Dear Valued Donors, Staff & Volunteers,

Birth Choice would like to thank everyone who attended our annual fundraising banquet. This year we celebrated a huge milestone: 30 Years for Life . We are so grateful for the generous hearts who gave so that mothers and fathers might know the beauty that every life carries – a gift from our Creator.

Your gifts continue to ensure the future of Birth Choice its mission to save lives through the use of our new Women’s Mobile Clinic which deployed just three months ago. Since that time the number of clients receiving ultrasound has tripled and the number of intakes that receive an ultrasound grew from 50% to 90%. Most important, the percentage of clients choosing life increased from 56% to 83%. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your continued trust and generosity, and we pray that God will bless each of you eternally.

Through the hand of God, Birth Choice has participated in the rescue of more than 4,500 babies and their families. At the evening banquet, our guests experienced three personal witness stories which span our incredible 30-year history. If you were unable to attend, we don’t want you to miss out on hearing about how these women came to know a God who forgives, redeems and loves with a love that knows no bounds. PLEASE WATCH OUR VIDEO!

Would you prayerfully consider participating in a legacy that extends into future generations?

Shelly and Desiree both now work at Birth Choice! The love of their church community, along with the help of Birth Choice, has brought them full circle to lives that now give back, personally and through the families that they now have.

Would you like to help women find healing after the hurt of an abortion?

We recognized and honored our founders, GRACE HOXEY and MARILYN SCHANZENBACH , who had the vision to fight the culture battle in San Marcos and North County 30 years ago when an abortion clinic opened in San Marcos. Both Grace and BRETT (Marilyn’s son) shared experiences about the beginning of this ministry, even some situations which involved incarceration for standing up for life. In closing, Brett mentioned, “God is not to be outdone in generosity!”

Our Guest Speaker, DR. BOB RECCORD , gave a powerful testimonial from his own life of abuse at the hand of an alcoholic father, the death of his mother and his adoption by a couple with so much love in their hearts that they were willing to love a “throw-away child” who was seen as nothing more than an “it” – clearly the reason why he cares so much about the issues surrounding life. 

Would you like to see a child rescued through adoption?

It’s not too late! You too can play a part in allowing Birth Choice to continue its legacy of life for another 30 years! May God’s peace and love extend to you all!

For Life,

Heidi Hill
CEO & President