"Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks Welcomes You And Over 150 Countries!"


For the first time ever the 5th annual Prophetic Encounter To Remember [PETR] will be streamed LIVE to a global gathering who are waiting to experience "The Atmosphere Of Miracles."


The International PETR event has impacted countless lives since 2008. Tonight, thousands worldwide can't wait to experience via their computer, tablet, phone or smart device the awesome prophetic ministry of Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks the encounter's host.


Take a moment and do three quick things.  First, share this e-blast with family and friends.  Second, send a email of your miracle prayer request to MiracleAltar@ChristinaGlennWeeks.com and your prayer request will be on the Miracle Altar as she ministers the prophetic word.  Lastly, click on the Praise Break video below and taste of what is about to be experienced globally.  Don't Miss It! 

Warning, you won't be able to play this video just once!  Got your dancing shoes?
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They came to this one day conference from around the world.  Bishops, pastors, ministers, as well as, key global and lay leaders to seek 'Vision Growth' wisdom for their churches and ministries.  They left with a treasure of 100 strategic success tips to "Grow Your Ministry Online".

"Don't just build a church the size you can draw from a city, but grow a [global online] VISION the size you can draw from the WORLD!"   BTWIII


The 3 instant digital download conference audio series and companion e-book will grow your ministry vision online.  Enjoy this 55 second powerful video below.
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Live Your Purpose ~ Release Your Prosperity Series 
Wal-Mart was so impressed with the author's content, customer's feedback and worldwide sales for "Even As Your Soul Prospers" by Bishop Thomas Weeks III that they invited him to do a special book signing at their U.S. headquarters exclusively for executives and staff. Popularity for the smaller companion quick read devotional "40 Days To A Prosperous Soul" was a highlight for the second book signing of the day at the very first and largest flagship Wal-Mart in the world. A record number of books were sold and signed for thousands of the excited Wal-Mart faithful.

Recently with the U.S. and World economies in disarray, affecting so many individuals financial bottom line, more people are refocusing on biblical truths/principles for financial direction and peace of mind. The "Even As Your Soul Prospers" (EAYSP) book tandem presents such sound biblical clarity 'To Prosper Your Future Today!' Hence, this unique ministry presentation was released with priceless bonuses so almost everyone can invest now for a prosperous future. Step into your season of unlimited soul prosperity.

From Amazon.com Customer Review

5 out of 5 stars "A MUST READ"
By Pauline A. Brown
This book was awesome and powerful. It is an excellent teaching tool as well as a wonderful resource. It's a revelation made clear of the connection between prosperity and aligning the spirit and soul. I have made it a required reading to my ministry.

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How To Awaken The Millionaire Within
Small and future business owners or individuals that have let circumstances dormant their dreams of living an abundant and wealth filled life have fallen in LOVE with "Millionaires Don't Go To Sleep Without Brushing Their Teeth." This profoundly written and timely "Even As Your Soul Prospers" sequel focuses on three absolutes of 'How To Awaken The Millionaire Within'. First, learning the millionaire mindset. Second, debt cancellation and credit restoration. Thirdly, vision casting to build a successful million dollar business and so much more.
End The Cycle And Curse Of Poverty!

This bible verse is an absolute truth.
Proverbs 10:4
"He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand but the hand of the diligent maketh rich."

Procrastination is the Mother of all poverty.
Learn The Absolute Secrets Of Millionaires.
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Yes, I would like to release a faith seed towards
Live Your Purpose ~ Release Your Prosperity Click Here

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