December 2017 News
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Get Ready for a Successful 2018... Schedule your Technology Planning Huddle with Third Generation
With budget season fast approaching and 2018 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start evaluating your outdated office technologies, setting new strategic goals, and exploring new innovations that can help your business perform better.  

Schedule time for a Technology & Business Review with Third Generation that will enable you to... 

  • Ensure your broadband, wired and wireless network infrastructure is secure, available, and fast enough to support your rapidly-moving business.

  • Implement new Collaboration, Unified Communications, and Mobility apps that can boost your team’s efficiency and productivity.

  • Keep your technology closely aligned with your organization’s strategic goals. 

Don't let stale technology slow you down... Schedule your planning session today. Contact us at 412-489-1100 or email .
Connect your Smartphones with Third Generation’s Mobile App
The mobile workforce is huge, with industry analysts predicting over 105 million users by 2020. The new app from Third Generation - supporting iOS and Android - handles your team's increasing demand for mobility and brings several key benefits to your business...

Never Miss an Important Business Call - Clients and work associates can easily reach busy employees anytime through one phone number that will automatically ring their Third Generation Mobile App.

Protect Your Business - By having calls directed right to employee smartphones without revealing personal mobile phone numbers, your business retains control of incoming calls from clients when people turnover.

Leverage your existing investment - Extend all the benefits of your phone system to your employee mobile phones:

  • One-click to join conference calls

  • Extension dialing to co-workers

  • Corporate and personal phone directories at your fingertips 

  • View recent calls

  • Manage virtual attendant settings

  • Access to company international distance and dialing plans

  • Listen to and manage voicemail

Third Generation's Mobile App improves and streamlines communications, and seamlessly interconnects a distributed and fast-paced workforce. 

Put your business in the fast lane... Contact us for more details today at 412-489-1100 or email .
How Mitel’s MiTeam App transforms Team Meetings & Workspaces
Mitel’s innovative MiTeam app integrates with your MiCollab online collaboration tools to provide a dedicated workspace for team meetings, conversations, and content sharing.

Designed for a workforce on the go, the embedded app seamlessly extends your company’s mobile reach to remote team members. And it connects teams of any size, even with real-time voice and video.  

Everything relevant to your team is seamlessly synchronized into “Streams.” Each team’s workspace is archived continuously so everyone can access the history of messages, content, annotations, and tasks for future reference. 

One of our favorite MiTeam advantages is that you can enable new team members to come up to speed quickly. They can see interactions with full context, gain access to shared documents, view recordings of meetings and track project tasks. 

With MiTeam for MiCollab, you can expect to increase business productivity by as much as 40%. To get started, contact us today at 412-489-1100 or email .
When was the last time you looked at your Broadband or Phone Bills?
In today’s competitive landscape, optimized network communications services are a competitive advantage. Third Generation helps you select, source and implement what you need at the best prices... 

  • Broadband Internet Access

  • SIP Trunking

  • Bundled Services

  • Local & Long Distance, PRI, POTS

Better Solutions and Support 

Third Generation thoroughly reviews your services, invoices, agreements and providers. To help you avoid service problems, we work with the most dependable carriers and providers.  

  • Save Time – Contacting various providers can be overwhelming. As your Single Point of Contact, we do all the work for you.

  • We are Carrier Neutral – We recommend the best partners and services for your unique requirements.

  • Reduce Costs – We uncover the latest pricing and deals for your new or existing services.

Schedule a complementary Broadband and Carrier Services consultation. Contact us today at 412-489-1100 or email
5 Reasons Video Conferencing is Better than In-Person Conferencing
With so many technological advances in video conferencing, why bother with in-person conferencing anymore? The business case to exploit the latest video solutions is a slam dunk...

1. Cost Savings

There are obvious costs associated with employee travel. With video conferencing, a meeting can be started with the tap of a button and with little to no cost whatsoever.

2. Conferencing from Anywhere

Video conferencing allows you to schedule meeting times that work for all participants, regardless of their location, allowing everyone to perform at the top of their game.

3. Ease of File Sharing

When all participants are gathered in a conference room, sharing files can quickly become chaotic. With a browser-based login that includes both screen sharing and file sharing, anyone can bring up a file for all to see.

4. Record & Rewind 

Taking notes is an important part of any conference, but this task is made much easier and less stressful by recording and saving the conference as both a video and audio file. Those needing a refresh can simply rewind and review the key points.

5. Improved Client Relations

With video conferencing, organizations can meet with clients as often as needed. They don't require much setup time - and they show the company values a professional relationship and takes customer concerns seriously.

Put video conferencing to work in your business. Contact us today at 412-489-1100 or email .
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