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Survey Results!
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The survey went sent out this week was very useful. Here are some of the results:
Over 85% said they use the AERO e news to get the latest news about learner-centered educational alternatives.
70% felt they like the newsletter the way it is, but nearly half said they would not mind a shorter newsletter. Most wanted more original content, and many people offered to send some.
Here are a few notable comments:
" I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the newsletter and am impressed and inspired by it on a regular basis. I also appreciate the wonderful connections to stories and ideas I otherwise wouldn't have come upon. It's great to have that vast, "Alternative Educational World" out there funneled down into one convenient place and delivered in a neat, organized e-mail each week -- I know I won't miss the important issues I "NEED" to know about, and I know I'll be inspired, too."
"It would be nice if members wrote about their alternatives - their involvement and experiences. It would give people new to the field, like me, a better perspective."
"I'd like to read more articles from schools sharing what they're doing/discovering."
"I am just very happy the newsletter exists."
There were some useful suggestions about format and a few requests for more international news.
About half said they couldn't make it to this year's conference. 28% haven't decided yet. (Our upcoming announcement on Tuesday may help them decide!)

Our Latest Keynote Announcement:
Several people did guess who our latest keynoter will be. We will announce this on Tuesday. Until then we will offer you this link to a 10% off registration. It is the low income rate but all may register at this link until Tuesday. A deposit will also hold this rate. 

We already have filled half of the workshop slots and will soon inform the applicants that they have been approved. So if you are thinking of doing a workshop or presentation, you should  submit the proposal soon, here. 

Please do commit yourself to coming to the AERO conference, and if you can't, send a small donation toward a fund to help low income people to attend. 
Four Neuromyths That Are Still Prevalent In Schools - Debunked

It is no surprise that many teachers have an interest in neuroscience and psychology since areas such as memory, motivation, curiosity, intelligence and determination are highly important in education.

But neuroscience and psychology are complex, nuanced subjects that come with many caveats. Although progress is being made towards understanding what helps and hinders students, there is still a disconnect between the research in labs and what happens in many schools.

Many " neuromyths" are rampant in our classrooms, and  research suggests that people are often seduced by neuroscientific explanations, even if these are not accurate or even relevant. Research also shows that explanations accompanied by  images of the brain also persuade people to believe in their validity, however random the illustration.

Read the rest here.
U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Says Indianapolis's 'Innovation Schools' Should be a National Model

 U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's dream world, more schools would operate the way one in Indianapolis hopes to.

DeVos shouted out School 15 in a speech Monday, calling it "an example of new thinking" because of a plan that parents and teachers together proposed to join Indianapolis Public Schools' "innovation schools" program.

That program, which lawmakers created in 2014, essentially allows district-run charter schools. Innovation schools shed many district rules and hand over management to third-party groups, either nonprofits or charter operators. The groups make decisions on everything from curriculum to schedules - and also employ the schools' teachers directly, removing them from their local unions.

So far, nine Indianapolis schools have become innovation schools. School 15  would be the first collaboration with neighborhood residents.

Read the rest here.
New: 10 Steps to Starting a New Educational Alternative.
New: 10 Steps to Starting a New Educational Alternative.
One of our members requested we put this together. It is a very simplified list, all on one page!

Take a look at the new page here!

Founders of Kalapa School in Colombia


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