Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
May 13, 2016
4Cs Budget
Please review the 4Cs Budget that was approved at the May 7 Delegate Assembly meeting for 2016-2017.

While you will notice a projected deficit, it is important to point out that we have used our reserves to offer dues holidays to our members the last few years when state budget problems forced frozen wages. The 4Cs has achieved full staffing within the last year, hiring an additional internal organizer and political organizer, to provide better services to our membership. We have invested in our office technology and upgraded equipment. The 4Cs is also fully participating in the affairs of our sister and brother affiliates (SEIU, SEBAC, AFL-CIO), who are fighting with us at every level to help Connecticut's state employees.

The Finance Committee will monitor our budget and the Delegate Assembly has all confidence that the deficit will not significantly impact our ability to provide the best services to our members. It is worth remembering that 4Cs has not raised dues in decades and despite the projected deficit, we do not anticipate raising dues.

Promotion and Other Funds
The 4Cs, AFT, and AFSCME continue to press for a clear understanding of what occurred with what is referred to as our funding "pots" or outside "contract accounts." These funds are negotiated funds that are used to pay for items such as promotion, professional development, merit awards, and many others. The unions were informed in the fall that the BOR swept money from these accounts. The BOR then removed this money without consultation and with no advance notice. 

Now that it is the end of the academic year, the 4Cs and our Coalition partners are being asked to use other monies to fund promotions, even though we contend that the BOR swept money from our funds improperly. We are working with our fellow union colleagues and our legal counsel to get this matter straightened out. 

Please keep in mind that while promotion letters are being sent now, the change in salary does not occur until mid-July. We are committed to resolving this matter in a timely fashion and we are exploring options to limit the effect on our members. 

We will keep you informed as developments unfold. 

Tickets Available for the Yard Goats Baseball on Saturday, July 30 
Join the 4Cs for the 1st Annual Organized Labor Night at the new Yard Goats stadium in Hartford on Saturday, July 30. The gates open at 6:05pm and the game begins at 7:05pm versus the Harrisburg Senators, the Class AA minor league baseball affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

Unlike previous years at the Rock Cats in New Britain, the Yard Goats has assigned seating. The 4Cs has ordered a block of 100 tickets in the Outfield Loge Box Seats in Right Field. 

Tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis. Please email Ellen Benson with your name, mailing address, and number of tickets requested. 

Phone: 860.296.5172


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May 19-24
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4Cs at the Yard Goats
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