A Note From Your Third  Grade Teachers
Third Grade Connections
November 3rd, 2016

Dear Third Grade Families,

Thank you so much for all the help and involvement with the pumpkin cutting, Halloween party and catapult testing. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and the teachers cannot express thier gratitude enough.

Over the last few weeks, the third grade became immersed in Halloween and pumpkin activities. The children showed enthusiasm and interest in all that we did. Students also began exploration of the culture and values of the Ohlone peoples. 

It's hard to believe it's already November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Here's more about what students have been doing.


Your Third Grade Team
Kathe Bybee and Jen Guevara

What We Have Been Up To
Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, students learned more about responding to their books. They began using sticky notes to keep track of their thoughts and questions about what they read. Along with their Just Right Book reading, students have been immersed with nonfiction reading about matter and the Ohlone peoples.

Writer's Workshop
During Writer's Workshop, third graders began studying the craft of writing and looking at pieces to take through the writing process. They read works by other authors to inspire them (also known as Mentor's Text). Over the next few weeks, third graders will be drafting, revising, editing and publishing their stories.  
Over the last two weeks in Math Workshop, the children worked on solving word problems and activities with counting and writing money amounts. They played games to reinforce their strategies with addition and subtraction. Next, the children will explore place value concepts.
Word Study
The classes started word study with a program called Words their Way. So far students sorted and played a game with ee, ea, oa, ai long vowel patterns.
Social Studies
At the museum, students learned even more about the natural resources by studying the Ohlone life.  they will use this knowledge to study this tribe (and others) in depth.
Observations and pumpkins have dominated science. The children learned how to observe using their five senses. They then took this information and observed the pumpkins they got at Arata's Pumpkin Farm in detail. Third graders have also been investigating the physical properties of matter and the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gas.
Character Education / Mindfulness
Third Graders spend part of every day participating in mindfulness exercises. They also enjoy activities studying how the brain works in the Mind Up program.
Ask Your Child About
  • Ask your child the difference between an observation and inference.
  • Ask your child how to play Race for a Dollar.
  • Ask your child what "craft"means in writing.
  • Ask your child what the three states of matter are.
  • Ask your child what the difference is between mindful and unmindful responses and how it affects focus and kindness. 
*** Severe Food Allergies ***
During this time of the year when there are many classroom or school-wide events and celebrations it is important to remember the critical medical challenges food-borne allergies can pose to students. It is especially crucial to be mindful of the potentially life-threatening impact of peanuts and tree nuts. As you send food items to school for group consumption, please review our guidelines from our Family Handbook below.

Some students at Sea Crest have severe food allergies including dairy, gluten, soy, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts. These allergies can be life threatening and many times can be triggered by contact alone and not only by ingestion of the food. By far the largest category of severe life threatening allergies comes from nuts.

We ask that the entire Sea Crest community become informed and sensitive to this issue. When preparing food for potlucks, bake sales, celebrations, or community gatherings, please avoid peanuts and tree nuts and clearly mark any dishes that may include them.

"We are each other's keepers"
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