March 24, 2017

Starnes Davis Florie attorney helps homeless man resolve legal issues so he can get a job

Clayton Bromberg, Starnes Davis Florie, recently made a huge difference in the life of a homeless man by representing him in court, which resulted in the man getting an ID and eventually a job.

Bromberg, a frequent BBVLP volunteer, met Johnny Woods when volunteering at the BBVLP Homeless Help Desk. Bromberg learned that Woods, who was staying at the Salvation Army,  had four old traffic tickets that had fines and court costs that Woods could not pay. There were warrants out for Woods' arrest because of the nonpayment of the tickets that prohibited Woods from getting an ID and job.

The BBVLP arranged for Woods' case to be put on the Turning Point docket, which is a special homeless court docket held by Judge Andra Sparks, presiding judge of Birmingham Municipal Court. Judge Sparks allowed Woods to complete community service to resolve his past fines.

Woods completed his community service, got his license back, and found a full-time construction job thanks to Bromberg and Judge Sparks.

Bromberg said he was thrilled to be a part of Woods' turning his life around. "Volunteering to help homeless people through the BBVLP is a great way to give back to the community and a great way to help people who have fallen on hard times."

1. Please help this mother of four children through her divorce process

This client's spouse abandoned the family several months ago and has not supported the family since. The spouse's income was their only means of support. Please help this mother navigate the court system. (17-0007692)

*This is the third time in eBrief
2. Please help this client create a simple will

Our client stated that she would like to get her affairs in order. She needs help creating a simple will and a power of attorney.  Client is organized and would like to get this matter taken care of as soon as possible. (17-0008345)

3.  Please help this grandmother adopt her granddaughter 

The client is seeking help in adopting her one-year-old granddaughter. She has had custody since the child was born. The father is not known and the mother has agreed to sign the adoption papers. The client would like an opportunity to raise her granddaughter in a better environment. (17-0008332)

4. Please help this couple fight an eviction

This c ouple came to the Civil Help Desk because they would like help fighting an eviction. The couple provided proof of payment from previous months. (17-0008341)

5.  Please help this woman receive her alimony so that she can care for her disabled daughter

This woman's twenty-six year-old daughter is on full disability after she almost drowned when she was sixteen, leaving her with massive brain damage. Without alimony assistance, the mother cannot afford to provide the non-covered medical expenses for the daughter.
( 17-0008372)

6.  Please help this grandmother file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Client states that due to health issues she has been unable to make payments on her debt. She informed the BBVLP that the majority of her money is spent on food and medication. (17-0007801)

Click  here to volunteer at a Help Desk! We are seeking volunteers for all of 2017 and for the following dates in the next weeks:

BBA President Leila Watson, Cory Watson, volunteers at the Civil Help Desk.
Joshua Jones, Bressler Amery & Ross, talks to a veteran at the new Veterans Help Desk.

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Sandy Hooper
Lightfoot Franklin & White

Sandy agreed to help a woman through her bigamy divorce case.

Joshua Jones
Bressler Amery & Ross

Joshua agreed to help a client who is having a power of attorney issue.
Vincent Nelan
Baker Donelson

Vincent volunteered to help a client from the Veterans Clinic.

Lisa Robinson

Lisa agreed to help a domestic violence victim with four small children.

C h arlie Waldrep
Waldrep Stewart & Kendrick

Charlie volunteered to help a client create a simple will.

Greg White
Russo, White & Keller

Greg  agreed to help a disabled, amputee victim through his divorce.

Ja mes Fancher
Fancher Law

James helped a client receive joint custody with increased visitation with the client's child. The client stated "Mr. Fancher was understanding, prompt with his representation and very dependable. He did a good job for me and would recommend him to anyone."

Br adley Green
King & Green

Bradley helped a woman through her divorce process. Ms. Nelson stated "that her attorney was great, made her feel great and was a blessing to her."

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