Struggling to establish a Daily
Meditation Practice? 
Know how good it is for you... AND how much it will help you feel grounded & clear during the chaos of the holidays? BUT have tried and:

It doesn't work for me ...
I Don't have enough time... especially now during the holidays...
I Can't sit still- too much on my mind...
I start for awhile, then I stop-- can't make it stick...
No worries... You're not alone!
Don't give up- Join us!
Everything's easier with group support & guidance.  
This is your chance to make good on your promise to yourself - that desire you've had for awhile now, (maybe years? ) to establish the healthy habit of DAILY MEDITATION.
NOW'S THE TIME ... before another year has ended AND the same desire is added to our 2018 New Years List. (AGAIN).

Are you ready to use your desire to " enjoy the holidays this year," your wish to " do them differently", the supportive energy of the new November moon, the powerful tools of kundalini yoga and a group of other like minded folks to finally establish your own daily meditation habit?
If you're willing to invest just
10 minutes & $1 a day for 40 days
Join Us!
We'll use the technology of Kundalini Yoga, group support, and the power of the internet to develop a healthy habit TOGETHER, with a 40 day meditation practise that will:

Reduce stress
Banish brain fog
Cultivate inner peace & strength
Remove the obstacles that keep us stuck
Strengthen our ability to communicate better with others

Kundalini kriyas are the easiest way to kick start a meditation practise. This one is super short & super easy and includes music, mantra and movement - so our "monkey" minds have something to do! No yoga experience required- just a desire to create a meditation habit for yourself.

If this resonates with you- Hop on board- don't delay...
Space is limited to 34 people,
We begin next Thursday 11/16!

When you click the button to commit below, you'll get an invitation to a private portal that has all the materials you need to complete your challenge.

Audio Files
Meditation Tips
Daily Trackers
Info about kundalini yoga
Ayurvedic Tips for a healthy Fall/Winter
No searching for emails, saving docs in folders, or need to "get organized." All the info is at your finger tips, already organized by week and subject- and all in one place .

Most importantly, you'll get access to a private way to connect with the group - (non Facebook), so you can get all your questions answered, share your thoughts, and be supported, inspired, and held accountable throughout the 40 days. If you want to save any of the materials-- all can be downloaded and saved to your computer- - but it's not required. Wahe Guru! :-)

Next Thursday (11/16), during our regularly scheduled Kundalini Class (7:00- 8:30pm),
we'll kick off our challenge with a special kriya to relax and release all of our worries, anxieties about the upcoming holiday (of anything else), and we'll do an extended "live" version of the meditation, so I can answer any questions you may have. Each week we'll use our Thursday group class to "recharge & re-commit, " so we can "keep up" and complete our 40 day journey. AND as a special holiday treat we have added a new 4 part workshop series- Healing Holiday Hearts-- that will provide even more support on a different day-(Sunday 11:30- 1pm). Click here for the details . Please note: These classes are not a requirement-- nor part of the program... just an added "boost" for those want to join us! :-)

Please don't let this Holiday season leave you feeling more exhausted, remorseful, and glad "it's over." :-) You have a choice, you CAN create the 10 minutes you need! Don't let 2017 end without giving yourself the gift of meditation, and establishing a healthy habit to clear the mind, reduce stress, and cultivate inner calm, peace & the joy the season offers. Today, it would seem this habit is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for our health & happiness, especially during these busy holiday times as we navigate the challenges of family, shopping, food & drink."-) Hope you will join our "meditation tribe" by clicking the button below to commit and sign up!
    Sat Nam! Can't wait to begin our 40 Day Challenge with everyone!
 Questions? Hit Reply to this Email or Call: 617-459-7684