April 8, 2016 

Lisa Robinson, a BBVLP board member and one of the program's most helpful volunteers, is pictured with her Pro Bono Award which she won in 2014 for closing the most extended representation cases that year. Since then, Lisa has closed another five domestic relations cases, donating more than 125 pro bono hours helping clients who cannot afford attorneys, including a 63-year-old man whose case she closed last week. The man's wife took all the money out of their checking and savings accounts and unexpectedly abandoned him. Lisa helped the man obtain a divorce and keep his house. 

"Helping him made me feel good because he really needed an attorney and couldn't afford one," Lisa said. "He truly needed the help and was so appreciative of what I could accomplish for him." Lisa currently has seven more BBVLP cases that she is working on pro bono. "I really just like to help people who need a helping hand," she said.

1. This woman needs help collecting against a landlord who already lost in court

This woman won a suit of $8,500 against her landlord for wrongfully evicting her, but now cannot get her money because she says the landlord forged her name on a court document. The notary that the landlord used has already attested that her signature was falsified.

2. Shoddy roofer is forcing this woman out of her house

This woman needs help getting the roofer who she already paid to either return her money or come back and fix the roof that started leaking almost immediately after the "repairs" were made. The client has been calling the roofer to no avail and has had to go to her neighbor's every time it rains.

3. A deer hitting this woman's car was just the beginning of her troubles

This mother of two small children has photos of her car that was demolished after she hit a deer, but the insurance company, instead of making necessary repairs or totalling the car, wants to install a harness to hold the busted seats together.

4. Grandmother wants to adopt her two grandchildren who she raised since the day they were born

This grandmother wants to adopt her 17- and 14-year-old grandchildren so they can get her retirement benefits to be able to afford college. She obtained custody of them at birth from the court and has not received any assistance from the parents, who will consent to the adoption.

5. Mother of three needs to get out of an abusive relationship

This 29-year-old client, who we are not picturing in full due to safety concerns, is seeking a divorce from her husband who she filed domestic violence charges against for breaking her arm while her three children were present. She cannot afford an attorney because she makes minimum wage as a nursing assistant at a retirement home and has had to take an unpaid leave of absence because of her broken arm.  

6. Woman needs help divorcing convicted killer

This 33-year-old mother of four needs help divorcing her husband who is in prison for manslaughter for stabbing to death his victim in 2007.

7. Help a 91-year-old woman remain safe

When the son of a elderly woman found out that his mother had been fleeced out of $10,000 because she has Alzheimer's, he called the BBVLP for help to obtain a guardianship. The son has obtained a letter of support from his mother's doctor.       

Monday & Thursday mornings

Patricia Doblar volunteers regularly at the BBVLP Help Desks.
Wednesday mornings

Participants in the BBA's New Lawyer Mentoring Program volunteered at the Domestic Relations Help Desk, (from left to right)  Eric Martin Scott Adam Elliott Tice , and  Jackson M. Neal , with Dodson Gregory. More  information  on the program here.

Homeless Shelter
Tuesday mornings

Kayla Schoen,  Bressler Amery Ross, talks to a client at Pathways Women Shelter.

John Paul Bruno,  Lorant Law Group
Meredith Busby
Patricia Doblar
Melinda Guillaume
James Illston
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Margaret Philips, LSA
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Kayla Schoen,  Bressler Amery Ross
Tereza Sampaio
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Donnie Winningham,  Bressler Amery Ross

Jessica Chang,  Cumberland School of Law
Barbara Saurer, University of Alabama

Frelon Trey Abbott,  Bradley Arant
C. Burton Dunn,  Moses & Moses
Michael P. Hanle,  Jaffe Hanle Whisonant & Knight
James Illston
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Lisa Robinson
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Kayla Schoen , Bressler Amery Ross
Donnie Winningham,  Bressler Amery Ross
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