Re: 2020-21 Performance Appraisals Begin
To: All staff
March 5, 2021
Dear Campus Colleagues,
It’s that time again. We are near the end of the review period for 2020-21 performance appraisals. That may feel odd to many of you, and understandably so – because of disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic, many appraisals for the 2019-20 period were not completed until November or December.

This year, we have reset the process and returned to a normal schedule, which opens March 8. The appraisal period covers April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021 – a stretch that falls fully within a pandemic that continues to affect our professional and personal lives. Consequently, there is guidance for this year’s process that acknowledges the extraordinary challenges we have faced.

When considering duties and accomplishments for appraisal, please include responsibilities created or impacted by our response to COVID-19, including the challenges of remote work and on-site work, along with the changes required to maintain campus operations. As usual, core job duties also will be reviewed and appraised.

Because of the various forms of distancing dictated by this health crisis, meaningful communication is more crucial than ever, and year-round performance management is a pivotal part of that process. Supervisors are encouraged to meet regularly with employees to discuss not only progress, goals and development opportunities, but also resilience and well-being.

Our Talent Development team has posted a schedule, FAQ and other details about the performance appraisal process, and is ready to offer support and answer questions. You can reach them at

Be well,

Nicole Pollack
Assistant Vice Chancellor / Chief Human Resources Officer
This is an important message from UC Merced Human Resources. Please share with colleagues who may not have ready access to email.