Half Time Report
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The uncertainty of a Greek default lead the headlines as the 2nd quarter came to an end. The S&P 500 lost almost 2% June, but maintained a positive year-to-date return of 1.2%. International & Emerging Equity Markets also fell sharply in June, but maintained better year-to-date returns of 5.5% and 2.9%, respectively. International markets represented by the MSCI EAFE Index and Emerging Markets by the MSCI EM Index.

Fixed income markets were mixed. The Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index is down 3.1% year-to-date while the Barclays Municipal Bond Index is up slightly at 0.1%. Barclay’s US Aggregate & Municipal Bond Indexes hovered around break-even with year-to-date returns of -0.1% and 0.1%, respectively.

Municipal Bond Update

Moody's Investors Service downgraded their rating of Chicago's general obligation to Ba1 with a negative outlook (a junk rating). This has sparked debate as to how the 
ratings companies arrive at such widely varying opinions about the city's credit worthiness. Dan Welch visited Nuveen Investments last month to get a closer understanding of the potential impact. 

Setting a Safe Spending Floor in Retirement
"The real issue and opportunity with the 4% rule is figuring out when it's 'safe' to spend more, and when it's necessary to stick with the original plan...the basic concept of the ratcheting 4% rule is to set a 'safe' spending floor, but one that - similar to many annuity-based strategies - can adjust upward over time if/when/as market results do turn out to be favorable."

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