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Should Business Move to the Cloud?

With public, private, and hybrid cloud options available, and   several factors to consider   before making a move, the whole thing can seem overwhelming. But Michael Collier, a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, has one question before you get to any of that: "why?" He suggests identifying if there is a specific problem or pain point to solve and is the Cloud the right solution. Read more on this Blog on Microsoft.
Tackling IT Budgets for Small Businesses

Disruptive stays ahead of the competition

Are you behind the curve when it comes to IT budgeting? IT is no longer the department that 'keeps the lights on.' It's now part of the equation when it comes to business growth and profitability.

The competitive advantages that IT innovations offer have become too big to ignore. The other guy is reaping the benefits while your company is stuck in neutral.

Read this interesting article shared on Microsoft.com.

4 simple short cuts that can save you time.
  1. Press the Space bar to scroll one screen down on a web page
  2. Press the Shift + Space bar to scroll one screen up on a web page
  3. Press CTRL + Tab to switch from one open tab to another in a web browser
  4. Press CTRL (or Command) + the Plus or Minus button to zoom in and out
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