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"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments." ~ Rose Kennedy
I've always loved this quote from Rose Kennedy and it seems most appropriate as Triad Health Project begins its 30th year of service to our community.
30 years is indeed a significant accomplishment and we want to commemorate this milestone in thoughtful ways throughout the coming year.
All of you are a part of THP's rich and compassionate history so it makes sense for you to be an active participant in this year of reflection and visioning for our future. Some of these opportunities will be gatherings of small groups, others will be much larger community celebrations, such as the 27th Annual Dining for Friends on May 14th. And there will be other more intimate opportunities for you to share your feelings about THP's 30th anniversary.
We'll be in touch via this monthly newsletter as well as through social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and good old fashioned ways like phone calls and conversations.
THP came to be because of a caring community and it remains 30 years later for exactly the same reason.
We so look forward to sharing this very special year of very special moments with you.
With deep gratitude,
Addison Ore, Executive Director

Congratulations to the Weatherspoon Art Museum on their 75th anniversary! 

We are very excited to announce that our 27th Annual Dining for Friends will be held at the Weatherspoon Saturday May 14, 2016 - with an exciting new concept!
Stay tuned for more details!

Read more about the Weatherspoon's rich history in this article in this months O. Henry Magazine
Check out some of the images of the 24th Annual Winter Walk for AIDS and Ron Johnson 5K!  
Wanna see more?  
Thanks to all who came out on this beautiful day.
We are please to inform that we have surpassed our goal of $123,000, all thanks to you!

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Our offices will be closed Monday January 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Ever wonder whats happening at Higher Ground?
Mark's Musing
A new years' confession: Some years ago, after what seemed to me to be a particularly
harrowing, overcharged, neck-spasming, tooth-clenching Christmas season at Higher Ground, one where I felt soulfully stampeded by renegade reindeer and left for dead under a mountain of clinging tinsel, I stayed behind after hours one day in late December to "clean up." I'm not proud of the catharsis that followed and I hope heaven doesn't include video playbacks of such moments but I've rarely felt more cleansed than the dusk when I crammed what seemed to be infinite pillowed Santas and stuffed grinning elves, bulbs, balls, bells and a giant battery-operated wise man who shimmied into any container I could find, marched them to our attic and bitterly dumped the lot into the nearest empty floor space. The chunk of the battery falling out of the Wise Man's flexible spine was particularly gratifying.
I saved the tree for last. I did not remove the tinsel, lights or a single ornament. In my groove of righteous fatigue and self-pity, I knew I wouldn't possibly be around another year to deal with this mess so I lugged the artificial little tree upstairs and chucked it into a raftered corner to live out the next 350 or so dark, hot days. Crash, tinkle, tinkle. Lights. Slam!
350 or so days later, I was still here. I mounted the steps. I found the crumpled tree in the
corner. I carried it downstairs and straightened its limbs. I plugged it in. It lit up like love. It whispered, Love is patient, Mark. Love is kind.... It keeps no records of wrongs.... It always hopes, always perseveres. The tree blinked, and I blinked, too.
Then I went back up for the stupid wise man.


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