Tapia 2018 Resume Database  

The Tapia Conference provides a Resume Database for individuals who are looking for internships, industry/government jobs, graduate programs, faculty positions or post doc positions. The 2018 Resume Database is now open for resume submissions.   Platinum sponsors will begin accessing the Resume Database on June 4th.

If you are an employer interested in recruiting at the Tapia conference, we invite you to become a Tapia sponsor today!

10 Resume Writing Tips!

Check out CMD-IT's 10 Tips for Resume Writing before you submit your resume to the Tapia Resume Database.

1.   Make sure your contact information is correct and                                  professional. Use an email address and phone number that you                check regularly. 
2.   Identify the type of role you are seeking on your resume. Want               an internship? Be sure to put that at the top of your resume. 
3.   Incorporate key words into your resume. Read job descriptions              and organizational websites to identify the key words to use.
4.   List the classes and certificates completed that are relevant to the           positions you are seeking.
5.   Highlight key skills.
6.   Include jobs, volunteer positions and student organization                      roles highlighting what you accomplished in those roles. 
7.   Use simple fonts and black text in your resume.  Many organizations         scan resumes into a database. 
8.   Include academic honors, GPA, scholarships and awards you                  have received.
9.   Leverage your network! Have a friend review your resume for                spelling and completeness.
10. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

By Jerri Barrett, Director of Social Media, CMD-IT