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 Feature Showcase:  PARTshare "Pack-and-Go"                 

In this edition of Striker's Feature Showcase, we take a look at the new "Pack-and-Go" feature that has been recently added to our 2013 PARTshare module.

While PARTshare is is primarily used for importing and sharing solid model and assembly files with the intent of processing them for production through Striker's SS-Punch, SS-Profile, and/or SS-Nest product modules, "Pack-and-Go" allows you to share that imported data with people who are outside of your PARTshare network as well.

The feature operates by allowing you to take any part, assembly, or library that is stored within your PARTshare library, and export them to any location on your network in the form of flattened DXF files, making it possible for you to share data that is stored within your PARTshare library with people who don't use PARTshare or are not connected to your particular PARTshare database. They can simply use Windows Explorer to browse to the location on your network that you exported the DXF files to, and use them for design reviews, tooling considerations, measurement checks, or whatever process they may finding themselves needing flattened DXF data for.

The real benefit of this functionality can be seen in cases where your engineers or designers need to supply flattened DXF files of parts within one of their assemblies to people or groups outside of their internal network. For example, those designers would typically need to manually flatten each of their sheet metal part models, and save each of them as DXF files individually to meet such a request. With the "Pack-and-Go" feature, they can import the entire sheet metal assembly into PARTshare, and then use Pack-and-Go's "Export" command to automatically save each of the parts within that assembly as DXF files to any location on their network. They achieve the same result, but with PARTshare "Pack-and-Go", they do so in a fraction of the time.

Other examples would include the need to share your PARTshare data with another site who is connected to another PARTshare database. "Pack-and-Go" would make it possible for you to export your PARtshare data into a zip file that the other site would be able to import into their PARTshare library, making inter-library sharing incredibly fast, easy, and painless.

So while "Pack-and-Go" would be considered a "secondary" function within PARTshare, it greatly simplifies those occasions where you find yourself needing to share your PARTshare data with those outside of your PARTshare connection.

Please take a moment to view the video below to see how "Pack-and-Go" works and see if this time saving option would be beneficial for your personal use.

Click on the image above to view our "Pack-and-Go" video showcase.

 Current Events & Announcements:                                     

1.) Business Hours During Good Friday (March 29th 2013)

Please be aware that Striker Systems will be providing limited technical support coverage to critical level technical support requests on Friday, March 29th 2013 in observance of Good Friday. Our sales department will also be readily available during that time as well and can be reached by calling our main line (800-950-7862) or by emailing us at or



We will be returning to our standard operating hours, 8:00am-5:00pm (CST), on Monday, April 1st 2013


2.) New PARTshare eLearning videos are now available!

We are pleased to announce that we have posted six new instructional videos to our eLearning portion of the Striker Customer Portal, and that low resolution and high resolution versions are available for immediate viewing.


The new videos are as follows:


  • PARTshare Concept
  • PARTshare Setup
  • Extracting a Single Part
  • Extracting an Assembly
  • Exporting Parts, Assemblies, and Libraries (Pack-and-Go)
  • Importing Parts, Assemblies, and Libraries (Pack-and-Go) 








If you need assistance with accessing the Striker E-Learning site, then please CLICK HERE or the image below for an instructional video.


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