeans (all sizes); Men's t-shirts (all sizes)
Women's bras and underwear (all sizes)
Boy's underwear and socks (sizes 12-18); Girl's underwear and socks (sizes 12 - 18)
Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, bar soap, deodorant, etc.)
Canned fruit (any type),l ow sodium and low sugar canned fruits and vegetables
Canned soup, c anned tuna, c anned chicken, c anned beef stew and brunswick stew  
Spaghetti noodles, s paghetti sauce
Prayer Requests

Church Family
Betty Pierce, Tom Putnam, Sandra Loving, Dianne Jones, Jakob Hellermann, Norma Jennings,  Carolyn Nash,   MaryLee Jones, Jo Richardson, Brooken Loving
Polly Vaughan who is caregiving for her mother, Beverly Vaughan 

For Healing
Robert Cook (brother of Julie Moore)
Jackie Smith (sister of Don Kersey)
Dave Sergent (son-in-law of Ted and MaryLee Jones)
Chris Sergent (son of Dave Sergent)
Roger Miller (neighbor of Don and Julie Moore)
Ashley Matz (great niece of Becky Baugher)
Leroy Horn (friend of Madelyn Logan)
Darlene Webb (friend of Gail Hellermann)
Luella Markley (grandmother of Logan and Lauren)
Cara Wehman Bradshaw (friend of Matthew Harrison)
Kathy Goodman (aunt of Carolyn Putnam)
Tom Powers (friend of Steve Harrison)
Duff Green (neighbor of Steve Harrison)
Walter Loving (brother of Brooken Loving)
John Doty (friend of Becky Baugher)
Bob Henderson (husband of Barbara Henderson)
Whitney Bush and Gene Harmon (friends of Patsy Fowler)
Donald West (brother of Lloyd West)
C onner Bartz (nephew of Carol Kurz)
Beth Harris (niece of Don and Helen Kersey)
Iris Epps(friend of Gail Hellermann)
Pam and Craig Brown (friends of Gail Hellermann)
Vaughn Schmitt (family friend of the Weeks')
Nancy Hooper (sister of Brooken Loving)
Dickie Tomlin (brother-in-law of Buddy Fowler)
Charlie Hunt (friend of Judy Pierce)
Shot Mangum (brother of Judy Pierce) 
Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey)
Jack McGuire (uncle of Michelle Weeks)
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

Love and sympathy are extended to the family and friends of Rose Marie Harris, daughter or Margaret Wingfield.

The Elders respectfully request that prayer concerns be updated every two weeks by notifying the office by phone (798-4520) or email (

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