2018 Calendar Contest:
Submit Your Photos!

We are officially kicking off our 2018 Calendar Contest! Each year, this is one of our favorite events. It is a great opportunity for us to see how happy all of our GLGRR Alumni are and for you to show off the Golden you love. There is nothing better than a Golden's smile, so be sure to spread the happiness by sharing your Golden's smile. We hope that you all participate so we can make this the best calendar yet! Thank you for participating!

Resilience: The Golden Spirit

This year we were given the opportunity to help the Golden Retrievers in Turkey. By having this opportunity, we were reminded that there truly are no other dogs quite as kindhearted, loving and trustworthy as Golden Retrievers. We have adopted out hundreds of Goldens over the years--each coming from very different backgrounds and some coming from neglect and abuse. No matter where they come from, these Goldens are always welcoming to a new life full of love and care. For most Goldens, no matter how poor their previous life may have been, their Golden Spirit cannot be broken. They are ready to accept and give love, which many of you know firsthand because you are now receiving that from your adopted Golden.

Photo Eligibility
To enter,  ONE  of the dogs in your photo must be a foster or adopted dog from Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue. Other animals and dogs of any breed may be included in your photo submission as long as at least one of the dogs is a GLGRR adoptee.

Photos with people will NOT be accepted. Our calendar committee reserves the right to disqualify or crop photos as they see fit.

Your photo will not be eligible until the $10 (per photo) entry donation has been received.

Photo Formats
All photos must be digital (no film). All photos must be landscape and minimum dimensions of (4" x 6").
  • No scanned images can be accepted
  • They must meet the minimum size requirements and
  • The image must be crisp and clear.
If you are questioning whether or not your photo meets the criteria, please contact us by replying to this message with a copy of your image attached.

You must be the sole owner of your submitted image. By submitting your image, you guarantee that you are the sole owner of your photo and allow Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue to reproduce your image in our calendar or other appropriate media without compensation. Please do not include a watermark or copyright notice on your image.

Number of Entries
You are welcome to submit as many photos as you would like. However, at the discretion of our committee, no more than one of your submissions will be used for a featured month. There is no guarantee that one or any of your photos will be selected to be featured; however, all photos that meet the rules will be included in the printed calendar. More submissions increase your chances of being featured, and supplemental photos could possibly be used elsewhere in the calendar.

Winners will be voted upon by the Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue community. Thirteen winners will be selected (including one that will be featured on the cover).

How to Enter
1. Submit your digital photo by email as an attachment to glgrr2003@gmail.com or by responding to this message.

2. In the email, include a brief description of what's taking place in your photo, the name of the featured animals (in order from left to right) and indicate which dog is from GLGRR. Also include the name of your GLGRR alumni and the dog's approximate age, when adopted from GLGRR (or fostered), and if he/she is a foster or adoptee. Be sure to send the photo from your most used email address, or include an email address you can easily be contacted by.

3. Send your required entry donation of $10 per photo by choosing one of the following methods:
  • PayPal: Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal donation feature. Donate here: http://www.glgrr.org/donate
  • Mail: GLGRR, P.O. Box 1455, Grand Rapids, MI 49501; Please make checks payable to GLGRR.
  • IMPORTANT: With whichever method you choose, please be sure to make a note that the donation is for your photo submissions. If you use PayPal, there is a comment section.
All photos must be submitted for judging no later than Saturday, September 30, 2017. Everyone who has submitted photographs for consideration will be acknowledged via email.

Watch for the announcement to come to your email the week of October 1. All members of the GLGRR community will be eligible to vote with voting closing on October 21.

Purchasing Your Calendar
Watch for the announcement to come to your email the week of October 30 for pre-ordering and ordering information.
Submit Your Photos Today!