Newsletter Vol. 6                                                 March 2014 
Email Protection

Make SPAM a thing of the past!

Protect your business from online threats. Fast, efficient communication is one of the most important tools for running a successful business. While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you're not adequately protected, you are leaving your business vulnerable to online attacks including spam, phishing, viruses and malware. 


With Email & Spam Protection from 3 Sōl, your business can enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed to the safety threats associated with email.


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Tech Tips
 Cleaning your PC

Here are some basic ways to clean up your computer and speed it up a bit on your own in your office.


Note: Before you begin cleaning your PC, it's best practice to save all of your important files on an external hard drive or backup software program.

Delete cookies, cache and internet history from web browsers


Whenever you visit certain websites, temporary internet files and cookies are stored on your computer to keep a record of the sites you've visited. These stored files can be helpful for accessing information faster, but can clog your computer's disk space, thus slowing your computer's internet loading time.


Deleting or removing your cookies, cache and internet history will free some of your computer's disk space, enabling your computer to run faster.

Clean up unnecessary PC startup programs


When booting up your PC, multiple programs can and will automatically startup in the background. This will slow down your computer's startup time. To help speed up your PC's load time, only necessary programs should be set to run when starting your computer.


Some programs have options that allow you turn off their automatic startup function. Uninstalling unnecessary startup programs will also help speed up your computer's startup time.

Uninstall unused software


Occasionally, people download software that is rarely used or unnecessary. When software is downloaded to your computer it will take up space or even start in the background when you boot up your computer, making your startup time and daily computer use slower.


Uninstalling unused software from your PC can free up space for other, more useful programs, plus speed up your computer's startup time and overall performance.

Clean and free up your PC's disk space


Over time, your computer saves temporary internet files, Windows files, and junk and duplicate files.


Use a disk optimizer to identify and clean PC files that are no longer needed on your computer.

Defragment the computer


During normal, everyday use, Windows places fragments of files you create and delete throughout your hard drive - instead of in just one location. This can cause your computer to slow down.


You can speed up your slow computer by defragmenting the hard drive. Defragmenting your computer's hard drive takes all of its fragmented files and places them in one central location. This results in more available disk space on your hard drive, which in turn allows your PC to perform faster.

If you follow these rules and your computer is still slow, there might be bigger issues and we can help!

Network Analysis
Make sure your computers, servers and other office technology are working at their best. Businesses can lose money due to non-production from broken or slow computers or servers. Make sure you're not losing any money or productivity today! 

A Detailed Network Analysis will give management a clear understanding as to whether the current design, architecture and network performance is meeting business requirements and needs. DNA will also provide sound recommendations on how to overcome network issues and present a clear plan for moving forward. Above all, your company will benefit from having a recorded, in-depth analysis of the existing network infrastructure for future reference. 


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Blooming flowers. Chirping birds. Baseball. Thunderstorms. Renewal. Oh, don't forget Spring Cleaning! 


We clean up from a dusty, closed-in winter and open the windows to let the fresh air in, usually after the giant gust of yellow pollen attacks, but you get the point.


Why just clean up your house? Don't forget your office. If you're going to clean your office, you need to clean your computer. Don't just dust (or vacuum) your keyboard, your software needs cleaning too! When was the last time you cleaned out your emails? Organized your folders? Finally downloaded your holiday photos from your camera? In my father's case, that's usually a few years down the road.


Clean up and get organized! Spring is a time of renewal. Make sure you're thinking about your business in the same way as your home! 

Managed Data Backup

Worry-free data backup and disaster recovery planning for businesses.


3 Sōl offers reliable solutions to your individual business with our business continuity and disaster solutions that are as unique as you are. We guarantee reliable solutions for data backup and computer hard drive backup to protect your company's bottom line. Whether your business needs online computer data backup, data storage solutions, disaster recovery & business continuity plan, hard drive and computer data recovery, offsite data backup, or virtual data recovery, we can handle it all. 


3 Sōl Technology Consulting, Inc. lets you avoid the disastrous occurrence of data loss and its major repercussions with complete solutions for data backup, computer hard drive backup, and hardware ad system recovery for your business.

With Sōl as your teammate in Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, you'll be able to:

  • Get rid of any worries related to the catastrophic loss of your computer data - we are your one-stop-shop for all of your backup needs
  • Say goodbye to old-fashioned tape backups - with automated backups of your data and systems that are always up-to-date
  • Stop worrying about potential liabilities from lost customer data - ensure your critical customer data is never lost
  • Count on a speedy recovery - in the event of a disaster you'll be up and running fast
  • Defend your total business - we ensure your email, systems, and more are all protected and ready for a quick recovery 

If you stand the chance of losing all you've worked for; you better get prepared. Let us show you how a reliable business continuity planning and disaster recovery solution can help you achieve more today. 

Just Because


Personally, Spring means baseball. No, Spring IS baseball! Now that we can hear the crack of the bat, I wanted to share the origins of some idioms derived from baseball:

  • Knock the Cover Off the BallTo succeed beyond expectation. Derived from the act of hitting the ball exceptionally hard, so as to make the leather covering come off. Tearing the cover off the ball was possible in the early days of baseball, since a single ball was often used for the entire game. Possibly derived from the poem Casey at the Bat, which features the verse, "And Blake, the much despis-ed, tore the cover off the ball".


Sadly, you probably can't do this at your office. The Ostrich Pillow is designed for napping in atypical locations. (Studio Banana Things)


Some forward-thinking companies such as Nike and Google offer places for their employees to nap. But for most American workers, napping in the office is frowned upon. This is a shame given the long list of benefits from an afternoon nap. Here are eight reasons why we should embrace and encourage naps during the workday:


1. Napping makes you more productive.

Research has shown that naps refresh our bodies, make us more attentive and improve our moods. It's in the best interest of employers and employees for everyone to be functioning at their best. Fatigue contributes to $18 billion a year in lost productivity. And when tired employees go home, they're at an increased risk of being in a car crash.


2. You'll likely live longer.

A 2007 study found that individuals who took a midday nap were more than 30 percent less likely to die of heart disease. Napping also has been shown to lower blood pressure.


3. Winston Churchill napped throughout WWII.

The anti-napping lobby might argue that we're all too busy at work to nap. So here's a dose of perspective. The leader of a nation deeply involved in the most widespread war in human history found time to nap. He snoozed as bombs rained down on the country he led, and still emerged on the winning side with a legacy of being a great leader.


4. Some of the best minds in history napped.

If Churchill isn't a good enough celebrity endorsement for you, how about Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, or Albert Einstein. All were known to nap.


5. You'll be more creative.

Research has found that REM sleep leads to a roughly 40 percent boost in creativity. Napping was one way Salvador Dali got ready to work, writes Dennis Drabelle:

To prime the pump for his surrealist paintings (the melting watch, the human leg with a built-in chest of drawers, etc.), the Catalan-born artist used to take - and abort - a nap after lunch. He would sit down with his arms extending beyond the chair's arms. In one hand he would grasp a key between thumb and forefinger. After he fell asleep, his fingers would relax, the key would fall to the floor, the clatter would wake him up, and he would harvest the wild associations common to the first few minutes of sleep.

6. Napping is natural.

The overwhelming majority of mammals sleep in short periods throughout the day. Humans naturally tire in the early afternoon, struggle to focus and experience an increased desire to sleep. Yet society only gives us one period of the day to sleep. "Nature definitely intended that adults should nap in the middle of the day, perhaps to get out of the midday sun," wrote noted sleep researcher William Dement  in "Sleep and Alertness: Chronological, Behavioral and Medical Aspects of Napping."


7. Napping is cheaper and more effective than coffee.

The average American worker spends $1,092 a year on coffee. We need that caffeine burst to stay alert. 


8. Highly productive nations have embraced naps without negative consequences.

Let's hear it for Japan. While most of us are afraid to look like a slacker and rest our heads on our desks, the Japanese have overcome nap shame. Via Anthony Faiola:

"When we see people napping during lunchtime, we think, 'They are getting ready to put 100 percent in during the afternoon,' " said Paul Nolasco, a Toyota spokesman in Tokyo. "Nobody frowns upon it. And no one hesitates to take one during lunchtime either."


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