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June-July 2018

One of the keys to living the life God created you for is being ready, willing and open to sharing stories from your life of faith. How did Jesus save you? What makes your faith grow? What struggle did Jesus help you face? A story about any of those questions between friends would lead to a deeper closer relationship and give your life even greater meaning and purpose.

Has our Recharge sermon series brought you to the point where you are ready to share your story? The first step is for you to write down some of your thoughts.  Did you get the Share Your Story guide to writing your story? We handed them out recently. More copies are available in worship this Sunday. Take one and get started.

I look forward to returning next weekend after the Youth Mission Trip. Join Frances Stanley our Student Minister for worship on May 27th. Her message comes from Matthew 25:14-30, "Earn This."

En Agape',
Rev. Michael

Reaching Up
June Serving Schedul e
Next Elders Meeting: June 11; 7:00 p.m.
Elder of the Month: Harold Manahan
Communion Prep: Barbara and Keith Davis

Date Genesis Elder/Greeter Elders Diaconate Acolytes
3 Mark Highfield Judy Pierce Barbara Davis * Cassidy Penley
  Ed Baugher (G) Ted Jones Keith Davis Lauren Markley
      Pat Penley  
      Logan Markley (J)  
10 Harold Manahan Madelyn Logan Carlton Shelton * Hailey Pierce
  Dalton Pierce (G) Nancy Farrell Chad Baugher Emmett Pierce
      Jean Smith  
      Jared Pierce  
17 Carolyn Putnam Ted Jones Heather Ostrander * Tristan Goodman
  Brooken Loving (G) Reggie Martin Jim Ostrander Daniel Peterman
      Elana Gant  
      Olivia Gant (J)  
24 ONE Worship 10 am
Avery Pierce
  VBS Sunday     Adam Pike

**The Vacation Bible School kids and teens will serve on June 24th
(G) = Greeter   (J) = Jr. Diaconate

2018 Summer Schedule Starts in July

We are blessed at Slash Church with more people every Sunday in worship than we can fit into our sanctuary comfortably at one service. We are also blessed with many wonderful worship leaders and musicians who allow us to offer a variety of music and worship experiences on Sunday morning at our 8:45 am Genesis Worship and 11 o'clock services.

The summer is a busy time for families in our community of faith. We have many youth and several adults who will be gone this summer for church camp at Craig Springs (see the article below). Some of them for more than one week. Family vacations are scheduled and there are some among us who are gone to the river, lake or beach in the Summer. Therefore on Sundays in July and August we can all come together at one 10 am worship service.

Summer Sunday school attendance is unpredictable so we plan to give our Christian Education volunteers a much needed break so that they can come back fresh in the Fall.  The Fellowship Adult Sunday School Class will meet this summer at 9 am in the Loving Building and they invite all members of the church to join them. 

July and August 2018 Schedule
9:00 am Fellowship Class 
10:00 am ONE Worship (with Children Worship & Wonder during the service for kids 4 years old through 4th graders) 

Regular Sunday Schedule resumes September 2, 2018
8:45 am Genesis Worship
9:30 am Fellowship Cafe' 
9:45 am Church School
11:00 am Worship

Board Meeting

Splinters from the Board
Reggie Martin, Moderator

Next Board Meeting: July 15, 11 a.m.
Next Cabinet Meeting: August 19, 4 p.m.

Regional Assembly 2018
173rd Regional Assembly of the
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in VA
Lynchburg College
May 31-June 3, 2018

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.     John 13.34-35

The board approved the Slash delegates to the Regional Assembly at our May meeting. They will be  Madelyn Logan and Frances Stanley.  Rev. Michael Weeks  will also be voting as our minister. The delegates will welcome a new congregation in Petersburg, hear reports from regional and general church ministries, elect officers, approve the new design, get a report from search and call, hear from our Transitional Regional Minister, and the General Minister and President. They will also worship and attend workshops. Please pray for them and the Christian Church in Virginia.

Honoring Our Graduates

Graduate 2018

Congratulations Olivia Gant graduating from Hanover High School!
Congratulations Meredith Farrell graduating from Atlee High School!

Connexion June 2018

This Sunday, May 27th, will be the final Sunday to sign up for groups. Hosts will be contacted early in the week so that they can communicate time and location as well as other details to the participants.

Bible Study 2018
Weekly Bible Study at Slash
Coming this Fall!

Plans are on track for a Bible Study to start in September. We are considering using the Disciple Fast Track. This is an adaptation of the original, bestselling Disciple Bible Study, and provides a viable option for busy people seeking comprehensive engagement over time with the entire biblical text. The Fast Track will meet for a total of 24 weeks, devoting 12 weeks each to the Old Testament and the New Testament. The plan is to start in September and finish the Old Testament Study before Thanksgiving and then start the New Testament study in January. If you are interested please see Frances Stanley or Rev. Michael Weeks.



Dear friends,
Your generous donation to the Church World Service Blankets program tells people in crisis, "You're not alone. Someone cares." We are deeply grateful for your support. Because of your compassion,
  • Families who have lost their homes to tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other disasters are getting help with blankets.emergency food and shelter - and with rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. 
  • People struggling against crushing poverty and harsh climates are learning sustainable farming practices that will help them keep food on the table - and take it to market.
  • Vulnerable children have access to clean, safe water and the nutritional food essential to growth, development and life itself.

On behalf of all the people who feel more hopeful and less alone because of our generosity, we thank you. Please accept this Blankets certificate honoring your vital partnership with CWS in building a world where there is enough for all.



Rev. John L. McCullough

President and CEO, Church World Service



meals on wheels

A driver is needed for the 2nd Tuesday in June. Please check your availability and sign up on the Disciples Women bulletin board.

Mark your calendars Saturday, October 13, 2018   
Disciples Women sponsoring:
          *Bake Sale
          *Vintage Items
          *Food - donuts/coffee, hot lunch
          *Other vendors
Anyone who has a craft/hobby and would share with Disciples Women any items to sell or if you would like to rent a space @ $25.00 to sell your own craft/hobby items contact one of the Disciples Women.

Outreach Opportunities

Pentecost Special Offering 
Thank you for our generous gifts to the Pentecost special offering as of May 25th totaling $499.00 to help build new churches and start new congregations.   

ACES Food Drive - Our next food drive will be at the beginning of June. 
As schools let
out for the summer, food and other hygiene items are in greater demand. Therefore, our next food drive will be June 3 to pick up your grocery bags and return on June 10th. 
Let's see if we can top our food drive from last year and exceed our 500 item goal.
Volunteers at Ashland Christian Emergency Services work hard to try to provide food and clothing to local persons and families who have so little and need a lift - a helping hand. The Outreach Team hopes that you will continue to help us to feed the hungry!

Remembering our Loved Ones and Friends Impacted By Cancer
This year, Slash is not planning a Relay for Life Team. This in no way means that we do not desire to remember those we have lost to cancer or to honor those fightin g cancer today. A most dreaded disease - cancer brings so much sorrow, pain and suffering to our family and friends. Not only does it impact those suffering from cancer, but a toll is taken on family and friends as they try to deal with a disease that seems to find no boundaries. This fall  our desire is to collect a special donation for our fight against cancer in the name of our family and friends impacted by cancer. We will have a special event that day to express our support for our friends and loved ones. 

You will have the opportunity to make a donation (checks made payable to American Cancer Society) that will be collected on behalf of our Slash Christian Church Team for our loved ones and close friends! We will have a special celebration then and hope that you will join us. PLEASE plan to give so that we might be able to take a stand in our fight to end cancer.
Many years ago, everyone thought there was no cure for polio, for smallpox, or for measles. With the advancement of new medicines, vaccines, and treatments, cancer hopefully will be added to that list of rare diseases. With our help, we come one step closer every day!

Important Slash Youth News 

Youth Group at Slash includes 6th-12th graders. We will welcome our incoming Middle Schoolers to events this summer as they become a part of our group. Everyone is always welcome to bring friends. 
  • June 16, Meredith and Olivia High School Graduation
  • Summer End of School Fun Day will be scheduled this summer. We plan to go to the beach for a day trip together. We will also offer day long mission opportunities this summer. 
Craig Springs

Summer Campers and Staff from Slash this Summer
We will commission and bless our campers and volunteers from Slash who will be attending, counseling and directing at a Camp Sunday Celebration. 

Nature Camp - Amy Jones
Triple 1 - Ann Bremner, Cynthia Bremner, Angie Dalton, Kendall Dalton, Kerby Dalton, Meredith Farrell, Ruthie Weeks
AMPDD Camp - Elana Highfield, Erin Payne,  Ava Verrie-Nass
Triple 2 - Lois Haines 
New Covenant Camp - Tristan Goodman, Elana Highfield, Owen Highfield, John Weeks, Ruthie Weeks, Janet Williams
Family Camp - Don Richardson

Campers love to receive mail. Postal service in Craig County is slow. Mail your letters early!  Even "overnight" packages mailed in-state can take more than three days to arrive. Please allow plenty of time for mail to travel to camp. Campers Name (session of camp), Craig Springs Camp, 30 Craig Springs Circle, New Castle, VA 24127

Youth Mission Trip 
This weekend our youth will be at  Craig  Springs Work Weekend.  Please pray for a blessed and fruitful mission experience for our group. They are Olivia Gant, Ruthie Weeks, Kendall Dalton, Wendy Benson, Elana Highfield, Chris Benson, Daniel Peterman, John Weeks, Leslie West, and Michael Weeks. We are excited to travel together and work on cleaning and camp upgrades. We want to say thank you to the church for supporting us and to Nash & Sons for providing our transportation (van and trailer).

Craig Springs Camp Supplies 

craig springs gazebo

It will be time to pack and head up to Craig Springs for camp before we know it! Adults who are volunteering for various camps this summer are already hard at work planning and preparing. This year's camp theme is "Beyond Belief," and it's sure to be a memorable time for all campers. 

If you'd like to make a donation towards supplies needed for camp this summer, please see Janet Williams. She is co-directing New Covenant Camp this year and will gladly accept Wal-Mart gift cards or gift cards to any craft supply store. Thank you in advance and thank you for keeping Craig Springs and all who volunteer and enjoy camp there in your prayers.

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JUNE 18 - 22
9 am - 12 pm
Venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive and thrive. 
Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life's storms.

9 am Church School
10 AM ONE Worship

Join us for a church picnic at the pavilion following our VBS service on June 24th.  After our ONE Worship we will enjoy a fried chicken lunch with popsicles for dessert! Please bring 2 large dishes to share as we anticipate a large attendance.

Flower Ministry

The 2018 flower chart is posted by the office . If you would like to purchas e flowers  in me mory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (798-4520) to order sanctuary flowers.   The sanctuary flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid. July15 is  the next available date.  

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Current Needs: 
Women's underwear and bras (all sizes),  Women's sleepwear (plus sizes)
Women's and Men's athletic socks and shoes
Big Boy's and Girl's summer clothes (sizes 12 - 18)
Little Boy's and Girl's underwear (sizes 2 -3)
Canned meat,  Canned/Jar pasta sauce,  Jelly
Men's and Women's deodorant
Please be advised: ACES will be closed on Memorial Day

The ACES Senior Rides Program, a program that provides transportation to necessary services such as grocery shopping, bank visits, doctor visits, etc. to seniors (60 years old and older) who are unable to drive themselves, is available to any senior in the congregation. We still need more drivers. The Senior Rides phone number is 543-6115. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Prayer Requests

Church Family
Becky Baugher, Jean Smith, Frank Burkett, Dianne Jones, Carolyn Nash

Buck and Frances Hale, H.T. Loving, MaryLee Jones, Norma Jennings, Beverly Vaughan
Alvin Loving, (Hanover Manor)

For Healing
Victims and families of school shooting in TX, Safety in our schools,
Brenna Canning (granddaughter of Frank Burkett), Jerry Kersey (brother of Don Kersey), Sandra Colley (friend of Ginnie Caudell), Ellen Canode (former Nature Camp director), Glyn and Rita Magnum (brother of Judy Pierce), Callee Young (daughter of Catherine Young), Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey), Gary Colbert (brother-in-law of Don Richardson), Cindy Hill (boss of Shanna Penley),  Lynwood Guyton (friend of Nancy Farrell), Christine Van Cleave (grandmother of Rebecca Highfield), Merilyn Bremner (sister-in-law of David and Ann Bremner), Lizzy Wallace (daughter of co-worker of Shanna Penley), Jessica Thompson and Victoria & Joseph Wix (niece of Jessica Colbert and niece's siblings), All those struggling with substance abuse and domestic violence,   Bob Henderson (husband of Barbara Henderson), Darlene Webb (friend of Gail Hellermann),    Iris Epps (friend of Gail Hellermann),  Pam and Craig Brown (friends of Gail Hellermann)  
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

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Office Hours: Monday through Friday; 9 a.m to 2 p.m.