August 2015
Emerging markets can be filled with challenges and complexities that must be understood to be successful in business. The following are 3 questions that need to be answered so you can help plot, prepare and set a course for growth and success around the world.
  1. What's the political landscape...and who are your people connected to?
    Political outlook, instability, and shifting alliances can have a dramatic impact on a company's ability to invest, expand or succeed in emerging markets.

    Foglamp performed due diligence for an advisor who was consulting regarding a merger opportunity in southern Africa for a communications company. It was discovered during the on the ground interviews that the senior executive of the potential local target was the son-in-law of the country's president. While favorable should the president be reelected, such connections could prove extremely hazardous should the political winds shift. Navigating the landscape requires a solid understanding of the country's culture, its history...and how these relate to the country's existing economic and political climate, as well as the aspirations and policy objectives of its leadership.

  2. How do you pinpoint risks?
    Many companies have been negatively impacted by local risks they have not been able to quantify. Experienced and knowledgeable contacts within a country are your most valuable assets. They can provide in-depth insights from existing business associates and industry insiders that are invaluable as published PR material may not reflect the true reality of any situation or opportunity. While one source says the subject is a tough negotiator in business, another points out that the same executive has been let go from two senior positions due to an inability to work with existing management.

    A solid network of individuals can help you understand the nuances of business law, conflicts of interest that may arise, or aspects of a transaction that you may not have explored. The best human assets can uncover the potential risks and pitfalls in a discreet manner by conducting targeted interviews and research that gives you the information you need without tipping your hand to the competition. It's a strategy Foglamp has employed to great effect throughout Africa, Latin America, and other regions where the business environment is very different and less stable than it is in the United States.

  3. What don't you know that you should know?
    Left, right, and center. Surprises can come from any direction and what you don't know can sink your prospects very quickly. Making sure that you understand the local context, acceptable risk levels, and reputation of your partners is a good first step towards ensuring your endeavor's success.

    As an example, one of
      Foglamp's   clients was a potential investor in a South American mining company which was being sold and receiving considerable press regarding its pension and the disposition of assets. As we explored deeper into these questions, our investigation led to conversations with union leadership who highlighted worker dissatisfaction resulting in labor strikes affecting operations. This was not a factor the client had previously considered and the information we obtained allowed them to determine the venture's overall profitability.
How Can Foglamp Research Help?
If the thought of your business being negatively impacted by risks overseas that you don't have the resources to explore keeps you in troubled waters, then the experienced professionals at Foglamp Research are worth talking to. Armed with a robust network of more than 1300 journalists, researchers and attorneys in over 150 countries, we can literally be in places that others cannot. That means information, insight and contextual understanding not found through typical networks but only through physically present, native language speakers with investigative skill sets who can perform due diligence and gather information in and about foreign markets to help keep the wind at your back.
Call us to set up a brief consultation over the phone or in person. We would be happy to learn more about your specific situation and share our global insights.



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