August 2013

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Aimee Update
Aimee has recently completed a round of antibiotics with some improvement to her breathing, but the humidity is hard on her. Aimee has an appointment today @ Brigham and Women's to discuss insurance and fundraising efforts. Thanks to everyone on our committee, volunteers, and those who have donated, we are confident Aimee will not have any problems being accepted for a transplant as we are on the right track.

As soon as we get word that Aimee has been put on the active list, waiting for lungs, it will be front page news! Check back often.
Current and Upcoming Events
  • New Logo Design Contest from now until August 24th. Spread the news to all your artist friends!
  • Lobster For Lungs Dinner: Santa Cruz, CA August 10th
  • Children's Magic Show: September 28th. Venue TBD. Magic...need we say more.
  • Auburn Flagship Movie Viewing Dec. 7th w/ Santa. This will be a wonderful family event with two screens available to show one of Aimee's favorite Christmas movies. 
We're currently in the planning stages of our Rock of Ages Rollodrome Event. Plan to save a date in September and return to our site soon for an update.

And many, many more...

Past Events
Ron and Lisa Ridley did an excellent job with the Fire & Iron Pig Roast and Ride earning Second Chances Foundation nearly $1,500 from generous donations and merchandise sales. We are truly grateful that they chose Aimee to be their beneficiary this year. Thanks to all who were associated with that event! Pictures will be posted soon.
Recent Changes
We're very excited to announce new additions to our team. Bruce and Tina Driscoll, Debbie Cleveland, Laurie Brooks, and Caelin Moore have all signed on as volunteers and we are grateful to have their help with the upcoming events. 

We have received several applications for potential board members and will be interviewing them in the next couple of weeks.
Fundraising Update
We're 20% of the way to our target goal, but cannot guarantee when Aimee will need the money. If you've already donated, thank you, we appreciate your generosity. And if you've been meaning to make a contribution, there are many ways you can help. Donate now at our website, buy merchandise, or attend one or several of our great events to come.

If attending events isn't your thing, we will be selling Movie Money Bonanza Tickets. You'd be amazed at how much you get for your money.

Also, coming in October, Second Chances Foundation volunteers will be selling Popcorn Palace products...popcorn of course, lots of varieties of popcorn. 

That's all for now...thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter and please forward to friends and family!

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