Follow-up Appeal
We are continuing our crowdfunding campaign, based on small donations from many online supporters. Last month, we received a total of nearly $1,300 in "seed money" from the following honor roll list of donors. Many thanks for the total $785 received from:
Amy Downing,  Edmund Lo,  Eric Tijerina,  Gloria Cadavid,  Kevin Yocum,  Larry Gordon,  Loren Williams,  Louis Alamina,  Ram Venkat,  Robert Levin, and  Roderick Medina ... plus one $500 corporate donor (name withheld).
If you can spare something from your budget this month to help move this visionary community project forward, even if only $10 or $20, it will be greatly appreciated ... and will help make a positive difference.   --Loren
Sattc rendering
Conceptual Rendering - Proposed New Facility at 6501 Eckhert Road, 78240

Will you help?
San Antonio Table Tennis Club seeks a larger home to fulfill an expanded role in the greater San Antonio community. We're not talking construction financing yet. Plans are underway for an option for investors. For now, our club lacks the funds for preliminary staffing, planning and preparation. As a forerunner to actual ribbon-cutting, a year or so in the future, we are launching this GoFundMe fundraiser mini-campaign.

Will you help?
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SATTC tourney
Our Current Venue - within the Alamo Gymnastics complex at 16675 Huebner, 78248
Our current club home has served us well for the past eight years. It is g reat in many ways. But current fiscal viability - and any thoughts of expansion beyond our current eight tables - is limited by immovable walls ... and long term occupancy (lease term) is somewhat uncertain. Thus the planning for a permanent, larger venue.
Eckhert neighborhood
The following provides details / background information: 

San Antonio Table Tennis Club seeks a permanent, larger home and, being a community service, nonprofit organization, the Club lacks sufficient funds for preliminary staffing, planning and preparation.  Will you help?

First, some basics about Ping Pong / Table Tennis (PP/TT)
There are three basic kinds ... all three are hosted, supported at and by San Antonio Table Tennis Club.
  1. " Ping Pong" is the family, school, church, workplace, senior center type of recreational activity.
  2. " Table Tennis" is the structured, athletic, competitive, worldwide, Olympic sport.
  3.  Plus - All kinds of flavors and nuances in between PP and TT, tagged here as comprehensive PP/TT.
  • PP/TT is a lifelong sport comprised of all ages from around age five to ninety or so.
  • PP/TT is inclusive - involves all ethnicity types, races, nationalities. Everybody loves ping pong!
  • PP/TT is healthful - involves and improves motor skills, agility, aerobics, hand-eye coordination but yet is adaptable to those with little or no athletic skills and those with physical impairments (wheelchair, etc.).
  • PP/TT involves a strong social component - friends meet for a friendly competitive match and actually talk to each other! Along with much healthy, wholesome laughter.
  • PP/TT combats gangs, juvenile delinquency and video game addiction - off the streets and involved.
  • PP/TT addresses issues of aging and is helpful in delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
  • PP/TT is affordable - doesn't require expensive acres of outdoor field space nor high-dollar equipment.
  • PP/TT is played indoors in a controlled climate environment (even during a San Antonio summer!) with inherent protection from lightning, dust, allergens and insects. And not plagued by weather delays.
  • PP/TT is not a contact sport and thus involves a very low risk of injury - no need for helmet, pads, etc. Concussion is an extremely rare occurrence, if ever.
  • PP/TT offers an added bonus: it's just plain fun!
There are many places in the San Antonio metro area which provide free ping pong - meaning no member fees - such as personal home garage(s), church, workplace, senior center) ... so why San Antonio Table Tennis Club (SATTC)? Consider this:
  • SATTC is an incorporated, nonprofit community organization and is operated entirely by volunteers.
  • SATTC is the only PP/TT location in the city of San Antonio open to the public.
  • SATTC is open seven days, 48 hours per week, including a small pro shop with equipment for sale.
  • SATTC provides a level of play not usually found in your home garage or at work.
  • SATTC is a drug-free, smoke-free facility.
  • SATTC maintains professional quality tables, nets, balls and rackets.
  • SATTC tables are always set up, ready for play - no unfolding set-up / fold-up take-down regarding tables.
  • SATTC playing courts are separated by low level court barriers and minimize ball-chasing interruptions.
  • SATTC facility: clean, attractive, good lighting, high ceiling, athletic flooring, and no window glare.
  • SATTC membership costs are affordable, available from modest daily drop-in fees (costs less than a movie ticket) on up to monthly / annual plans for those who want to play frequently. And many do!
  • SATTC individual members offer a variety of styles and skill levels with which to play / compete / interact.
  • SATTC provides coaching / training, including monitored use of a computerized "robot" for practice drill.
  • SATTC hosts tournaments, open to the public, two to three times each year.
With a larger facility, SATTC will be able to expand community services in a manner unique to the sport of PP/TT, especially regarding children, youth and senior citizens:
  • Combat youth gangs, delinquency, street drugs and video game addiction - off the streets and involved.
  • Address issues of aging including possible delay in the onset or severity of Alzheimer's disease. 
  •  An additional item, also not now feasible in our current facility, is to add upper level coaches towards identifying and developing future table tennis Olympic athletes from the San Antonio area..
As a forerunner to ribbon-cutting, a year or more in the future, we have launched this preliminary GoFundMe  fundraiser campaign. Will you help? .... please go to this link: