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Back Safe
We've Extended Our 25th Anniversary Sale!
- order or purchase by June 5th for some noteworthy savings -
FIT is pleased to announce our month-long celebration of being in business for 25 years. Order or purchase by June 5th for our specials on Backsafe® or Sittingsafe® injury prevention training, and on all training materials.

We want t o thank you for contributing to our success and longevity. We have the best clients in the world!
Train 250 Employees, Get 25 Trained for Free
During the month of May, FIT will train an additional 25 employees in the Backsafe® or Sittingsafe® program for free, when an agreement is signed to train 250 employees or more!
Get 25% Off Materials
Place a materials-only order, and get 25% off materials, including Backsafe/Sittingsafe Stretching Cards Backsafe Lifting Posters,  Backsafe/Sittingsafe Stretching Posters , and the  Backsafe/Sittingsafe Ergonomic Workbook!
If your company has less than 250 employees, we have something for you, too! Give us a call for more details at 800-775-2225.
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Future Industrial Technologies, Inc. (FIT)  offers workplace safety and ergonomics training programs.  Backsafe® teaches employees how to perform their specific job tasks in a manner that is biomechanically correct.  Sittingsafe® teaches office employees how to adapt their existing workstations so they are ergonomically correct. These injury prevention programs make your workplace safer and are proven to reduce injuries and worker compensation insurance costs.
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