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Stats Canada  | Business and Community Newsletter
This month's edition of Statistics Canada's Business and Community Newsletter focuses on Women in Canada. Inside this publication you will find:
  • Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report
  • The Surge of Women in the Workforce
  • Gender Differences in the Financial Knowledge of Canadians
  • and more!
Access the publication here. 
Productivity  | 4 Avoidable Reasons You're Not as Productive as You Could Be  4   min read
The quest for better productivity - for making the best possible use of your limited time - can be overwhelming. And the better you get at managing time, the less of it you sometimes feel that you have.

The good news is, you can take control and start accomplishing almost everything you set out to do. Just don't allow these four reasons to deny you a productive day (every day) in the office. 
Lifestyle  | 6 TED Talks That'll Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself
We all want to become better versions of who we currently are. We want to be smarter, kinder, more successful, more caring, less stressed. We want to be better employees, parents, friends and people.

But how to we improve ourselves? Maybe it means finding out voice. Or taking risks. Or meeting new people. Or being vulnerable.

Whatever you want to become, you can do it - and here are six TED Talks that prove it. 
Member Exclusive Opportunity |  Leadercast Swag
Are you looking for a great way to increase awareness of your business?

Get your product and business name directly into the hands of 100+ of our communities leaders, by donating promo materials to be included in our give-a-way bags at Leadercast Kamloops on May 5th.

To take advantage of this incredible opportunity or to learn more, contact Acacia
PROFIT 500 |  Fastest-Growing Companies in Kamloops
PROFIT 500 - now in its 29th year - is Canada's preeminent benchmark of entrepreneurial achievement, ranking companies in all industries on five-year revenue growth. It's their mission to give the most innovative entrepreneurial businesses in the country the profile they deserve. Winners are profiled in a special report in the October issue of Maclean's magazine, as well as year-round at and

To learn more about how your business could be recognized or to enter, visit .
SME Focus |  Exports: Driver of SME Growth and Profits
4 min read

Many studies have focused on the performance of small and mid-sized exporters, but few have examined their export strategies. Consequently, it is difficult to determine what makes them successful abroad. 

To fill that gap, BDC carried out a study on the subject. According to the results, SMEs that view export activities as critical to the success of their business, that assess the competition in international markets before venturing into them, and that allocate the necessary resources to their export efforts, achieve significantly better results that those that do not.
Interpersonal Skills  | 4 Realistic Ways to Connect With People When You're An Introvert
minute read
Do you dislike small talk? Does it feel awkward, superficial, and unnecessary to chit chat about weather or the latest sporting event (unless you're actually passionate about those topics)?

If you're an self-acclaimed introvert looking to improve your networking skills and to flex your conversationalist muscles, here are four ways to connect with others in your next tete-a-tete. 
Self-Improvement |  4 Seemingly Innocent Phrases Your Boss Doesn't Want to Hear Anymore
4 minute read
There are plenty of things your boss loves to hear you say - you know, things like, "I'll get it handled!" or, "Here's a hot morning coffee and a free donut!"

However, there are also a few phrases that do nothing but grind your manager's gears - whether you realize it or not.


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