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2018 OCWTP Trainer Conference
April 9, 2018

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
(Registration, Networking, and Continental Breakfast - 8 AM-9 AM)

Please do not miss out on the opportunity to network with your fellow trainers and coaches!
Keynote Speaker
9:15 - 10:00
Christina Carter, MS
Keynote Presentation:

Be an Agent of Change:
Boost Your Training’s Impact into the Performance Environment 

T he OCWTP has been a lead innovator in child welfare training for over 30 years. But today’s trainers face greater challenges than ever before getting training to stick long enough to be applied in the real world. And the stakes remain as critical as ever if we don’t. The good news is we have better research and tools today than ever before to help us bridge that divide. But first we must be realistic about the challenge and be committed to doing our part to address it.    

E-Track # 660-35-TC18-CNF
Conference Session Information
Morning Workshops - 10:00-11:00
CAPMIS TOT GAP Session – Janie Rhoads, LSW

The CAPMIS TOT GAP session serves to compliment the transfer of learning for trainers to support CAPMIS learning into their individual workshops following the completion of the CAPMIS TOT. The session will serve as a spaced learning and specialty application to trainers in supporting CAPMIS in their respective training areas. Trainers will be guided through a two-step process of review and clarification on common mistaken areas, then offered connection to popular areas of training subject matter.

E-Track # 660-32-TC18-CNF

Microlearning: Myths, Magic, and Methods – Cara North, MA

If you were to research the term “microlearning”, you will see different definitions and applications. This session will provide a high level overview of microlearning including busting myths, demonstrating some microlearning magic, and an overview of microlearning methods.

E-Track # 660-34 -TC18-CNF

Training Room Technology: Overcoming Bugs & Bytes – Brian Wear MSHCS

Training room technology can be intimidating and interfere with successful implementation of competency based training. This short course will arm the trainer with five new skills to enable them to confidently and competently manage the training rooms of the OCWTP and beyond!

E-Track # 660-33-TC18-CNF

Workshop Outlines: Making Them Work for You – Julie Hayden LISW-S; Brian Bethel M.Ed., PC, CCDCI; Nan Beeler MSW

T his workshop will be a panel presentation and round robin discussion. The workshop outline process will be reviewed and panel members will answer questions. Please bring your questions about workshop outlines, the review process and how you can get your new workshop idea approved and entered in E-Track.

E-Track # 660-31-TC18-CNF

Networking with RTCs-11:00-11:45
Lunch 11:45-1:00
Afternoon Workshops
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
The Little Learning That Could: Making Microlearning Fit Into Your Training Toolbox – Cara North, MA

There is nothing small about it, microlearning can be the BIG solution you need in your next training project. You’ve probably got a good idea what it means but how can it be applied to what you are currently working on? This workshop will take you step by step through implementing microlearning in a scenario. Resources included in this workshop includes a microlearning workbook including best practices and principles of microlearning. This is a hands-on workshop so please bring your own device (BYOD).

E-Track # 660-29-TC18-CNF
Strengthening Presentation Design to Enhance Learning and Retention – Christina Carter, MS

The average person forgets 50% of what she learns within an hour of learning it. One way to significantly increase both learning and retention is to apply cognitive principles to your visual presentations. This workshop will introduce you to those principles and provide hands-on practice in applying them. You’ll also pick up some powerful PowerPoint design tips along the way.   To get the most out of this workshop, bring your laptop and a PowerPoint presentation have used or are preparing to use in training.

E-Track # 660-30-TC18-CNF
1:00 PM - 4:15 PM
How Will It Make Me Feel About Myself? Ethical Decision-Making for Training Professionals - Sally Fitch MSW, LSW
There is considerable discussion and general agreement about what it means to be an ethical child welfare practitioner. But, what does it mean to be an ethical trainer of those practitioners? This session will provide participants a hands-on opportunity to explore ethical standards for training professionals, explore case examples that help you apply those standards and use Blanchard's and Peale's three questions for ethical decision making when things, "just aren't clear."

E -Track #  660-25-TC17-CNF
Please register for the 2018 OCWTP Trainer Conference through E-Track. Use the following link for Trainer Conference Registration Information. Deadline to register: April 4, 2018.
Crown Plaza Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Avenue
Columbus Ohio 43229
Overnight rooms are available at the Crowne Plaza for $94.00 a night under code: OCW. For a room reservation please call 614-885-1885. Deadline March 26, 2018.
For additional information on the 2018 OCWTP Trainer Conference
contact Debra Sparrow, Institute for Human Services
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