e-newsletter  //  September 30,  2016
4 in a Row? Last Chance
We've been building and regaining ministry momentum. Praise God for good news [see below]! Starting in June, we began to meet significant catching up goals for our building mortgage. However, as we finished the summer, we have missed our goal for the first time in 4 months, falling short in September giving $23,500.   CLICK HERE to give now an offering today before October arrives.  I'm cheering for our St. Louis Cardinals to finish the season with
4 wins in a row. But this  4 months in a row goal is much bigger. It is the prayer of our elders (who committed to give a double tithe last week) that we will have a good news update to share this Sunday. Cheering for First Christian and you.

Steve Wingfield, pastor

Gaining Ministry Momentum!
One September Sunday had 13 first-time families. Student ministry Wednesday "Launch" had 91 teenagers, including 17 first-time students. This year we have already celebrated 57 decisions for Christ (38 baptisms). Since March, we have had four after-church family meals with the theme "trust God and tell the people" to update our progress. Each meal has involved more people, with the largest group at our fun outdoor service last Sunday. Check our facebook page for videos from our outdoor service. First Christian in Florissant
New Preaching Series Begins

Arrive early Sunday so you don't miss a surprise gift given at the beginning of each service. Expect a practical message, "I Didn't Even Know!," about a personal financial plan God blesses.