June 9, Frederick, MD
Did You Know? A Gathering of Parrot Care Information

June 16, Alexander NC: 
Nourish to Flourish

June 24th, Fairfax, VA:
Things I Wish I'd Known
Phoenix Landing welcomes Nicole Quagliata to The Landing as one of our caretakers. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2003 and had the privilege of working for Dr. Lauren Powers, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice) in Charlotte, NC. The training she gained from Dr. Powers, for which she is extremely grateful, has enabled Nicole to bring much knowledge and experience with her. We are so glad she is here! However, we had to say farewell to Michaeline Walsh, who lived at the Landing for over five years but needed to move closer to family. Michaeline made an enormous difference in the quality-of-life for countless birds. Her heart and spirit will be greatly missed but forever etched on our Phoenix Landing efforts. We can never thank you enough, Michaeline, and hope you will visit very often!
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Andy is a 25 year old lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, and is quite the character. His nickname is "Mighty Andy" because he wants you to notice how magnificent he is! Andy can be crazy fun during playtime. He bobs to music and gives a great "whoo whoo whaa" while spreading his wings on the last cry. He loves to go on journeys around the house, particularly if it means a room with a mirror. He likes to be with people and sits well-mannered on his perch. Andy is adventurous and enjoys going safely outside with his harness. Unfortunately, we recently lost the kind-hearted person who adopted Andy (as well as Jake Patrick and Rockie below), so these three are now looking for their next good Phoenix Landing homes.
Jake Patrick , a 14 year old male lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, is also quite the entertainer. He knows how to wave, while saying “hi Jake” and will bob up and down when you say peek-a-boo. He has an extensive vocabulary like "I love you", "night-night", and "come here" as he taps on the bars of his cage. He also tries to sing Happy Birthday should you decide to sing it to him. He learns new words and phrases fairly quickly and if you have the right sounding laugh, will laugh along with you. His favorite snack is baked bird cookies and he’ll say “thank you” when you say “cookie” but will be  very  disappointed if you say it and no cookie was included. He eats Harrison’s pellets, likes vegetables (sugar snap peas are his favorite,) some nuts, and appreciates a warm cup of Chamomile tea. Jake has a slight scissor beak which needs regular maintenance.
Rockie , a female blue & gold macaw, is an easy parrot to care for and be around. She is about 29 years old. She likes to sit on her play stand and be with the family, and really enjoys it when her person(s) take her for walks throughout the house. She loves looking out windows or at herself in mirrors. She likes you to read to her or watch TV with you. Rockie knows and says her name. She seems to enjoy plastic toys over wooden toys, but also likes destroying phone books, shredders woven through the bars of her cage, hanging woven mats, and pinatas. Rockie has always been a feather clipper and will get carried away with feather destruction if she's not gainfully occupied. Being with an active family without over-touching would be a great option for her.
Jasper , a 10 year old Congo African grey is very charming and a fast learner. He talks and sings, and learns new words regularly. Unfortunately his relinquisher developed lung problems. We highly recommend a quality air filter system when living with birds, especially high dander ones like greys, cockatoos and cockatiels. It's good for their health also! Jasper enjoys long baths on his shower perch, which definitely helps maintain good feather health and lower dander.
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