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Michael's Memo

Your Gifts to Week of Compassion 
do more that you can ever imagine!

"God is able to "accomplish abundantly more than we can ask or imagine" Ephesians 3:21

Through thick and thin, when dreams abound and when our imaginations run dry, we can do wonderful things when we give. These words come from the Week of Compassion planning guide for the offering we will receive this Sunday at Slash. We will be focused on this wonderful ministry this Sunday in worship. 

Your Week of Compassion gifts work "around the world, around the year" to bring more of God's love and goodwill than we can ask or imagine. 

You shared your compassion with families in South Texas and Puerto Rico who were impacted by hurricanes. 

You offered food and shelter to families as far away as Sierra Leone and Bangladesh who experienced the most severe floods of the century. 

You extended God's care to refugees from Syria and Somalia. 

You imagined an unimaginable world -- God's world -- for empowered women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia.

Your 2018 Week of Compassion gifts 
Imagine a small fragile seedling purchased with your offering. That seedling given to someone in need:
  • might become a revolutionary food system that prevents famine. 
  • It might lead to access to medicine and the eradication of disease. 
  • That seedling might nourish a child who will become a visionary leader bringing peace in the world. 
  • In God's hands this seedling may lead to richer relationships as time is devoted to community instead of toil; 
  • it may lead to innovations in learning and education; 
  • it may lead to the building of God's Kingdom of shalom. 
This isn't far-fetched. This is not science fiction. This is our God at work with our Week of Compassion offerings.  Give and Give Generously this Sunday!

En Agape',

Rev. Michael


8:45 a.m.
11 a.m. Processional
7 p.m.
10 a.m.  
6:30 a.m. @
Lebanon UMC
8:45 a.m.  
 9:45 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
Bring fresh
cut flowers

Thank you to the Clay Springs Ruritan Club for sponsoring the Egg Hunt and breakfast on Easter Sunday!

Reaching Up
March Serving Schedul e
Next Elders Meeting:  March   6 ; 7:00 p.m.
Elder of the Month:  Ted Jones
Communion Prep: Deborah Sadler 

**3/25 Sunday servers: please be available to serve on  Maundy Thursday

Date Genesis Elder/Greeter Elders Diaconate Acolytes
4 Carolyn Putnam Harold Manahan Jim Ostrander * Avery Pierce
  Ed Baugher (G) Nancy Farrell Heather Ostrander Carrie Peterman
      Sherri Beth Smith  
      Ruthie Weeks (J)  
11 David Bremner Patsy Fowler Barbara Davis * Tristan Goodman
  Cathy Tillman (G) Mark Highfield Keith Davis Elena Highfield
      Norma Miller  
      Olivia Gant (J)  
18 Judy Pierce Reggie Martin Julie Moore * Ava Verrier-Naas 
  Lloyd West (G) Madelyn Logan Don Moore Lauren Markley
    Chris Benson (J)  
      Wendy Benson (J)  
25 Harold Manahan Nancy Farrell Jean Smith * Daniel Peterman
  Ed Baugher (G) Ted Jones Angie Dalton John Weeks
    Kendall Dalton (J)  
      Meredith Farrell (J)  
**Maundy Thursday

(G) = Greeter   (J) = Jr. Diaconate

Board Meeting

Splinters from the Board
Reggie Martin, Moderator
Next Board Meeting: March 18, 7 p.m.
Next Cabinet Meeting: April 15, 4 p.m

Come old and young alike for indoor/outdoor spring cleaning on Saturday, March 17 from 8:00 until noon. Bring ladders for gutter cleaning, rakes and blowers for lawn touch up, clippers for ivy trimming, and window cleaning supplies. Something for everyone. If you cannot make this day, schedule some time during the week during normal office hours or contact Reggie Martin to get a key.

Becoming a Green Chalice Congregation
Slash Church Cares for God's Creation
Green Chalice

If you are concerned about the use of the earth's resources and would like to explore opportunities for our community of faith to Act together as a witness to the Hanover Community we are looking for you.  A small group of Slash members is forming to talk about ways our congregation can reduce our footprint on the earth.  Join us by emailing through the link below. 

Frances Stanley
Slash Becomes a Teaching Congregation
in Partnership with Lexington Theological Seminary

We are excited to report that we have officially welcomed our new student minister, Frances Stanley to Slash.  February 18 we covenanted with Lexington Theological Seminary and Frances as she prepares for congregational ministry by pursuing theological education. The commitment to receive a seminarian and to serve as a place for a seminarian's practice of ministry is one way we can affirm her call from God to prepare for leadership in Christ's church. Be sure and welcome her again next time you see her.  She will be the 11:00 am worship leader in March.


Plan to attend a Regional Listening Conference

In the fall of 2016, the regional search and call committee was formed and our own Rev. Michael Weeks was asked to take part in helping find the next regional minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia. The search committee needs your input now. Please follow the links below and prepare for these meetings.

Please join the Regional By-Law Revision Team and The Regional Minister Search Team to discuss the next steps for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia.  The agenda includes review of the proposed structural changes and By-Law revisions for the Region. Following that the Regional Search Team will present 
for discussion the Regional Profile used to recruit the next Regional Minister. 
Read the profile and summary of the survey in preparation for the conferences.  
  • March 10th at Lynchburg College 
  • March 17th at Bon Air Christian Church in Richmond
Please register and indicate whether you plan to stay for lunch following the gathering or will just come for the conversation.  Register Here.

Read more news from
The Virginia Christian

The newsletter of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia.  Follow the link below to read the news from the Regional Office.

Connexion upcoming June 2018



Disciples Women will be supporting the CWS Blanket Fund during the month of March. WHY! Because our neighbors near and far deserve warmth and comfort. Something that most of us take for granted.  "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.
(Matthew 6:21.) God has blessed us with so much and we have much to share.

During the year 2017 CWS distributed 4,320 blankets to 19 states in the US. These went to victims of disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and to those living in poverty or homeless. A blanket can be used in so many ways. A bed or pillow, a tote or tent, a coat to wrap up in on cold days or to hang over a window to keep out the cold air.
blanket fund

Nora McNiff is seven years old and has been helping to support the Blanket Fund at her church since she was three. You will see and hear more about Nora during the month of March. 
For $10.00 you can give a blanket that can provide warmth and shelter, comfort and privacy, and healing and hope wherever God's people may need care.
Donations can be made with either cash or check. Please make your check out to Slash Christian Church and on the Memo line write Blanket Fund.
Outreach Opportunities

Week of Compassion Offering will be received again on February 25
Thank you for your generous gifts to date totaling $495.86!

ACES Food Drives
The Outreach Team is having our first of three big ACES Food Drives during the Week of Compassion Offering. Grocery bags were handed out on February 18th to be returned on February 25th filled with items in need. ACES (Ashland Christian Emergency Services) has been supporting Ashland and the local community for many years. Volunteers work hard to try to provide food and clothing to local persons and families who have so little and need a lift - a helping hand. The Outreach Team hopes that you will continue to help us to feed the hungry!

Easter Special Offering
Wacky Olympics
Wacky Winter Olympics

The Latest Youth News from Slash

Our youth maintain an active schedule of mission, Bible study, and fun. Just a reminder that Youth Group at Slash includes 6th-12th graders. Everyone is always welcome to bring  friends. We have several activities coming up that we want to make sure everyone has on their calendars. 
  • March 4, Youth Sunday Planning over a meal out. 5-6:30
  • March 18, Youth Group at church, 5-6:30
  • April 15, Youth Group, 5-6:30
  • April 29, Youth Group, 5-6:30
  • May 6, Youth Sunday 
  • May 25-27, Mission Trip to Craig Springs 
  • June 16, Meredith and Olivia High School Graduation
  • Summer Fun Day will be scheduled soon. We plan to go to the beach for a day trip together.
Summer 2018 Craig Springs Schedule
Remember Slash provides half price camperships to many of these camps as well as paying 100% of the fees for our 9th-12th grade youth who volunteer as counselors at Nature Camp. Camp forms were handed out at church and will be due to the church office by April 29th. Remember if you register online you will pay full price.  If you want the half price campership print out the form and turn it in at Slash with a check for one half of the cost.  

Craig Springs

Nature Camp - June 25-29
Special Camp - July 1-6
Triple 1 - July 8-13
AMPDD Camp - July 16-21
Triple 2 - July 22-27
New Covenant Camp - July 29- August 3
Family Camp - August 3-6
Fall Work Weekend - October 5-7

Youth Mission Trip to Craig Springs 
Our youth have decided to participate in the  Craig  Springs Work Weekend - May 25-27 for our mission trip this year. The youth are excited to travel to and from camp together and work on cleaning and camp upgrades. There is no cost for this event. A list of tools and things to bring will be available soon.  Registration forms are available at church now or you can print your ownForms will be due in the Church office on April 29th.


Flower Ministry

Easter Flowers
Once again we will decorate the sanctuary for Easter. Flower order forms will be available on March 4 and 11. Orders will due to the office by March 14th.
Please remember to bring fresh cut flowers from your garden to decorate the Easter Cross on Easter Sunday!

The 2018 flower chart is posted by the office . If you would like to purchas e flowers  in me mory of or in honor of a loved one please sign up on the flower chart, fill in an order form and return it to the office. You may email or call the office (798-4520) to order sanctuary flowers.   The sanctuary flower price is $27.00 with checks made payable to Slash Christian Church. Orders do not have to be prepaid.  

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Current Needs:
Adult Clothing:  Men's small jeans (sizes 28 - 32) and extra large jeans (sizes 48 and larger)
Men's boots (all sizes), Men's underwear (boxers, briefs, and undershirts - plus sizes)
Women's underwear (panties and bras - plus sizes)
Men's and Women's thermal underwear (long johns - all sizes)

Children's Clothing:
Boy's winter pants and shirts (sizes 8 and larger)
Girl's winter pants and shirts (sizes 6 and larger)
Boy's and Girl's winter coats

Canned meat (chicken, beef, ham, tuna, salmon, spam, etc.)
Canned stew (beef stew, Brunswick stew, etc.),  Pasta/Spaghetti sauce
Canned fruit (apple sauce, peaches, pears, oranges, etc.)

Can openers (manual, not electric)

  Thank you for your continued support!

ACES Senior Rides Program
In September 2014, ACES joined with MCEF (Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Functions) to provide transportation to seniors (60+) who are no longer able to drive and who want to stay in their homes. Rides are given for medical appointments, trips to the grocery store and for other personal business. Those using the service must be ambulatory or walk with the aid of a cane or a walker. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate wheelchair bound seniors.
At this time, we have 9 drivers in the central Hanover County area that handle rides for Hanover County residents in the zip codes of 23005, 23047, 23059 and 23069. (MCEF handles the Mechanicsville area and it is hoped that western Hanover will join soon.)
Each of our drivers is required to provide their DMV record, submit to a background check and complete the AARP Safety Driver's program. They are reimbursed for any costs incurred during this process. Once on-board with us, they are provided with additional liability insurance through the Department of Risk Management when there is a rider with them. Furthermore, they are paid 25 cents per mile.
If you, or if you know someone who, would benefit from this service, please contact the ACES Senior Rides Program at 804-543-6115 or via email:

Prayer Requests

Church Family
Frank Burkett, Dianne Jones, Carolyn Nash

Buck and Frances Hale, H.T. Loving, MaryLee Jones, Norma Jennings, Beverly Vaughan
Alvin Loving, (Hanover Manor)

For Healing
Jack and Trudy Hellermann (parents of Ed Hellermann), Linda Underdown (sister of Ed Hellermann), Airika Kolenda (great niece of Becky Baugher), Helen Robertson (mother of Torrie Goodman), Jerod Joyner (son of coworker of Julie Moore), Andrew Brown (nephew of friend of April Pierce), Robert Porter (friend of Torrie Goodman), Jerry Kersey (brother of Don Kersey), Brad Moore (friend of Don Moore), Diane Smith (sister of Nancy Murdock), Jessica Thompson and Victoria & Joseph Wix (niece of Jessica Colbert and niece's siblings), All those struggling with substance abuse and domestic violence, Tim Thomason (Judy Pierce's niece's husband), Patty O'Riley (friend of Carolyn Putnam), Maryanne Reid (friend of Meredith Baugher), Kaitlyn Stahr (neighbor of Carlton Shelton), Keith Bates (brother-in-law of Becky Baugher), Sandra Colley (friend of Ginnie Caudell),  G loria Mangum (sister-in-law of Judy Pierce),  Bob Henderson (husband of Barbara Henderson), Darlene Webb (friend of Gail Hellermann),  Luella Markley (grandmother of Logan and Lauren),  Iris Epps (friend of Gail Hellermann),  Pam and Craig Brown (friends of Gail Hellermann),   
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

Love and sympathy are extended to...
Rev. Don Richardson and family upon the death of his wife, Johanna Richardson
Linda Coughlan and family upon the death of her son, Kip Coughlan

Good news from Ron and Sarah Jo Bryce
On February 19th at 12:12 a.m. their daughter-in-law Erin gave birth to Liam's little brother, Joshua. He is Bill and Erin's second child and their second grandchild. Joshua was 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 3/4 inches. The grandparents are having a great time celebrating with the family.

A note of thanks:
Dear Friends,  
Words are inadequate to express the feelings of gratitude we have felt for your prayers, calls, offers to help, visits at the hospital and at home.  As well, we are grateful for the food you prepared and brought to our home to sustain us. Your prayers for the healing of Jo and prayers for the whole family have strengthened us and have not gone unnoticed.  God has blessed us through you our Slash church family.
Thank you, Don, Brent and Corey Richardson

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Office Hours: Monday through Friday; 9 a.m to 2 p.m.