With so many sad stories in the news, we thought you might enjoy this: 

we just completed another successful transport of 37 puppies and dogs and 2 cats to Maine. These lucky animals are now in happy homes. Aren't they just adorable? 


Catahoula Pup August 2011

Jill In the Pool


Handsome Pup





Can you please help us put another lifesaving transport on the road right away?  A contribution of any size will help. The needs of homeless animals in the impoverished communities we serve are simply overwhelming.  With enough funding, we could keep transports running nonstop. 

Please donate if you can.

Oscar, Olive and Oliver 

Oscar, Olive and Oliver  


The wonderful feeling of placing a pup in a loving "forever home" is priceless, and the cost of making it happen is actually pretty small.  We just need about $2500, less than $100 for each life saved.  These funds cover the costs of vet bills, health certificates, food, gas and travel costs.


If you haven't helped in a while, or if you can pitch in just a little  

something to help, we would really appreciate your support. 


We know you agree with us that these happy endings are truly worth it.




Benefit for Brutus and Other Pets in Need


Thursday, September 29th

7:30 to 11 pm

at the Bridge Lounge

1201 Magazine Street


Admission $10.00 




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Please forward this email to any of your friends who might want to help!