A Note From Your Fourth  Grade Teachers
Fourth Grade Connections
October 20th, 2016

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

We hope you have recovered from Pumpkin Festival and on your way to preparing for Halloween. We want to thank you for meeting with us during Conferences. You are a fantastic group of parents and we are excited to partner with you! 

As promised, we are pasting the link to our PowerSchool Learning site below. We recommend bookmarking it for easy access and having your child show you what we are learning about using the sites. 


Your Fourth Grade Team
Lucinda Druck and Tyler Elliott
Conversation Starters

- How do different things around the house get their energy or give energy? 

- Are there items around the house that have potential energy (stored energy)?

- How many times do you think your group had to fix your roller coaster to make it work like you wanted? What was challenging and what is now successful? 


Why do you think we came up with different place values? 

- Multiplication deals with an amount of equal groups.  When do we need to make equal groups in life? 


- How can studying poetry help you become a better writer?

- How can you prove you have grown as a reader using Biblionasium?

- What is going well with your new Kinder buddy? What is challenging?

What We Have Been Up To
We have been studying our reading logs on Biblionasium to help us set realistic, important goals. For example, Ms. D's goal is to get to bed 30 minutes earlier so she doesn't fall asleep with the book on her face!

Poets see the world in fresh and unusual ways. We are stretching our brains to learn strategies to help us write stronger, richer poetry. Next week, Berkeley slam poet winner, Casey Gardner, will visit us to share some tips and offer inspiration.
We have been using different strategies to add and subtract numbers within one million, building mental math fluency, and moving into multiplication and division. Check out the math/science  P-Learning site for challenges and games that build fluency, reasoning skills, and Problem-Solving skills. 
We have been working hard creating our roller coasters to model the transfer of potential and kinetic energy and build upon our science and engineering practices. Coming up next...Electrical energy and circuits. 
Character Education 
We have officially met our Kindergarten buddies!  Tomorrow we will join the Kindergartners for their Morning Meeting. Check out more photos from this first meeting on Ms. D's P-Learning site.

Upcoming Events
Halloween Celebration
Monday, October 31st

We will begin our  Halloween  Celebration with a  K-8  A ssembly  in the gym at  8:30 a.m. , followed by a  Costume  Parade across the blacktop and around the field. Parents are welcome to attend. This will be a great opportunity for students to showcase their costumes and for parents to take photos! 

All students should come to school in their costumes. Please make sure your child brings a labeled bag to take his/her costume safely home, as well as comfortable clothes to participate in regular school activities after the festivities.

As a reminder, we are a K-8 community and students are asked to wear school appropriate costumes. Please remember to leave weapons and/or other costume props that violate school rules at home. 

Thank You
Thanks to all who were able to join us to walk in the Annual Pumpkin Festival Parade! Special thanks to Tina Lourenco, Heather Sandel, Karen Doherty and their team for all their dedication creating the float and costumes.
How to Reach Us
  • If questions ever arise, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are available by email at: ldruck@seacrestschool.org and/or telliott@seacrestschool.org. Email is our preferred method of communication. We will check our email after school daily. 

  • If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at 650.712.9892.
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