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Dear Parents and Guardians,

These are exciting times to be a part of the Kelowna Christian School community. Over the past several years, we have seen significant growth - not just numerically, but more importantly in our shared sense of commitment to our core purpose as a Christian School.

Kelowna Christian's vision is to be a Christ-like community passionately transforming our world. We seek to accomplish this in the context of being an excellent Christian school. Our mission proclaims that we exist to educate, equip and inspire our school community to become disciples of Jesus who love and serve God and others.

Our commitment is to be a school that builds and equips disciples through education - not just a school that occasionally refers to the Bible. In fact, we seek to have our purpose flavour everything we do.

As a parent, I know that the decision where to have our children attend school is one we take seriously. KCS continues to have a deserved and strong academic reputation - while maintaining our ongoing commitment to our historic mission to build disciples of Jesus. I encourage you to contact me our one of our staff should you have any questions.


Darren's Signature

Darren Lewis
Lead Principal

One year ago, Kelowna Christian School introduced Continuous Enrollment to streamline the annual re-enrollment process; to reduce paperwork and make it more efficient and more convenient for our loyal KCS families.

Previously the re-enrollment process had been an "Opt-IN" program.  Annually we asked every family, "Are you coming back?"
Since the large majority (on average over 90%) of KCS families return year after year, Continuous Enrollment enabled us to flip to an "Opt-OUT" process.

Existing KCS families who completed the 2017-2018 Continuous Enrollment Contract will never have to worry about re-enrolling again.  Our new re-enrollment approach is "once enrolled, always enrolled". 
How do you need to respond for the 2018-2019 school year?  
As an existing KCS family, you ONLY need to contact the Admissions Office IF:
  1. Your total number of children enrolled will change, either increasing or decreasing. Exception: not required for families with 2018 graduates.
  2. Your family will not be returning for the new school year; that is you are choosing to dis-enroll.
If previous years are any indication, this means that more than 90% of existing KCS families will not have to respond. If your family aligns with either of the above scenarios, please contact the Admissions Office as soon as possible:

Cyndy Loewen, Admissions Director
Phone:  250-861-3238 Ext. 311

Important Deadlines:
To avoid the collection of enrollment fees and withdrawal penalties, families are required to dis-enroll or "Opt-OUT" of Continuous Enrollment by:

February 28th - prior to collection of the annual Enrollment Fee.
June 15th - prior to the collection of 2018-2019 Tuition & Fees on July 1st.

Why is there an annual Enrollment Fee for Continuous Enrollment?
The Enrollment Fee holds your student's place for the next school year and assists KCS in effectively planning for required staffing and curriculum. Furthermore, while Continuous Enrollment is more convenient and saves time for families, the real cost of the "behind the scenes" re-enrollment process and administration required won't change significantly for our school principals, admissions and accounting office staff.

Looking for more information on Continuous Enrollment?

If you still have questions about 2018-2019 Continuous Enrollment, please contact Cyndy Loewen, Admissions Director, by email ( admissions@kcschool.ca) or phone (250-861-3238 ext. 311).
How will the Tuition Pricing Schedule change for 2018-2019?
After considering numerous internal and external factors influencing the school's budget, senior leadership and the Board Finance Committee have approved a small increase in annual tuition between $50 - $150 per student.

What impact will this change in tuition have on an average family? 
The average tuition increase per family is estimated to be $330 per year or $28 per month.  However, a portion of tuition paid by families is also considered a donation for which a charitable tax receipt is issued.  Therefore, for the majority of families, the estimated net after-tax tuition or "out-of-pocket" increase per month is only about $19, or 63 cents per day

Important Note: A charitable donation receipt for tax purposes will be issued on an annual basis for the portion of tuition paid that pertains to religious instruction.  The amount of this receipt varies from year to year and is calculated in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency requirements. In recent years, on average, KCS families have benefited by receiving a charitable tax receipt equivalent to 70% - 80% of total tuition paid.  This benefit may be used to reduce personal income taxes paid, and consequently, reduce the total cost of tuition.  Based on 2017 tax rates, the net after-tax cost of tuition is estimated to be 68% of rates posted above.

Please review the Tuition Payment Guidelines which describe how and when tuition will be collected and the penalties imposed when the guidelines are not followed.

What will my family's Total Annual Tuition Fees be for 2018-2019?
The Business Office will calculate and implement tuition fees according to the family and student information on file at the February 28th, 2018 Continuous Enrollment deadline.  As in the past, annual tuition is based on two factors: 1) the number of children enrolled by your family and 2) the grades of each child enrolled.

For your planning purposes, refer to the 2018-2019 Tuition Pricing Schedule above and simply add up the appropriate tuition amount for each student based upon their grade and child number starting with the oldest child first (i.e. by age in descending order).

For example: the total annual tuition for a two child family enrolled in grades 6 and 4 would be calculated: 1st Child, Grade 6 ($6,250) + 2nd Child, Grade 4 ($3,200) = $9,450 Total Annual Tuition.

Important Note: the Business Office will adjust the Total Annual Tuition fees due for any families who qualify for and are approved for Financial Aid or other Tuition Discount (Alumni, Employee, Pastoral, KCS Family Referral Program, or Tuition Scholarship).

When and how will the 2018-2019 Enrollment Fee & Tuition be paid?
The $100 Enrollment Fee will be collected March 16th, and payment of tuition for the 2018-19 school year will begin July 1st. There are two payment method options:
  1. Single Annual Payment either by post-dated cheque dated July 1st, 2018 or by Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard).
  2. 12-Month Pre-Authorized Payments where 1/12th of total annual fees will be withdrawn on the 1st day of each month starting July 1st, 2018. 
Unless directed otherwise, KCS will automatically collect BOTH the annual Enrollment Fee and Tuition by the same payment method currently used, as per your family's existing financial directions on file.

If you wish to switch payment methods for 2018-2019, or if your bank account / credit card number (or expiry date) has changed, please use either of the following payment authorization forms:
To ensure timely processing of any changes in payment methods, please return completed forms to the Benvoulin campus Accounting Office no later than February 28, 2018. Please note, given increased handling costs and bank charges, monthly pre-authorized payments cannot be paid by credit card. 
Kelowna Christian School offers financial aid to families experiencing temporary financial hardship or for whom paying full tuition is beyond their financial means.  Information, guidelines and application procedures can be found online by clicking HERE.

Kelowna Christian partners with an independent organization that assists Christian schools by providing objective and completely confidential financial needs assessment of parents who apply for financial aid.  Next school year we expect to distribute $200,000 or 6% of our projected tuition income in need-based financial aid. The deadline to apply for financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year is April 15th, 2018.

Special Note: Families currently receiving financial assistance must reapply each school year to qualify for continued financial aid. 
Did you know? Last year nine KCS families were awarded $6,275 in total tuition credits! You too can reduce your family's total annual tuition by referring a new family to join our KCS school community.

The KCS Family Referral Program awards a $500 tuition credit to any current Kelowna Christian School family whose referral of a new family leads to the enrollment of their children (K - 12) at KCS. Program guidelines and referral form are available below:
Deadline for Submitting Referrals: May 31, 2018
Watch your mail! This week we will be mailing out your Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes for donations (including tuition) made to KCS during the 2017 calendar year. The portion of tuition for which the school can receipt varies each year because it is based on the annual calculation of "exclusively religious content" in the preceding calendar year. 

In recent years, on average, Kelowna Christian School families have benefited by receiving a charitable tax receipt equivalent to 70% - 80% of total tuition paid.
As a registered charity, Kelowna Christian School can only issue official tax receipts for donations that legally qualify as gifts defined by the Income Tax Act, and in the name of the donor(s)/individual(s) from whom the gift/tuition was received/paid.

If you have any questions regarding your donation receipt please contact Connie Zwolfer, Accounting Officer by email (
connie.zwolfer@kcschool.ca ) or by phone (250-861-3238 ext. 306).
More important than ever, Kelowna Christian School depends upon complete and accurate family information to ensure effective communication and efficient school operations.  

Perhaps within the past school year you've relocated into a new home, changed your e-mail address or cell phone number, changed your bank account or your credit card has expired/renewed, or a significant health situation has changed the medical status of one of your children? If so, we need to hear from you.

Please contact the school office if any of the undernoted important pieces of information has changed recently for your family:

Contact Information for parents and/or guardians:
*    Home mailing address
*    E-mail addresses
*    Home, work and mobile telephone numbers

Bank Information:
*    Financial institution and/or bank accounts
*    Credit Card number or expiry date

Medical Information and/or Emergency Contacts:
*    Medical alerts
*    Emergency contacts
*    Family doctor
* Deadline to Dis-Enroll ("Opt-OUT") before collection of $100 Enrollment Fee
* Automated Collection of $100 Enrollment Fee

* Deadline to apply for Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)

MAY 31:
* Deadline to submit Family Referral forms to receive $500 Tuition Credit
* Confirmations delivered to FAST applicants

JUNE 15:
* Final Deadline to Dis-Enroll ("Opt-OUT") to avoid withdrawal penalties and collection of both July & August 2018-2019 Monthly Tuition.

* Annual Tuition due; monthly Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payments begin.
2870 Benvoulin Rd.  Kelowna, BC  V1W 2E3