Recap of Summer 2016 at Martial Arts for Life!
2017: The Year in Review
Progress, Growth & Positive Change!
Our goal is to provide a Martial Arts academy that our students and their families are proud to be a part of.

We had another AMAZING year at MAFL - in fact is was our busiest EVER!
Here's some of the highlights!
Healthy Eating Challenge 2017
We kicked off 2017 with our 90-Day Healthy Eating Challenge! We dedicated the first quarter of the year to helping our Martial Arts for Life families stay healthy and fit. Each week we provided a challenge such as increasing your water intake or eating smaller portions as well as a training log to track success.
NJ Sharing Network Success!
In June, Team MAFL participated in the NJ Sharing Network 5K – our 6th year! This year, our team was over 110 members strong and collectively raised over $5,600. This brought our total raised since 2012 to over $53,000 for the NJ Sharing Network Foundation . We are grateful for everyone’s support of this wonderful charity event.
Skills for School PTA Fundraiser
This year we worked with 4 local elementary schools and raised over $1,500 through our "Skills for School" fundraiser. 100% of the funds raised went to the PTA or PTO and we match all of the money raised dollar for dollar.
2017 Bo Black Testers
We had a record 4 kickboxing students test for Bo Black Belt this year in our adult program: Mrs. Kristin Kubas, Mr. Eric Schmitz, Mrs. Jennifer Baldassano and Mrs. Vanessa Chomiak.
Mr. Kapoor's Black Belt Test
We added another member to our Black Belt family as Mr. Nick Kapoor tested in June.
National Night Out 2017
Team MAFL was on hand at National Night Out this summer to demonstrate some exciting martial arts routines for the local community.
Colored Belt Graduations
We had 6 colored-belt graduations this year for students progressing through the ranks below Black Belt. We were able to host most of these at the N.P. Recreation Center Gym to accommodate our students as guests as our student body continues to grow!
New Providence Street Fair
This was our 12th year attending the New Providence Street Fair! Mr. Cam, Ms. Abby, Mr. Brendan and Ms. Avery did an awesome job manning our booth.
New Black Belts in 2017!
We welcomed 9 new first degree Black Belts, 3 new second degree Black Belts and one new third degree Black Belt to our Black Belt family.
New Providence Holiday Festival
This was the first year of an expanded N.P. Christmas Walk featuring a holiday festival. Mr. Brendan and Ms. Abby were on hand to greet attendees and hand out prizes.
Teamwork makes the dream work!
As always, our AMAZING instructor team was on hand to keep all our classes and events running smoothly. As our instructor team continues to grow it's difficult to find a picture of everyone together. Extra special thanks to our core instructor team: Ms. Avery, Mr. Brendan Ms. Bethany, Mr. Camden.
Thank you to all our students for being part of our Martial Arts for Life family. We look forward to helping all of our students reach for new heights in 2018 and beyond!
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