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May 19, 2017


Aldermen were also briefed today by the Mayor's staff on his plan to fund CPS through the end of the year.  Chicago has been put in a no-win situation where we may be forced to accept what is essentially a pay day loan to keep the lights on in CPS. Absent serious changes in funding policies at the state and city level, CPS will face another shortfall in 2018. Both the Governor and the Mayor need to hammer out changes to the state funding formula, and pension pickup.  We also need to advance other revenue options that stop us from continuing to be stuck with payday loans at the last minute. For years, the Progressive Caucus has urged the administration to consider progressive revenue options to lessen our reliance on the state, and instead do what we can to take of our own financial problems. The options are better than continuing to rely on the payday loan model of financing education that has forced us to borrow at high interest rates.   CPS will be the guarantor on the $389 Million loan that will probably see interest rates as high as 8%. 

The Chicago Police have issued a warning about several car jackings taking place in the 12th, 14th, and 19th Districts.   The only CAPS meeting for our general area in the upcoming week will be Beat 1432 in the 14th District.  Officers have discussed the issue at the recent CAPS meetings and you can speak to your local officers at the meeting if you have any questions or concerns in your area. Tuesday at Pulaski Park is your chance to hear from the ex-offenders at the Keeping it Real panel discussion on crime prevention. 

This week the  City Plan Commission  (different from the City Council Zoning Committee) passed changes to the North Branch Industrial Corridor after dozens of residents, organizations and businesses testified. See a few details below on changes to the PMD. 

Have a nice weekend,
Scott Waguespack
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North Branch Industrial Corridor Framework
From the 14th District
Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Events
Free Senior Enrichment Seminars
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McDonald's Helps Raise Money for Clemente High School
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We're Getting Closer to Completion-
Construction Updates for Western Avenue and Damen/Elston/Fullerton
The Chicago Department of Transportation has been working hard around the city. The 32nd Ward has several major construction projects happening and we are excited to see them get closer and closer to completion! Here are current updates for two of them:

Western Avenue

Weather permitting, the  Western  Avenue  construction project is anticipated to be completed by the end of July with some minor punch list work extending into August.

Damen/Elston/Fullerton Intersection

The water main work on Elston Court wrapped up last week.  Crews have begun excavation and preparation for the new pavement, curbs and sidewalks. Traffic on Damen has been switched into the final stage which will allow crews to complete the remaining water main, curbs and sidewalks on the west side of the street. Work on the south side of Fullerton continues with underground electrical conduits and foundations.  Once complete, the sidewalks will be replaced.
North Branch Industrial Corridor Framework
The Chicago Plan Commission approved the North Branch Industrial Corridor Framework yesterday, a plan developed by the Department of Planning and Development. This  plan calls for significant changes to the North Branch Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) that will open up large portions of the district to high density, high rise residential development. The net effect of this is the elimination of the PMD as such districts, by their very nature, are not viable once residential uses are allowed.
I have serious concerns with both the planning principles espoused by the framework plan and the developer focused motivations behind it. The plan references significant transportation infrastructure improvements that will be needed to accommodate the mass of new residential, retail, and office development. However, the plan includes no cost estimates for these improvements or funding sources outside of an undefined fee for development in the corridor. Considering that these infrastructure costs will easily run into the billions and the stated intent to transfer some of the proceeds from these fees to projects in other portions of the City, it is not likely that they will constituent a material contribution to the necessary funding.
Going back to when a significant portion of the North Branch PMD was in the 32nd Ward before the most recent redistricting, I have been an advocate for updating the land use regulations to enable the PMD to adjust to changes in the demand for manufacturing and industrial uses in the City. I participated in a study the City commissioned in 2013 that assessed existing PMD's that identified the North Branch area's PMD's as being a model for others and recommended only slight adjustments to allowable uses. North Branch Works, the local industrial development agency, applied for and was awarded a Brownfields Area-Wide Planning grant for $200,000 from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a two-year planning effort focused on redevelopment of the A. Finkl & Sons steel forging plant and the neighboring former Gutmann Tannery and A. Lakin & Sons sites [https://www.dropbox.com/s/egr5ya551e01wz6/North%20Branch%20Works-River%20Works-Final%20Report_All.pdf?dl=0]. The Mayor's Office set aside this report and its recommendations in favor of an approach that was focused on high density tower oriented residential development along the river.
Recognizing the direction the City was taking regarding the North Branch area, I joined neighboring Alderman in calling for a plan and funding for cohesive, public park space. The framework plan has only a recommendation of ten acres of "open space," and identifies no location for a larger park space and no funding necessary to pay for such space but we will continue to advocate for that.
The next step in the City's process involves a large set of zoning changes the Department of Planning and Development will propose for the North Branch corridor. I am in the process of establishing my own set of development guidelines for the small area of the existing PMD and properties in the surrounding industrial corridor in the 32nd Ward. I am committed to demanding sustainable development that is designed around the long-term livability and vibrancy of the area rather than short-term development interests. As always, I will only support any proposed zoning changes once I have thoroughly reviewed specific development proposals and local neighborhood organization(s) have ample opportunity to conduct their own assessment and respond with recommendations. We are also working with some developers and both the Back and Hispanic Caucuses of the City Council on providing increased minority contacting opportunities for all projects within the PMD changes. Please keep in touch with your aldermen to hear about updates on this project and the roll out of new plans.

From the 14th District
Keeping It Real Burglary Workshop

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Pulaski Park, 1419 W. Blackhawk
Come and listen to real life burglary offenders and find out why your home may be targeted.  Sponsored by the 14th Police District.
For more information, please contact the 14th District Community Policing Office at 312-744-1261.


Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Events!

Free Senior Enrichment Seminars
Please join the Circuit Court of Cook County Elder Justice Center (CCEJC) for the following senior enrichment seminars to be held at the
Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Courtroom 2005 on the dates indicated below:
Common Financial Frauds and Scams that Target Seniors
Thursday, May 25
12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m
Topics include:
  • Learn about common financial frauds and scams such as reverse mortgages, home repair, Medicare prescription drug, and investment scams
  • Understand the techniques criminals use to deceive seniors
  • Discover what you can do to protect yourself
Seminar Speaker(s):
  • Detective Sergeant James Hennelly (Ret.), Cook County Sheriff's Department
  • Assistant State's Attorney Denise Tomasek, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Unit, Cook County State's Attorney's Office
Understanding and Preventing Elder Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation
Thursday, June 8
12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m

Topics include:
  • How to screen for, respond to, and report abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation
  • Mandatory reporting procedures
  • Role of adult protective services agencies
  • Identifying common frauds and scams that involve telemarketing, home repair, debt settlement, mortgage rescue, social security benefits, and more
Seminar Speaker(s):
  • Louis Hill, M.A., Program Supervisor, Metropolitan Family Services
  • Holly A. Zielke, M.A., Adult Protective Service Program Coordinator Illinois Department on Aging
  • Detective Sergeant James Hennelly (Ret), Cook County Sheriff's Department
Please call the Elder Justice Center at 312-603-9233 today to reserve your seat.
Job Training Opportunities for Students, Displaced Workers, and Low Income Residents

McDonald's Helps Raise Money for Clemente High School - Join the Fun and Help Out Our Public School Students

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May 25
Beat 1432
Covenant Presbyterian Church
2022 W. Dickens
6:30 pm
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