View from framing 3 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True!
by Tiffany Dahlberg
On November 28, 2015, I had one of the best days of my life when I walked through the newly- framed walls of our under-construction house. It was thrilling to have my dream of building a home in the mountains become a reality! As I reflect upon what enables us to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true, it seems to come down to three key factors:  
  1. Beliefs.
    What are your beliefs and how do they support or hinder you from pursuing your dreams? As a business owner for the last 12 years, I've noticed that some people believe that being an entrepreneur is risky, unstable, and scary. I used to think that too, but if I didn't also believe that
    it was worth the risk I wouldn't have taken action to go for it. Now I believe that I'm more stable because I'm in charge of my own destiny.
  2. Behaviors.
    When I work with clients who are trying to achieve their goals, we always look at their behaviors. To set a goal without having the right behaviors to get there is fruitless. A personal example is having fitness goals; without diet and exercise these goals can't be achieved. Changing our behaviors takes effort, commitment, and execution to be successful. What behaviors do you need to change to make your dreams come true?
  3. Results.
    One of the reasons why people fail to meet their goals is because they are not clear on WHY they are doing it and what results/benefits they will get. This is very common on project teams. Every person who is contributing to the objective must understand the big picture. This is what motivates people, but most of the time it's missing from the stated objective. Increasing revenue by 20% is not a result. Why do you want to increase revenue? Keep asking WHY until you get down to the real reason. Focus on that benefit to get your results.
When you think about your dreams, make them come true by examining your beliefs, analyzing your behaviors, and focusing on your results. You'll become more successful when all of these factors are in complete alignment. Contact me for more tips on effective goal setting.
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