Let's face it: 2017 was a bit of a bummer for financial advisors. The new fiduciary rule proposal sowed confusion and concern about what was and was not kosher for the industry. Many advisors hit the pause button amid the confusion.

I am expecting 2018 to be more upbeat. The fiduciary rule is back on the drawing board but the industry feels more at ease with the likely outcome. This means more advisors are likely to make strategic moves in the coming year. Read more about my views on this in my recent On Wall Street opinion piece. 

Thinking about making a change in your practice? Be very careful if you choose to partner with another advisor. You may need a pre-nup.

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Mark Elzweig
Advisor deals: It's complicated

Competition remains keen for advisors among regional firms and independents.The market remains firm in 2017 and is likely to continue that way into 2018. We are maintaining our outlook of three out of five suns. Warm but not hot. The wirehouse world remains complicated: Three of the four major firms are aiming almost exclusively for advisors with $1.5 million or more in gross production. The fourth sees an opportunity and has turbo charged its deals at all levels. Contact me for details on deals.

The Elzweig Deal Countdown Timer
Ever wondered how many years, months, days, hours and seconds are left on your deal? You don't need to wonder anymore. Introducing, the Elzweig Deal Countdown Timer. Just put in your start date and end date, and the timer will tell you precisely how much time is left on your contract.

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Thinking of Selling Your Practice?
     Thinking of selling your practice? 
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Fall hits New Zealand
We can help you put together a customized succession planning program that meets your needs. Read more  here .

It's hard saying good-by to summer but the beautiful colors of fall make up for some of the loss we feel. 
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